Stereo Headset with In-line Mic FC-42



FC-42 Stereo Headset with In-line Mic

The Stereo Headset with an in-line mic is an ideal pairing with any computer or mobile device equipped with a single 3.5mm TRRS plug. It is designed to have a sleek and comfortable profile and is one of the more popular headset solutions that are available on the market today.

This headset has a durable woven cord that is chew-resistant and has a quick tie on the cord for storage when not in use.
It comes equipped with an easy-to-use adjustable, padded headband. The design exterior features a soft-touch surface that helps give this headset a unique look and feel.
Available in Grey and Black

·        Speaker Size 40 mm
·        Ferrite magnet
·        32 ohms
·        250mW/500mW
·        SENSITIVITY: 100dB @ 500 Hz
·        Channel Balance: 3 dB
·        Frequency: 20-20,000 Hz
·        Weight: 0.34 lbs
·        Braided cord nylon, 5′
·        Adjustable Headband with PU padding
·        Earpads PU, non-removable
·        Connection Type (Plug): Single 3.5mm
·        Mic Sensitivity: -58 dB +/- 2 dB


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