Raycon The Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Microphone- Stereo Sound in-Ear Bluetooth Headset True Wireless Earbuds 32

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Brand Raycon
Model Name The Everyday Earbuds – Carbon Black
Color Matte Black
Form Factor In Ear
Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth
  • 🎧 THE TRUE WIRELESS EXPERIENCE | Welcome to cutting-edge technology in true wireless audio with the Raycon Everyday Earbuds! Sporting the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology which ensures a stable connection, they connect seamlessly with all Bluetooth enabled devices up to 33 feet away. The result? Wireless freedom and no hassle!
  • 🎧 LIGHTWEIGHT, SECURE & COMFORTABLE FIT | The Raycon Everyday Earbuds are so light that you will forget that you are wearing them! They are ergonomically designed to ensure a secure fit while guaranteeing fatigue-free ears and long-lasting comfort. That’s one small gel tip for man, one giant leap for wireless bluetooth earbuds!
  • 🎧 IPX6 WATERPROOF | Thanks to its IPX6 coating, the Raycon Everyday Earbuds are waterproof and built for any lifestyle. Go ahead and wear them in the rain, while working out at the gym, running, jogging, hiking, yoga, or traveling.
  • 🎧 32 HOURS OF QUALITY SOUND – CHARGE ON THE GO | The Raycon Everyday Earbuds last up to 8 hours playtime on a single charge. The complimentary compact charging case boasts a built-in 400 mAh battery that can charge your earbuds up to 3 times while on the go when fully charged; That’s 24 more hours of power!!
  • 🎧 BASS YOU CAN FEEL | Sometimes, Big things do come in small packages! The Everyday Earbuds immerse you in rich and high-fidelity sound with a powerful and deep bass that makes you feel ALL of the music! Note: For optimal listening experience, find your fit from one of the 6 different sized soft silicone gel tips.
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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 1.5 × 1.1 in
Product Dimensions

2.25 x 1.5 x 1.1 inches

Item Weight

5 ounces



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2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 25, 2019

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9 reviews for Raycon The Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Microphone- Stereo Sound in-Ear Bluetooth Headset True Wireless Earbuds 32

  1. margaret moe

    My son found these your earbuds for me because I had become frustrated with other wireless earbuds that made it difficult for me to hear sounds/conversation that were happening around me while I was also using earbuds.These earbuds solve the problem. I can easily hold conversations with the earbuds in my ear if the awareness mode is activated.Most of the time I will turn off the audio in the ear bud, but leave the actual physical earbuds in my ear, and talk to people. With other ear buds, I could not hear what people said, even the audio was turned off. Other felt like I was wearing ear plugs rather than wearing earbudsBut these ones? I can keep them in my ears with the awareness mode activated.In my world, this means I am less likely to lose them because I randomly took out an earbud to speak with another person for a short period of time. I’ve lost way too many single air buds at airport counters or at car rental counters, or fast food restaurants because I had to take out an earbud to speak with the person working and then accidentally left that earbud behind, never to be found again.This set of earbuds eliminated that problem, however. I just tap it to get into awareness mode, and I can keep both air buds in my ears as well as easily speaking with people around me.

