Application Earbud

FC-8 Earbuds with Stereo Sounds

The stereo sound is delivered with these Silver Earbuds that are comfortable sleek and designed for limited use. Each pair comes individually packed which is ideal for large volume applications and audio activities. Popular solutions in hospitals, libraries, airlines, and fitness locations including gyms and other business models seeking audio earbuds for their clients, customers, and members.

For these silver earbuds, we accept purchase orders and work with companies around the globe. If you would like to test a pair prior to purchase, please contact our customer care team and we can work with you to get a pair for you to test.

If you’d like a free quote in general, our friendly customer service team is happy to help; simply let us know, and we’ll create and send it right out to you. We’ll be happy to help and assist you if you need a more detailed list of available bulk headphones, bulk headsets, and bulk earbuds. You can send us an email or call us at our phone number.

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