EarFun Air Pro 3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive Sound, 6 Mics CVC 8.0 ENC, Bluetooth 5.3

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Brand EarFun
Model Name EarFun Air Pro 3
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • 🎧[Latest Qualcomm QCC3071 SoC & aptX Adaptive Audio] Powered by the advanced QCC3071 chipset and Qualcomm aptX Adaptive Audio technology, the TWS earbuds deliver powerful sound and incredible range while minimizing distortion. The EarFun Air Pro 3 earbuds are driven by premium 11mm wool composite dynamic drivers that deliver deep, moving bass, clear mids, and crisp highs.
  • 🎧[Qualcomm cVc 8.0 ENC with 6 Mics] The wireless earbuds have 6 Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) microphones, combined with Qualcomm cVc 8.0 technology that picks up your voice clearly and blocks out unwanted background and wind noise, creating crystal-clear call quality.
  • 🎧[Reduces Noise Up to 43dB] EarFun Air Pro 3 noise cancelling earbuds feature unique Hybrid ANC technology-QuietSmart 2.0, environmental noises are eliminated up to 43dB. You can choose your noise-canceling mode to adapt to your environment, keeping you immersed in any place.
  • 🎧[Seamless Multipoint Connection & Bluetooth 5.3] The Bluetooth earbuds headphones support connecting and switching between two devices simultaneously using the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology. Enjoy low 55ms latency that keeps movies and games in sync.
  • 🎧[45H Total Playtime & Custom EarFun App] The true wireless earbuds provide 9 hours of playtime from a single charge and extend it to a total of 45 hours by using the compact USB-C wireless charging case. Experience fast-charging with a quick 10-minute charging providing 2 hours of playtime. Besides, you can use the EarFun App to customize your experience. 📌You can download the latest APP to update the firmware for the 10-band EQ custom sound.
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Weight 1.83 lbs
Dimensions 2.36 × 1.97 × 1.22 in
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2.36 x 1.97 x 1.22 inches



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EarFun Air Pro 3

Date First Available

December 9, 2022


Adult,child, men, women



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1 Hour

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1.83 ounces, 52 Grams


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7 reviews for EarFun Air Pro 3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive Sound, 6 Mics CVC 8.0 ENC, Bluetooth 5.3

