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Disposable Earbuds FC Series

FC Series Disposable Earbuds These FC Series Disposable Earbuds are designed to provide a comfortable fit and deliver quality sound. This black color design has a lightweight cord six-foot cord and features a standard 1/8" (3.5mm) plug to fit mobile devices and...

Disposable Earbud FC-100

Disposable Earbuds with 6′ cord.

White Earbud with Foam Earpads FC-103

White Disposable Earbud with Grey Foam Earpad.


Earbuds FC-120

FirstClass Disposable Earbuds designed for comfort & quality.

Earbuds with Silicone Tip

Black Earbuds with silicone earpads and has high quality sound delivery.

Stereo Headphone FC-300

The Stereo Headphone FC-300 is designed for comfort and affordability.

First Class 400 Pack Earbuds

400 Pack First Class Earbuds that works with computers & mobile devices.

Stereo Headphone FC-50

Stereo Headphones with Soft Earcups are ideal for group audio activities and events.

Stereo Headphone FC-600

Stereo Headphones fold flat for better mobility.

Stereo Headphones with Foam Cushions

Stereo Headphones with Foam Ear Cushions are designed to for a comfortable and lightweight fit.

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