Earbuds FC-120


FirstClass Disposable Earbuds designed for comfort & quality.


FC-120 Disposable Earbuds

These First Class Disposable Earbuds are designed with comfort and quality. The black design features a comfortable ear fit. First Class disposable earbuds have a Lightweight cord and standard 3.5mm adaptor. This model features a six feet long cord for better mobility. They arrive individually packaged and they are perfect for your audio requirements. Schools, Airlines, Spas, Hotels & Travel Companies all have audio applications that can benefit from this affordable disposable headphone model. Stretch your budget with the LH Series Earbuds. Ideal for large quantity testing requirements and limited use applications like field trips.

Individually Packaged
3.5 mm Standard Plug Connection
Ideal for mobile devices
Stereo Sound
6′ Cord for enhanced mobility
Fast Shipping

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