  1. Ashley T

    I’m about a week in on these and will give impressions. If any quality issues come up within the first year I will update my review. I tend to be long winded. Sorry. My last set of earbuds was about 4 years ago and they were nothing special. Just needed for work and I often listened one ear at a time. So, looking for a set now I had to start from very little knowledge which was daunting. I recommend supplementing your review reading with video reviews but, be warned, I rarely see negative earbud review videos on YouTube. You can still figure out the strengths and weaknesses by the way they talk about the features. And pay attention to the names you keep hearing. So many weird company names on Amazon it’s hard to tell what’s a reputable company. My main motivation for getting new tws was TV/gaming. I wanted something that could handle the latency demands of mixed media and my old pair had large delay just from watching videos on an android TV. I also bought a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver to use with Xbox. It’s BT5.0 with aptx-LL. I should have gotten one with bt5.3 and aptx adaptive but it was early in my research and it seems to be working fine so I’ll keep it.In terms of latency these TWS work very well. You can see the aptx adaptive working when you switch to video. A lip sync delay for a second or two and then it matches up. Very cool. Watching video on phone, on Android TV, and watching YouTube on Xbox are all well synced without having to activate game mode. I booted up borderlands on Xbox to check gaming sync. It was so so until I activated game mode and then it felt perfect. Whatever delay was there was not noticable for me. There is a caveat to that, however. I had no perceptible delay when the transmitter was connected (via 3.5) to the TV/monitor. If I connected the transmitter to the Xbox controller I could notice delay. Not a lot, really, but enough that makes it unacceptable for competitive shooters. Connected to the TV/monitor I felt good with gunshots but I was playing single player, offline. I’m unsure if it would or would not be good enough for pubg or something. I’m also not sure if having a bt5.3 transmitter with full aptx adaptive would have made it okay connected to the controller. I’m also curious if the newer transmitter would prevent my need to switch to game mode for gaming. I “may” return my current transmitter in favor of the 5.3. If I do, I’ll update. Bottom line- if you’re looking to use earbuds with the TV I do recommend the aptx adaptive codec instead of hi res/ldac. Transmitters tend to use aptx-LL which aptx adaptive is capable of. If you had a LDAC pair of earbuds it would likely default to SBC codec which is not quite as good. The “game mode” on a LDAC pair may be adequate still but you’ll likely have to always turn it on when switching to video whereas aptx adaptive will do that for you. I think BT5.2 is probably sufficient (and perhaps 5.1) but given I don’t intend to upgrade anytime soon I’m happy to have the current latest tech. The QCC3076 is also higher than most of the competition at this price point. QCC3040 and better is fine, though, if you spot a good deal.The other features include ANC, Ambient Mode, QI wireless charging, fast charge, 6 mics, a reset button on the case, and a fairly minimalist APP that has very mediocre ratings. The ANC I’ve never experienced before so I have no comparison for you but it’s not bad. I won’t pretend it completely silences the world but it does make an impact. I just mowed the lawn today and it reduced the and of my riding mower significantly. I could still hear it, of course, but it got much quieter. On other things it does work but don’t expect a miracle. Certainly, it was hard to hear what people were saying to me when I had it activated.The Ambient Mode is, um, present. It’s doing something but I don’t think it’s the winning feature here. For voices in a fairly quiet area I actually prefer normal mode. Turning Ambient Mode on does let more sound in but I think it makes the voices blend in with the background more. I do like it for feeling less closed off. Maybe for a waiting room or something when you want to hear when it’s your turn. Personally, I think I’ll stick to one earbud at a time when I want to still be alert.Wireless charging is very convenient if you’re already using one. It’ll charge slower than wired but it’s easy to put down and pick up. It’s fairly rare for budget buds. I think TOZO has it on most of theirs, however. I personally love it because my phone has reverse wireless charging. I can place the case on the back of my phone and it’ll charge (at 5w, 15w is standard for those circle charge pads though). Nice to have but not necessarily a must have. Fast charge is great. If using for work a lunch break would be more than enough charge to cover the rest of your shift.The app is very limited but it does cover the essentials. An EQ that I recommend using to reduce the bass (unless you love a lot). These buds are base heavy out of the box. There’s a firmware update available and it will impact the sound. You’ll want to update ASAP. You can customize the controls. There is L and R and each has 1,2, and 3 press along with long press. So that’s room for 8 controls. You’ll have to make choices. Game mode is not originally a preset but you can make it one. You’ll have to consider if you’ll be using only 1 earbud at a time as that will impact what controls you program.As a feature set, I’m very happy overall. Would love 4 and 5 press options but it’s serviceable as is. I got these for $56 so I think the value is there.Sound wise I’m happy but I’m not the most discerning. I don’t think I have the ears of an audiophile. I reduced the bass and the sound feels pretty good. Better than my last pair for sure but that was too be expected. If you want stunning sound you’ll be looking for dual drivers, the bigger the better. These are single driver, 11mm wool something something. It sounds good. Great for TV. In gaming the spacial audio is pretty good but not like 7.1 surround or anything. You get a sense of left and right, front and back. Fair for the price I feel. It was pretty immersive in my gaming session last night.Call quality was good as stated by the one person I called so far. The stem styles tend to be better for calls over the full bud. I could hear the call well and supposedly I was very clear. I was indoors with little noise (TV and a kid in the background).Last point- fit. So far this is where I struggle the most. The fit is shallow. The tips don’t go very deep and it feels insecure. I don’t think it’s actually going to fall out but the shallow fit makes it feel unsettled. I’ve put on some tips from another headset and it’s better but I’m still not completely happy. Maybe foam tips would be better? It’s not so bad that I’m ready to return them but it’s the biggest issue I’ve got. I wore them for about 6 hours yesterday (gaming) and I wasn’t sore or anything. A few tickles or whatever that made me want to adjust them. I’ll look into some tips to see if I can improve it. I think with any earbud you risk it not being compatible with your ear given how different everyone is.To wrap this up (again, sorry) I think the value is there for my situation. This should be seen as a good utility pair with the latest feature set. You should wait until you can get them for $60 or less. I see $20 off regularly and the lightning deal I got was only a few dollars less than that. You can get better sound at this price point (like soundpeats engine 4). Other competition for features might be soundcore space a40 but that’s a bit more money and it’s LDAC. Soundcore has the Sonic/Sonic pro with aptx adaptive but they are a few years old at this point. It’s hard to find the full aptx adaptive at the budget price. Mostly it’s aptx HD or something like that. LDAC will likely become more common as it doesn’t require the company to pay a license fee for the Qualcomm. This set hit all the important notes for me so I’m pretty happy with the purchase. I currently recommend them for someone who specifically want aptx adaptive at an affordable price.

