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Koss QZ900 Headphones with Noice Cancellation and Volume Control

QZ900 headphones are the latest addition to the Koss Quiet Zone line and add a new level of noise reduction, performance, and comfort. The electronics package inside each ear cup is designed to monitor outside noise received through specifically mounted microphones in each ear cup.

Once this incoming noise can be analyzed, the Koss QZ900 circuit introduces a sound wave that is 180 degrees out of phase with the incoming signal. The result is what Koss engineers term “zero earth” at the point of the eardrum. Most low-frequency distractions from airplanes, lawnmowers, fans, or even office hum will be dramatically reduced by these noise-canceling headphones.

Koss QZ900 noise-canceling headphones will create less reason to turn up the volume and overdrive the tiny amplifier in your portable electronics. This means greater efficiency, less distortion, deep rich lows, and sparkling highs.

Unlike most other noise canceling headphones, QZ900s play music with or without the active noise canceling circuit engaged. A handy removable cord features in-line volume control, and one standard AAA battery provides approximately 50 hours of active noise cancellation.


Active Noise Reduction
Cord unplugs for wire-free passive and active noise cancellation
Folds flat for portability
Carrying case included
In-line volume control
Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty

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