Hamilton Economical Personal Headphones


The Hamilton Buhl HA-1A Economical Personal Headphone is the perfect companion to today’s mobile technology.


HA-A1 Economical Personal Headphone

The Hamilton Buhl HA-1A Economical Personal Headphones are the perfect companion to today’s mobile technology including Android devices, MP3 players, and many other players. Recommended to today’s ever-growing remote/hybrid needs.

These devices are everywhere in today’s needs of robust personal headphones with high-quality sound to get the most out of their high-tech lessons. The lightweight, on-ear design allows for all-day comfort and easy compact storage. Ideal personal headphones for testing!

And now the HA-1A features our unique Dura-Cord™ – the chew, kink, and knot-resistant, PVC-jacketed, braided cord – specially designed to be more durable and more reliable than ever!

We can also accommodate a large-scale bidding process. If you’d like a free quote in general, our helpful customer service support is happy to assist you. If you’re looking for a more detailed list of available bulk headphones, bulk headsets, and bulk earbuds, we’ll be happy to help and assist you. You may directly email us or contact us directly at our phone number.


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