  2. Nylo

    I read a lot of reviews before picking out these earbuds to use with my aging Android phone and newer tablets. No issues connecting via Bluetooth to these devices, even allows connecting to both a tablet to listen to music or watch videos and to the phone simultaneously for answering calls.My outer ear canals itch a little after wearing these for an hour or two. I just pop them out and wiggle with my finger and then I’m good to go. Would probably happen no matter which type earbud I had in so probably not specific to this model. The type of ear tip and it’s fit I’m sure will make a difference here.It’s very convenient just to be able to tap the buds with a fingertip once or twice or even a triple tap to change volume, pause, answer calls, skip ahead etc. Occasionally when you touch or handle the buds there may be an unintended command from the jostling of handling but it’s easily corrected.Transport control summary:Tap and hold – toggles sound modes through ambient, normal, noise cancelingSingle tap left – reduce volume one notchSingle tap right – increase volume one notchDouble tap either bud – pause/play or answer phone / hang upTriple tap left bud – skip backwards to previous trackTriple tap right bud – skip forward to next trackI don’t use the manufacturer’s app at all and don’t think I need it. My mp3 music player is Poweramp and it has custom EQ settings which let me tailor the sound I want. If you are watching other media that has no EQ, then you might want to use the app to adjust the EQ for your liking. My aging ears need a boost in the treble when I’m listening to music. So far, straight YouTube listening has been okay but I really need some EQ when I want to enjoy the full range of music.Answering phone calls is a wonderful plus and somehow the built-in microphones do a very good job of picking up voice for calls. People I’ve spoken with say the audio is quite good . If you’re listening to music and the phone rings, just double tap one of the buds to answer and then double tap again to hang up.The active noise canceling is pretty darn good for the money. Maybe not quite as good as Bose quiet comfort but very close. The performance will depend greatly on getting the right size ear tip to fit your ear canal to block ambient sound. Having these is way way better than my old over – the – ear Boses quiet comfort 15 noise canceling headphones with cord. What a hassle that was and messy when you exercise and sweat.And speaking of ambient sound, the ambient sound mode of these phones is perfect for listening to music while still being able to participate in a conversation around you when that is necessary. This mode uses the microphones on the buds to pick up ambient sounds and uses just the right amount of amplification to restore sound levels similar to open ears. You can be aware of sounds around you while still listening to your content. It’s easy to rotate through the three modes by tapping and holding the end of one bud or the other to make it switch. Normal mode blocks a lot of ambient sound all by itself because the proper ear tip plugs your ear canal. Normal mode is probably the most efficient balance between noise blocking and power consumption / battery life. Noise canceling mode is true active noise canceling and does what it is supposed to and does a pretty decent job squelching the noise from my mower and weed eater when I’m doing yard work . Noise canceling mode has the most power consumption and shortest battery life. I have not used my buds enough at one time to run them down before putting them in their box to recharge. I always like to keep my devices topped off.I was advised to get a tethered set of earbuds because another individual felt it was too easy to lose the ones that he had – another brand of buds. I’m glad I did not do that. With the right size ear tip, I’ve had no problem with my earphone AirPro 3 bud staying in place while I’m mowing or working out. They are light and comfortable, nothing hanging around your head and neck to catch on things or become a nuisance.These were my first Bluetooth earbud purchase and I have been extremely pleased with them. Definitely recommend and would buy again if I needed an extra pair.I like how they begin to pair just by opening the little carrying box. It only takes seconds for them to connect for calls and audio. They also disconnect automatically just by popping them back into the box and then they begin charging from a little battery that’s right in the box. That’s the coolest feature of all, you can keep the buds topped off by popping them in the box every few hours or whenever you take a break from listening. The box has a USBC connector on it and charges using the same cord I used to charge my other Android devices.I went looking for replacement ear tips and had great difficulty finding ear tips that specifically mentioned fitting the Earfun AirPro 3. I found that the Spin-fit 360 series ear tips, made with ‘medical grade silicone’, are very comfortable and fit the nozzles nicely on these buds. I ended up needing the extra large size tips to fit my ear canals the best, making the earbuds even more secure than the largest tips that came in the factory box. Getting a great seal on the tips improves the sound significantly as well as noise rejection.

