Status Between 3ANC Bone True Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds – White – iPhone & Android – ANC in Ear Buds, Charging

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Brand Status
Color Bone
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth
  • Advanced Triple Driver Technology: The Status Audio Between 3ANC earbuds are equipped with a sophisticated triple driver system, featuring one dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers, delivering a powerful and immersive audio experience. This unique configuration ensures crisp highs, detailed mids, and deep bass, providing an unparalleled sound quality that will captivate any audiophile.
  • Cutting-Edge Active Noise Cancellation: These wireless earbuds boast an advanced ANC technology with three adjustable modes: Transparency, Noise Cancellation, and Ambient. This allows users to customize their listening experience according to their environment, whether they’re in a bustling city or a quiet room. The Between 3ANC efficiently blocks out unwanted noise, ensuring an immersive and distraction-free audio experience.
  • Exceptional Battery Life and Quick Charging: The Between 3ANC earbuds offer an impressive battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge with ANC activated, and up to 12 hours with ANC off. The included USB-C fast-charging case provides an additional 24 hours of power, ensuring your earbuds are always ready when you are. With just a 15-minute charge, users can enjoy up to 2 hours of playback time.
  • Comfortable and Secure Fit: Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Status Audio Between 3ANC earbuds come with multiple ear tip sizes and wingtips, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for extended listening sessions. The lightweight design and IPX5 water resistance rating make them ideal for workouts, daily commutes, and outdoor adventures.
  • Seamless Wireless Connectivity: The Between 3ANC earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.2 technology, providing a stable and reliable connection with a range of up to 33 feet (10 meters). With easy pairing and automatic reconnection, users can switch between devices effortlessly. The built-in microphones and intuitive touch controls allow for hands-free calls and easy access to voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant, making these earbuds a versatile companion for any situation.
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Weight 3.84 lbs
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4.45 x 4.33 x 1.73 inches

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3.84 ounces



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April 12, 2023


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4 reviews for Status Between 3ANC Bone True Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds – White – iPhone & Android – ANC in Ear Buds, Charging

  1. David H.

    I’ll try to keep this from getting long winded, it would be easy to do. I don’t have any of the ultra high end brands to compare to but I do have the Between Pros and I have compared them to more common options like standard Airpods, Airpod Pros and Galaxy Bud Pros and a lot of lesser cost options from Skullcandy, and I do have some higher end wired earbuds and these sound better than all of them, and the battery outlasts them all by a wide margin. The only device I have that even compares are some full size wireless headphones from Bowers and Wilkins, and I think those only outside the 3ANC’s through deeper bass, I think the mids and highs are on par.Pros:Excellent battery life, I clocked nearly 13 hours of nonstop play with noice cancelling turned on at a low-medium volume. This may change depending on how loud you listen.Excellent fit. These buds use an inner silicone ring that comes in 3 sizes that hooks onto your ear, kinda hard to explain until you try them and figure out what fits your ear best. The end result is the buds don’t really go IN your ear canals, they just cup snugly to them. I’ve never had one fall out and I wear them mostly for work.Completely unbranded. I actually misplaced these at work and they were lost for nearly a week, and I found them where I guess I left them laying. I guarantee you if anyone had known what they cost or how good they sound, they would have found a new home. I love how they’re subtly designed and don’t scream “look at me I have the big name brand”.Excellent sound. Obviously this is somewhat subjective, and tuning through an EQ does make a difference, but they beat out every other wireless earbuds I’ve tried.Cons:The app is a bit lacking. It functions as it should, it gives you some control over EQ and three sound profiles and operates the noice cancelling and ambient sound options, but it takes too many screens to click through to get connected to the buds. This seems nitpicky but by comparison my Bowers and Wilkins headphones take one click. Its not a BAD app but I think it could be better.More for the Between Pros than the 3ANC, I had an issue where I’d put the buds back in the case and my music would keep playing, because one of the buds didn’t “register” that it was in the case. I found that I had to wiggle it to get it to connect to the case and that would stop my music. I haven’t had this happen with the 3ANC buds, and the case on these actually seems like they’ve made some improvements to the magnets and the lid hinge seems tighter and stays closed stronger.One big negative/warning that is more Amazon’s fault than Status’s, I received a used pair of these buds. The box still had gift wrap and tape damage on it and the earbuds had ear wax all over them. This is even the second time I’ve gotten used earbuds, I bought some Airpod Pros that were used and one bud was even missing.Also when these went on sale I had just bought them at full price 3 days prior. I contacted Status and they said they couldn’t do a price adjustment, so I had to return and rebuy at the same price which was a bit of a hassle.Anyway, if you’re serious about your music you need to at least give these a try, I do think they’re at least worth the $199 sale price, but I also think every earbuds company is pushing their luck pricing them much higher than that.

