Betron DC950 in Ear Headphones Wired Earphones Noise Isolating Earbuds with Microphone Volume Control Tangle Free Cable HD Bass

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Brand Betron
Model Name DC950HI
Color Red
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • Built in high-performance headphone drivers for extended frequency range, lower distortion, high performance and noise isolating ear tips eliminate ambient noise. Provide perfect listening pleasure for music, video or phone calls
  • Multi-functional button design enables you to take hands-free calls while listening to music . The hidden earphone microphone ensures clearer conversations. You never have to pick up your devices
  • Betron earphones are compatible with iPhone SE/ 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus/5/5c/5s, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod touch 5, iPod Nano 7, Galaxy, Android Smartphones and tablets, Windows devices, and other devices equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Specifically designed to deliver HD audio quality regardless of volume, this earbud set provides bass driven sound; Featuring 11.5mm drivers for heavy, precision driven bass, you can enjoy an authentic live music experience
  • Equipped with 3 different sized rubber earbuds, you can select the best fit for your personal ear shape; ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and staying power, these earbuds are ideal for daily use
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Weight 0.564 lbs
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June 23, 2020

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8 reviews for Betron DC950 in Ear Headphones Wired Earphones Noise Isolating Earbuds with Microphone Volume Control Tangle Free Cable HD Bass

  1. S. Champ

    I purchased these Betron earbuds after a disappointing experience with a brand from another manufacturer.Initially, I wasn’t certain about the Betron DC950HI earbuds. Compared to an earlier release of the headphones from the other manufacturer, those may seem to be a better quality, but the other manufacturer has since cheapened their build. After trying out another model of earbuds from Betron, I actually hope that the DC950HI will stick around.In the comparison, I’m using Pandora and alternately the Poweramp App, both on an Android tablet from the Samsung brand. This tablet has Dolby Atmos support. The Poweramp audio output is configured to bypass the Atmos support, using an alternate audio output. With the other manufacturer’s earlier headphone builds, there was a consistently impressive level of audio quality available with Poweramp.I’ve also tested these with a OnePlus phone.I’ve configured Poweramp’s equalizer to what I think is the best audio quality available for a certain album in comparison. For Pandora, I’ve configured the Android device’s system equalizer to a roughly similar state of audio quality.In comparison, these headphones from Betron may seem to have a narrower range of “Ideal volume,” or a volume range in which the audio quality is nearest to “Good”. Beside the really uncertain level of quality in earbuds in the broader market, I’d say it’s not really “Bad” though.With at least some DC950HI builds, the bass is solid and well balanced with an overall crisp kind of sound. This will hopefully not change much, over time, as the manufacturer would make any adjustment to their build process…With the Poweramp app, the audio may not seem as high-fidelity as with the earlier build from the other manufacturer, but it’s consistent though.At a louder overall volume than the previous earbuds, these work out for most albums.I’ve updated my earlier review to reflect my present impression of these earbuds. I’d tried another model of Betron earbuds, one ending with a “BS” suffix. Those really didn’t have a clear sound, in the build I purchased.Even with Betron, I’m really not certain if the latest build is as high-quality as the previous, in the DC950Hi. There may not be a lot of any more consistent options around, in an affordable price range in earbuds?I’d recommend these headphones anyway. The audio quality has its quirks and the junction between the headphone cable and the jack might be kind of weak, compared to other models. At a louder volume, with some equalizer adjustments on the listening device, and with any great amount of care to avoid tension on where the cable meets the audio jack, these work out.

  2. PBO

    Betron DC950HI EarphonesOver the past 40+ years I have owned a variety of earphones/plugs. Some expensive. Some cheap. The quality and durability of most have been about the same. They might last 1-2 years with regular wear and tear. Longer if extra careful. But I have found several features that I now regularly watch out for [Comments for these Betron earphones]:- Longer chord length than typical [These earphones were a couple of inches longer than most and fit my needs]- Symmetrical earplugs so I don’t have to needlessly search/feel in the dark for which plug goes in which ear [These plugs are symmetrical and fit my ears well. However, they do distinguish between left and right for use with video or other needs].- Volume control [Yes, a nice added feature]- Spare or multi-sized rubber earbuds [Yes]- Reasonable price for their anticipated longevity [Very reasonable]- Made in USA [Almost all lower cost electronics are now from overseas like these leaving few American options. But I still check.]These earphones met most of my preferences. Additionally, they have a good bass that helps to deliver a quality sound (versus the simple, tin-like sounds of cheaper earphones).I have purchased 2 sets of these in the last 4 months to replace older earphones. The reason for only 4 stars is that with the latest received set, the plastic connection between the earplug and the cable connection part kept separating even with the most gentle handling. I applied a couple of small drops of superglue to solve this problem before any wire separation occurred. So far they are holding up well. Looking forward to buying a third set soon.

  3. kcecil78

    Great quality, sound. They are comfortable and stylish.

  4. 8


  5. Kath G

    Thought these would be good. Had them for many weeks now. Folks say they can’t hear me on cell phone calls. The sound quality is poor & with static. Bummer

  6. Tammy Stuhrenberg

    Nice sizing options included. Perfect length for our needs.

  7. Karen Lee

    Having gone through a dozen or more styles and manufacturers of earbuds in a half dozen years I have finally settled on these. Betron makes the best (in terms of toughness) buds in my experience. Not just this style, there are others that are just about as good from this manufacturer. The sound is excellent, I am not so interested in needing a lot of bass but I get the point that bass is a feature and it is high quality. I can’t speak to the noise isolating quality, it’s not important to me.What matters to me is how long the product lasts. Cheap buds snap easily anywhere along the wire. Better and more costly ones live a little longer but finally succumb to my rough and careless treatment. It gets expensive. This brand and model was what I came upon back a year and a half. I bought two sets and left one in reserve. The first one lasted over a year It was down but not out. It is repaired and serves as the backup to the better set. The flat, red silicone covering of the wire is pretty much indestructible and it is hard to tangle but it does happen now and again. I don’t use the silicone bud covers that are supplied or the microphone so I have no opinion there. With the silicone, the buds fall out too easily so I switched to foam covers that are not long lived but that’s what I prefer. When the initial set broke where the wire enters at the headphones, I was able to repair (crudely) that with a tube of silicone sealant. You can see it in the image.Did I mention that these buds are sturdy? That is my point.

  8. OxideNova95

    So I have had these headphones for little less then a month now, love the fact that the cord is a decent length that lets me have my phone in my pocket, and still have no issues whats so ever when I move about doing my routine. The material of the cable is remarkably durable, which is a relief since I have seen a few pair of headphone degrade over time. Mentioning of this cable, I understood that the design of the cable is to be tangle free, which when it sits in my jean pocket or side pocket in my backpack, it most certainly is tangle free. However, when wearing them to be careful when putting them on as the cable may twist around in a circle and cause it to fold in on itself if not untangled.The noise cancellation is beautiful, excellent for tuning out the noise of a student union room with loads of people laughing, talking, yelling out at each other, etc. The design of the headphone jack might hinder those with a small opening in their cell phone cases, but otherwise its a reliable bent headphone jack that works really well when in your pocket, using a kick stand on your phone, even when you angle the phone away from yourself. In short, its just nice knowing that you aren’t straining the headphone jack/cable.For earphones comfortable wear? This is where I had to lower the rating because at times the left ear bud just doesn’t sit well in my ear, falling out. If I use a bigger ear bud it causes discomfort, however do not let that deter you since that is just where everyone’s different sized ears simply come into play.For the people who created these earbuds, I look forward to seeing more quality work from you guys.

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