  3. Rocco

    Ottimo ANC, batteria e qualità audio superiori alla media.
    PREMESSA: Cercavo delle cuffie TWS con ottime performance in termini di cancellazione attiva del rumore (ANC) e che suonassero bene, dunque dovevano supportare almeno un codec Bluetooth a medio-alto bitrate (aptX,LDAC,ecc). La ricerca del prodotto perfetto è durata più di un mese. Come potete vedere la rencensione che segue è molto lunga, ho cerato di non tralasciare dettagli che per qualcuno potrebbero essere fondamentali. Ovviamente vi invito a leggerla tutta se state valutando l’aquisto di un paio di cuffie di questa tipologia.Ho effettuato decine di confronti tra prodotti di diversi marchi, alcuni molto noti e costosi, altri più di nicchia, altri ancora super economici. La scelta finale è ricaduta sulle Air Pro 3 del marchio EarFun e ne sono pienamente soddisfatto.DATA DI ACQUISTO: Acquisto effettuato alla data di lancio del prodotto, 31 gennaio 2023, ricevute giorno 1 febbraio 2023 (lode ai servizi di amazon). Recensione fatta dopo 2 settimane di utilizzo quotidiano molto intenso.PRODUTTORE: Conosco questo marchio da alcuni anni, si tratta di una azienda tedesca che realizza i propri prodotti in Cina. Ne ho sempre sentito parlare bene, anche da recensori di prodotti audio famosi su YouTube (come oluv’s gadgets, 9to5Toys, DHRME, ecc). Mi sono fidato del loro nuovissimo prodotto messo in vendita proprio il 31 gennaio, che promette grandi cose ad un prezzo veramente ridotto.CONFEZIONE DI VENDITA: Classica, c’è il cavo di ricarica e altre 3 coppie di cappucci per le cuffie di misure: S,M,L,XL. L già montati. È presente inoltre un bastoncino (tipo cotton fioc) per la pulizia delle cuffie. Sul manuale non è presente la lingua italiana ma ci sono l’inglese, lo spagnolo e il tedesco.QUALITÀ COSTRUTTIVA: Materiali plastici di ottima qualità sia per la custodia di ricarica che per le cuffiette. Cuffie in Custodia di ricarica ben fatta, non scivolosa, sportellino solido con chiusura magnetica. L’alloggiamento delle cuffie è ben fatto, si agganciano alla perfezione magneticamente e non cadono se si gira la custodia a testa in giù.CONNETTIVITÀ: Le cuffie sono dotate di Bluethooth 5.3 e supportano i codec aptX adaptive, AAC, LC3, SBC. Hanno il fast pair, dunque si accoppiano all’ultimo dispositivo connesso appena si apre la custodia di ricarica. Mantengono la connessione fino ad una distanza di 15m all’aperto. Approfondimento sulla Connettività. Particolare attenzione va posta sul codec LC3 (Low Complexity Communication Codec), sarà il codec audio Bluetooth di default dei prossimi anni ed è stato pensato come successore del codec SBC, rispetto il quale offre prestazioni nettamente migliori e consumi inferiori. È il primo (e unico) codec Bluetooth a supportare il profilo Bluetooth LE Audio, LE Audio sta per Low Energy Audio, che in parole povere garantisce una migliore qualità audio ed un consumo energetico nettamente inferiore.Per quanto riguarda la latenza probabilmente ad oggi non esiste di meglio in commercio, né su questa fascia di prezzo né se si spende fino al doppio o il triplo. Utilizzandole con un Google Pixel 7, grazie al supporto del nuovo codec LC3 non servirà nemmeno utilizzare la Game Mode per ridurre la latenza, sembra inesistente.BATTERIA: Le singole cuffiette sono dotate di batterie dalla capacità di 54mAh che garantiscono, come affermato anche dalla EarFun, fino a 9 ore di ascolto con ANC OFF. Nei miei test il volume era intorno al 60% ed ho utilizzato un Google Pixel 7 che supporta il codec LC3 spiegato in precedenza. Le ho usate poi con ANC ON per 4 giornate lavorative senza mai doverle ricaricare, senza riprodurre musica ma attivando