  2. Brad Anderson

    They perform just as good, if not better then most over ear headphones I’ve ever used. I use earbuds for work, making calls and listening to music while working, 4-6 hours a day, and these are well worth the money. I am a frugal person, have had used astro a40s and these match the rumbling bass and I would recommend to anyone. Don’t use the Active Noise Canceling, and I still can’t hear anything while using them. The environment noise reduction works great, driving through rain or typing on a keyboard and people I am on the phone with can’t hear it, when with the shall not be named white ear buds, you could hear anything and everything in the background. When they die I will buy another pair, I paid for them and was very skeptical of all the video reviews/ads on FB but they’re true.

  3. E. Ball

    Oh man, I am so glad that I found these earphones! I have been on the hunt for a good pair of earphones after years of listening to bass heavy techno and jazzy afro beats on airpods and they just aint cuttin it. So I made the switch and damnnn these things got hands. I feel like they spend all of their effort really trying to perfect the sound.Let me tell you they sound good, they feel good, they just good. They got these cushions that fill in the outside of the ear instead of just in the ear and it takes the weight off my inner ear holding up the weight like in any other earphone. I think it also helps with the sound canceling.I normally would never write a review, but I felt like I needed to share my finding with the people.Good luck, my friend.

  4. BodyMindSoul

    The problem with earbuds is that some will have a couple of good features and lack other features, while others have the missing features but lack the good features of the first. I purchased (and returned) *many* earbuds from Amazon, including the highest rated and among the most expensive, and was disappointed in all of them. These earbuds do it all, and do it all extremely well. I’ve had these less than a full week, and LOVE them:- True wireless Bluetooth connects instantly.- Full frequency range from deep bass to crisp highs.- Full EQ with ability to save settings. The bass is so deep on these, that if you max out the bass in the EQ, there will be TOO much bass. I’ve never heard that before on any earbuds, so if you like deep, rich bass when the music requires it, you won’t be disappointed.- Battery life: I can’t address this fully because once you charge the earbuds (and the case itself) the earbuds return to 100% after you snap them back into the case. I use these mostly in the gym but look forward to testing them on a long travel day sometime. All said, certainly they will last for days of normal use.- Noise cancelling: I’ve bought high-end noise cancelling headphones for years and won’t fly a plane without them, so I know what to expect. These are outstanding. Most of it is the technology, but an important part is the fit in the ear. They supply six pair of soft adapters so you WILL get the perfect fit. And I workout in the gym and sweat and they don’t slip or fall out. I may have to press in an earbud now and then, but not often.- Appearance: I was a little concerned that they might stick out and look a bit weird, but they don’t. The fact is, they fit deeply INTO your ear and the external piece nearly lays flat against your ear.- Controls: They’re simple and relatively intuitive. In fact, some controls are just automatic. When you take them from the case, they turn on and link in via Bluetooth automatically. And when you take them out and put them in the case, they turn off and unlink again. Sounds simple and obvious, but earbuds I own don’t do that at all.There is no downside to these other than price, but you get what you pay for with these. Longevity is the only unknown factor at this point. In an audio device world full of hype and false promises, these deliver on all levels.(P.S. For the record, I do not know anyone in this company and I’m posting this simply as a user to help others find what they’re looking for).

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