  2. MDM

    I got the E25’s, black. Packaging is nice, comes with a brief, clearly written user manual which I used right away to see how to change the sound options. I use a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, and I took these buds out of the package, directly out of the case and put them right in. The default female voice told me they were powered on right away, sounding in both ears, in the order i put them in. Opened bluetooth options on my phone and they were already listed as “Raycon Everyday Buds.” I touched the name and they connected right off without any issue whatsoever. Hit play on my music, and I love the sound. I just opened them today, so I’m waiting to see how these endure before giving full stars.The button in each bud is a physical push button, a bubble that clicks. I like it because the sweaty strap from my bike helmet won’t press it inadvertently like my old buds that just had “touch control.” You can’t see the bud when you reach up to touch it, so it’s always a game of fumbling with where to touch it and how many “touches” would register. Especially when on the mountain bike, that frustrated me, but maybe you like it (wierdo)…Sound quality:I love all three modes. “Balanced, Bass and Pure” they all sound good while bringing in their individual strengths. For piano pieces, like Paul Cardall or Ludivico Eiunadi, Pure Sound is precise. For Van Halen, Nightwish, and Godsmack, Balanced sound and Bass modes are excellent. It’s all subjective anyway, but I can hear the details and fairly crisp sounds.Awareness Mode:This is my first time trying buds that have a mode where they claim to allow you to hear ambient noise around you while still enjoying the music. Raycon calls it “Awareness Mode”. It works, but not as i had hoped. In my mind, I had anticipated being able to speak while listening to my music and hear my voice and others’ clearly through the electronic mic instead of through jawbone vibrations like when you plug your ears with your fingers and speak. These buds can do that, but you can only hear it faintly, and I find myself wishing I could turn up that volume. But if I turn it up, only the music gets louder and the ambient sounds are left behind as the music grows in volume. The ambient sound volume is constant, and only works well if I turn the music off. Which is a disapponting feature because then what’s the point? Without the music, I might as well remove the buds right? All buds claim to have powerful noise canceling, but what I’m hoping for is exactly the opposite, I want to hear my music and all the ambient sounds while biking, running, and working at my computer. It should be like hearing the world around me but with cool music that nobody else can hear. Why isn’t this an option? Maybe I’m the wierdo.The fit is okay… It comes with multiple gel sizes. The default sizes were a bit tight, so I downsized them by one, and they are comfortable for about 15 minutes then I have to push them in again. Not quite settled on which size of gel I should be using. This shouldn’t be that difficult but…UPDATE: 8/24/22I’ve had them for over a month now. Still working as they did they day I opened them.*The container charges in just a couple hours*The longest I have had these in is about 5 hours, my ears became fatigued from the fit before the battery ran out while I was backpacking. The buds charged up and container still had more than 50%*PHONE CALLS: I haven’t had problems hearing clear audio from the phone calls. When I ask the other caller how I sound they have told me I’m difficult to hear well. If i turn off Bluetooth and speak directly into the phone they report my sound as being much better. Not impressed with the microphone quality. But I have had no problems at all hearing the other caller clearly.*I have not yet had any connection problems with my phone*I still am disappointed with the Awareness Mode. It’s very underwhelming compared to my daughter’s Jabra Elite Active 75 earbuds with the same feature. Those are significantly better in this regard.*I wear these while mountain biking, they stay in fine, but I don’t bomb down the mountain either.*I really wish I had the ability to adjust the equalizer settings but it’s fixed in stone. The app is a complete joke, no functionality at all. No my friend, if you want to adjust the equalizer, these are not for you. I do wish I could adjust the bass to be more pronounced, and the highs to be a bit sharper.12/2/2022 UPDATE: over 1 year ownership..I still have these and they still work as described above, they hold charge forever. But at this point I’m ready for a different pair just because of the phone call quality and the weak awareness mode. I’ve also found that I can’t remember how to use all the features because the push button functions aren’t very intuitive, and no app to use for adjustments. I can answer a phone call, one push in either ear, but the quality is still reported as “difficult to hear.” I’m going to be buying a different brand.You should buy these if:-You don’t care about the awareness Mode-You just want something that holds charge very well and will last a long time.-Plays music with clear quality and have no desire to mess with sound settings.-You want something with rock solid, reliable, connectivity.You should not buy these if:-You want to talk on the phone a lot-You want to hear the details of what’s going on around you clearly while still listening to loud music-You like to adjust the equalizer