solamente la funzione ANC. Quindi anche in questo caso la durata della batteria è in linea con quanto affermato dall’azienda produttrice, cioè 7 ore con ANC ON.La custodia di ricarica è dotata di una batteria da 520mAh che permette di moltiplicare per 5 la durata della batteria sia con ANC ON che con ANC OFF. Sulla custodia sono presenti 3 comodi LED che indicano lo stato di carica della batteria. Inoltre nell’app è possibile visualizzare lo stato di carica della custodia e delle singole cuffie.RICARICA: La custodia di ricarica può essere ricaricata mediante un cavo USB Type-C fornito nella confezione di vendita oppure mediante ricarica Wireless. Per una ricarica completa via cavo occorrono circa 2 ore, mentre se si utilizza un caricatore wireless occorrono circa 3,5 ore. Le singole cuffiette impiegano circa un’ora a ricaricarsi totalmente quando reinserite nella custodia, MA sono dotate di Fast Charging, per cui 10 minuti di ricarica assicurano fino a ore di utilizzo.MICROFONI e CHIAMATE: Si comportano egregiamente sia in ambienti silenziosi che in ambienti rumorosi. Posso assicurarvi che hanno una ottima soppressione dei rumori ambientali e del vento. Se proprio devo essere puntiglioso, avrei gradito più profondità nella voce in condizioni di assoluto silenzio, ma resta il fatto che lavorano benissimo. Non escludo che la EarFun possa perfezionare la cosa con un semplice aggiornamento firmware futuro, visto che l’azienda ha sempre dimostrato di essere attenta alle richieste dei clienti.In ogni caso, tutta questa qualità è ottenuta grazie a 6 microfoni (ovviamente 3 per cuffia) posizoinati in modo intelligente, e al chip Qualcomm cVc 8.0. Le ottime performance in condizioni di vento forte sono dovute al fatto che i microfoni non catturano il suono da dei semplici fori, ma sono posizionati dietro a delle particolari feritoie studiate per “tagliare” il vento.AUDIO: Le Earfun Air Pro 3 sono dotate di driver dinamici da 11mm realizzati in materiale composito simil lana. Le prestazioni sono ottime, la resa sonora sulle basse frequenze è eccellente, così come sulle medio-alte, nelle medie e nelle altissime frequenze avrei preferito una maggiore frizzantezza, ma restano comunque buone e altamente godibili. Sfruttando il codec Aptx Adaptive le cose migliorano ulteriormente. Confrontando queste cuffie con prodotti di alto livello come le Sony WF-1000XM4, Sennheiser Momentum 3, Technics EAH-AZ60, Noble Focus Pro, Bose QuiteComfort Earbuds 2 oppure Apple AirPods Pro 2 si percepiscono differenze minime, ma c’è da considerare che le EarFun Air Pro 3 costano 1/3 o 1/4 dei modelli citati, e nonostante questa notevole differenza di prezzo la godibilità del suono è da top di gamma. La pulizia ed il bilanciamento del suono sono ottimi anche a volume basse, questo non costringe ad alzare il volume per godere di un buon ascolto.# Nota: Sulla questione qualità audio voglio spendere altre 2 parole. Se utilizzate dei servizi di streaming come Spotify assicuratevi di aver impostato la qualità audio su “alta” o “molto alta”, e se volete sfruttare a pieno il volume delle vostre cuffie disattivate l’opzione “normalizza il volume”. Ricordate che la prima causa della perdita di qualità potrebbe essere il file audio di partenza, sarebbe inutile avere tutto al top e poi utilizzare una sorgente audio pessima.Per concludere, se vi piace un ascolto con un tono caldo, bassi eccellenti, corposi e puliti, mai invasivi e predominanti, con medi bilanciati ed alti brillanti e non pungenti queste cuffie sapranno soddisfarvi.Consiglio per chi ascolta i seguenti generi: hip-hop, trap, reggaeton, r&b, pop, jazz, soul, dubstep, edm, house, indie, reggae.Non le trovo ideali per gli audiofili che ascoltano metal e simili.ANC e AMBIENT SOUND: Eccoci arrivati al punto che rende queste cuffie un BestBuy. L’ANC delle Earfun Air Pro 3 è favoloso, non solo se paragonato alla fascia di prezzo ma paragonandolo all’intera categoria delle cuffie in-ear dotate di ANC. In questo caso le cuffie recensite non temono confronto con cuffie che costano fino a 4 volte il loro prezzo. Per rendere l’idea, queste cuffie sono le uniche che si avvicinano alle prestazioni di AirPods Pro 2 e alle QuiteComfort Earbuds 2. C’è da dire che, come per tutte le in-ear, l’efficacia dell’ANC è influenzata molto dall’adattabilità delle cuffie al proprio canale auricolare, dunque utilizzate la taglia dei cappucci auricolari più adatti a voi tra quelli in dotazione. Sulle basse frequeze vi assicuro una resa da prodotto premium, sulle frequenze medie si comportano molto bene e sulle alte perdono un pelino. Se però sostituite i cappucci in silicone con dei cappucci in schiuma noterete un ulteriore passo in avanti e sembrerà di avere delle Bose alle orecchie con una spesa di appena 80€.La modalità ambiente è buona, ma non sui livelli dell’ANC. Restituisce comunque un suono molto naturale, non ha una maggiore enfasi sulle voci ma amplifica tutto allo stesso modo. Insomma, quest’ultima modalità non ha pregi particolari, ma possiamo considerarla comunque promossa con un voto superiore alla sufficienza.Trovate un test delle due modalità su YouTube cercando “EarFun Air Pro 3 ANC Test – HeadphonesAddict”.APP: L’app EarFun Audio è essenziale e non presenta milioni di funzioni come quella perfetta della Soundcore. Consente di personalizzare i comandi touch permettendovi di gestire ogni cosa, dal volume all’attivazione dell’assistente vocale al passaggio da modalità ANC ON, ANC OFF a Ambient Sound, tutto senza usare lo smartphone.Si può equalizzare il suono salvando i propri profili di equalizzazione. Le cuffie rispondono bene all’equalizzazione dunque potete sbizzarrirvi a creare la vostra personale firma sonora. Su questo ultimo punto faccio un’osservazione. Potreste comprare cuffie da 400€ e non essere soddisfatti della resa sonora, ogni marchio tende ad avere una propria firma sonora che può piacere o meno. Io ho apprezzato quella di default delle Air Pro 3 anche se ho preferito personalizzarla come mostrato nello screen allegato alla recensione.AGGIORNAMENTI: Gli aggiornamenti firmware avvengono comodamente tramite app, il giorno dopo che le ho ricevute è arrivato un aggiornamento del firmware alla versione 0.3.7. Con questo aggiornamento è cambiata anche la risposta in frequenza delle cuffie. Con la versione precedente del firmware si aveva un profilo più a V, dopo l’aggiornamento la situazione è migliorata notevolmente. Le differenze le si possono osservare nell’apposito grafico allegato alla recensione.SPORT: Le Air Pro 3 sono dotate della certificazione IPX5, dunque resistono al sudore e all’acqua, ma non possono essere immerse completamente. Questa caratteristica unita all’ottima indossabilità le rendono perfette anche per praticare sport come corsa, palestra, camminata, magari non sono l’ideale per attività troppo spinte dove occorrono purtroppo, necessariamente, delle cuffie con archetto.CONCLUSIONI: Ho comprato queste cuffie alla cifra folle di 55,99€ con una offerta di lancio (mi ero iscritto al preordine sul sito ufficiale della EarFun e mi hanno inviato un codice sconto da usare su Amazon Italia), tralasciando questo dettaglio, posso affermare che anche a prezzo pieno queste cuffie restano un BestBuy qualora foste alla ricerca di un prodotto che sia bilanciato in tutte le caratteristiche e che abbia un ANC superiore alla media.