  3. Artist CJ

    I’ve had these earbuds for several weeks now. I like the sound and comfort, just not the interface. Sound is clear and has multiple built in sound profiles. They are also very comfortable and the battery life is great. I have yet to wear them long enough for the battery to die and I wear them 7+ hours a day usually. I also love that they have wireless charging.The thing I’m not fond of is the choice for controls. I like the physical button over a touch sensitive button, like some of my other earbuds have, but the single, double, triple, and long press functions don’t seem very well thought out for music. When I’m listening to music the controls are counter intuitive and some of the multi press functions are difficult to register. Play/pause is 2 short presses, volume up or down is 1 short press, and skip is 3 presses. Long press cycles though sound profiles or awareness mode. I feel like 1 press should be play/pause, 2 skip, three presses sound profile/awareness mode, and long press for volume up or down. The volume up or down is my biggest issue. I hate having to click, wait, click, wait, click when I want to change my volume more then 1 step.With that said it’s just a minor preference. Overall I like the earbuds though. solid 4 out of 5 stars.

  4. Glenn F

    These are my second pair of Raycon’s. Well actually 2:ND & 3:RD pair seeing I now bought dual pairs this time to replace other high end ear buds that have ceased to work (the others have batteries that no longer take charging) after only a couple of years of casual use. My first pair of Raycon’s are still working perfectly after using them regularly for 4 years. I’ve had other so called high end buds like Sony & Sennheiser. Besides being twice the price, they are bulkier, do not sound any better, offer little to none in the way of extra listening options (such as for instance noise canceling) and as mentioned, their batteries last less than half as long as these Raycon’s. So unless you are one of the few that absolutely need a noise canceling option, these Raycon’s are a much better purchase!

  5. fulvio Ornato

    Exceptional Sound and Quality: Raycon Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Shine
    The Raycon Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Microphone have truly impressed me with their outstanding quality and audio performance. These earbuds deliver a level of sound excellence and comfort that sets them apart from the competition, making them an essential accessory for anyone seeking a top-tier listening experience.From the moment I used these wireless earbuds, I could tell they were a premium product. The sound quality is exceptional, with clear and balanced audio that brings my music and podcasts to life. The stereo sound in-ear design provides an immersive listening experience, and I appreciate the attention to detail in their construction.What truly sets the Raycon Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds apart is their comfort. The ergonomic design ensures a secure fit without causing discomfort during extended wear. The earbuds stay in place even during physical activities, making them a versatile choice for both leisure and workouts.The convenience of Bluetooth connectivity is further enhanced by the integrated microphone. Calls come through with clarity, and the microphone effectively reduces ambient noise for clear communication.The build quality of these earbuds is evident in their durability and sturdiness. The battery life is impressive, allowing for extended use without frequent recharging.In conclusion, the Raycon Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Microphone have quickly become my go-to choice for wireless audio. Their quality, sound performance, and comfort make them an exceptional investment for anyone seeking a reliable and enjoyable listening experience. I’m thoroughly impressed with their performance and craftsmanship, and I confidently award them a well-deserved five-star rating. If you’re looking for wireless earbuds that deliver on both quality and audio excellence, the Raycon Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are an excellent choice. Thank you, Raycon, for creating such exceptional earbuds that redefine wireless listening!

  6. harry

    klein und gut
    Die Buds kommen mit Ladekapsel (erstaunlich klein), Ladekabel und 4 verschiedene Geltips, sodass sie auch bei kleinem Gehörgang gut sitzen und weder herausfallen noch drücken oder unangenehm sind. Für guten Sound sorgen 3 verschiedene Soundmodi. Auf der Raycon-Seite sind die Buds übrigens deutlich günstiger!

  7. Gustavo Araújo de Almeida

    Excelente escolha!!!
    Gostei muito do fone… pesquisei sobre vários fones na mesma faixa de preço!!! Sem dúvidas fiz uma boa escolha!!!

  8. Searlas

    Great value for the money
    Quick to charge and great sound quality. Functions easy to use.

  9. Gearoid Quinn

    a good buy
    good value

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