  4. John Smith

    Good enough for the price
    The good:Sound quality for the price is excellent.Fit in ear seems to be industry standard. Silicone insets are standard sized, with standard sized attachment point, so if you have old in ear buds that work for you and none of the four pairs that come with the set work for you, you can probably just reuse your old insets with these. In my case, medium sized work fine. I need to do things that really warp ear canal like eating for buds to start coming dislodged, otherwise they stay in fine.Bluetooth pairing and connection are functional. After pairing, buds will automatically connect within a few seconds of opening the charging case. I have not observed any drops in connection while these are in my ears and phone is within 10 meters distance. Both appear to be active buds, so you can use just one bud of your choice if you want, or you can use both.Relatively new (as of writing this) Qualcomm chipset with what seems to be decent quality triple microphones setup per bud means noise cancelling and ambient sound reproduction are great for this price bracket. Since I like to not die in traffic, I usually have buds in ambient sound mode when outside. When having one bud in ear, there’s no perceptible difference between normal hearing in one ear and ambient sound reproduction in other in passing other than in very windy conditions. I have to really focus on sound in calm weather to hear any difference. This is fairly rare in this price bracket and an indicator of a successful design in terms of noise cancelling/ambient reproduction (fundamentally the same thing, just in opposite directions).Buds support both older AptX and newer AptX adaptive as advertised. You can also switch on gaming mode (both from the companion app and from the buds via programmed key sequence), which will offer even lower latency at the cost of sound quality.Charging case is fine. Buds attach to it magnetically, and magnet positioning is well enough thought out that you can magnetically attach buds to one another with them and they will generally stay together in your pocket if leave the charging case behind in a car etc. There’s no way to manually turn them off though, unless you disconnect them from bluetooth on your phone and let them idle for some time, at which point they will automatically turn off, so this is not the most functional way of carrying them with you.Companion app on android works fine, no extra bells or whistles, just pure functionality that you actually would want, such as equalizer and reprogramming what buttons on the buds do. There don’t seem to be any ads, nor any sell-up efforts in the app. You can add your email for ease of communications with support to it if you want, but it’s optional. App seems to work just fine without it as well. App does say that it “contains ads” in Play Store, but I haven’t seen any so far.The bad:No adjustment for maximum charge on buds nor case, meaning batteries on buds will likely be consumed to the point of uselessness within a year or two. 80% charge limiter is becoming a norm in many consumer devices, as this extends battery life to easily triple that of always charging to full, and this is especially relevant to devices that are designed to be stored in a charging case like buds so they’re almost always fully charged.Color is actually not black but sort of dark gray with slight blue tint in sunlight on the outside part of the buds that is visible when using them. Part that goes into the ear is black, as is the case. If your style is black accessories only, these will not mesh well with that in sunlight (see attached picture taken in evening sunlight). I personally do not mind this color choice, but these are advertised as black/silver (which I assume refers to the logo and button circle, as there is no other silver in sight), and “black” is what it said on the package that arrived.Overall, these buds are solid 4/5 stars, and I’m keeping them. If a programmable maximum charge limiter limiting maximum charge of the buds to 80% can be flashed in newer firmware and programmed through app, I’ll adjust the review to be five stars, as that would make these a clear stand out in this price range.

  5. S. Chyzy

    Ohne AptX nicht so toll
    Auf der Suche nach bezahlbaren Kopfhörern fürs Joggen bin ich über Soundcore Life A2 NC und Jabra Elite 4 Active zu diesen hier gekommen.Die Soundcore klangen super und hatten auch eine sehr gute Telefonqualität, leider störten mich hier die Aufsätze beim joggen da sie bei jedem Schritt ein leichtes Knacken verursachten, was mich dann doch sehr störte.Durch den Prime Day gabs dann grad die Elite 4 Active günstiger, also zugeschlagen. Die Bewertungen waren gut und Jabra ist natürlich bekannt – was sollte schon schief gehen. Active hab ich extra gewählt, da ich ja damit auch mal joggen will.Was mich sofort enttäuschte, war der Klang. Obwohl sie AptX unterstützen, war der Ton steril und leer, über den Equalizer konnte ich das ein wenig verbessern, aber … durch die Soundcore’s wußte ich das es in der Preislage besseres gibt. Dazu noch konnte ich sie nicht mit meinem PC verbinden, was ich mir aber wünsche (hätte ich aber auch vorher nachlesen können, das Jabra das für das Modell nicht unterstützt)Mir wurden dann diese Earfuns Airpro 3 hier vorgeschlagen, mit Rabatt für 60,- € waren sie noch grad so in meiner Preis Range (die anderen beiden waren effektiv günstiger). Also – probieren geht über studieren.Der Sound über das Telefon (das AptX unterstützt) ist großartig, ANC funktioniert und der Tragekomfort ist gut – auch wenn beim herausnehmen der Stöpsel manchmal die Aufsätze überstölpen und ich sie dann wieder in ihre Original Position zurückschieben muss.Bei der Telefonie waren die Rückmeldungen nicht so begeistert wie bei den Soundcores, aber ich wurde verstanden.Dann die Verbindung mit meinem PC gemacht (Win 10) was ohne größere Probleme funktionierte. Einfach die Hörer ins Ladecase und bei geöfnetem Deckel den Knopf im Case drücken – schon werden sie sauber eingebunden. Mein PC kann leider kein AptX (logisch) – dadurch klingen sie dann nur halb so gut und der in anderen Rezensionen erwähnte Sprachversatz tritt auf – was beim schauen von Videos schon nervig ist. Hier musste ich mich dann mit dem Spielmodus behelfen – dadurch war für mich persönlich das Delay nicht mehr spürbar. Klanglich konnte ich auch keine Unterschiede feststellen – klingt beides ungefähr auf Jabra Niveau.Die Firmware habe ich auf die Version 1.06 upgedatet, die mir als aktuellste über die App angeboten wurde.Ach ja, die App – an sich nichts besonderes, das machen die anderen teilweise schöner. Das man die Belegung für die Steuerung so gut an die eigenen Präferenzen anpassen kann, fand ich dann aber schon schön. Habe in der App dann noch 2 Equalizer Einstellungen hinterlegt (mehr Bass und Flat) und so funktionieren sie für mich gut.Fazit: Wenn ich keine Smartphone mit AptX hätte, würde ich sie zurück schicken. So behalte ich Sie natürlich und bin mit dem Kauf sehr zufrieden.

  6. EWG

    Sensational sound and functionality
    Prompted by the many positive reviews I decided that these were worth trying, especially for the price.They have been a revelation for music playback, so much so that I know rarely use my wired Sennheiser IE300s. Really did not expect Bluetooth audio to be so well presented.The Air Pros have aptX adaptive for those who have suitable devices so the sound may well be even more impressive. Unfortunately my Redmi 10 is not Qualcomm based so the best I get is AAC and this is fine for me. My Galaxy TAB does connect using aptX without issue and seems to sound equally good. In both cases I use no EQ either on the devices or via the EarFun app. It is really easy to tweak the rather limited EQ via the app if needed to suit different musical tastes.As I purchased primarily for convenience and portability in listing to music I am impressed with the way that EarFun have calibrated these buds. Some reviewers have commented on bass being a bit heavy but I can’t say that is my experience. One of my reference recordings is Jaques Loussier’s Beyond Bach and through these buds the bass sound just right and the piano superbly presented. GoGo Penguin’s Hundrum Star is simply astounding.Functionality has been equally impressive. Out of the box connection was fuss free and once the app was loaded the firmware updated immediately. The app (on Android) is a superb example of sparseness and simplicity. For anyone needing a more comprehensive option on sound adjustment and control there is always the ever brilliant Poweramp app.The buds came fully charged and so far seem to provide hours of playback before needing a top up. The fit using the default ear tips has proved super comfortable and without active noise cancellation in use I get excellent sound isolation. I am still working out how to get the best out of the active noise cancellation (hence the 3 stars in that part of the summary).Support from customer service is as good as mentioned in other reviews. Within 24 hours my emailed queries were answered by a friendly and helpful adviser.It is hard to believe that so much can be offered for such a competitive price and certainly on initial impressions I would buy again without hesitation.

  7. Halifax

    gutes Produkt mit einigen Einschränkungen
    Ich hatte bislang die Air 2 (alte Version, ohne Appsteuerung), die aber leider nicht mehr richtig funktionierten.Da ich aber vom Klang usw. im Großen und Ganzen zufrieden war, habe ich mir diese Nachfolgemodelle gekauft.Ich finde den Klang sehr gut, wenn er mir persönlich auch anfangs zu basslastig war. Aber dank der Einstellmöglichkeiten konnte ich schnell für unterschiedliche Musikstile Profile erstellen. Ich höre viel Elektro und hier gibt es mMn nichts zu meckern.Ich finde, dass das ANC einen relativ guten Job macht, zumindest ab einer gewissen Musiklautstärke.Die Max. Lautstärke war mir manchmal etwas zu wenig (man will das eine oder andere Lied mal gerne richtig laut hören). Das ließ sich nur dadurch verbessern, dass ich bei meinem Telefon die Landesversion auf Nicht-EU stellte.Windgeräusche werden etwas besser gefiltert, als bei meine Air 2, Telefonate funktionieren gut (zumindest im Inneren).Was mich persönlich ein wenig stört st, dass sich die Silikonaufsätze gerne mal umstülpen, wenn man die buds aus dem Ohr nimmt.Es gab mit diesen neuen Earbuds übrigens ein kleines Problem.An dieser Stelle möchte ich ein richtig dickes Lob für den Kundenservice aussprechen. Der support ist wirklich Klasse. Schnelle Antworten und gute Lösungsvorschläge. Da könnten sich viele eine Scheibe von abschneiden!Alles in allem vergebe ich auch wegen des Services die volle Punktzahl.Ich finde übrigens, dass man immer auch berücksichtigen muss, das diese Teile ja im Budjet-Bereich anzusiedeln sind. Vergleiche mit 3x so teuren Modellen finde ich also ziemlich unsinnig. Und wer behauptet, dass diese hier keinen ausreichenden Bass vorweisen, der hat entweder nicht die richtigen Aufsätze oder bereits ordentlich zu viel auf die Ohren bekommen….

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