MINDBEAST Super Bass 90%-Noise Isolating Earbuds with Microphone and Case-Amazing Sound Effects and Game Experience for Women,

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Color Silver
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • HIGH-QUALITY BASS AND POWERFUL NOISE ISOLATION – Exclusive driver pumps out the deepest bass with ultra-clear sound. In-ear noise isolating technology reduces at least 90% of ambient noise and relax you completely with stereo sound effects. A great companion for indoor workout, outdoor running or airplane travels.
  • COMFY AND SECURE FIT – 3 pairs of small, medium and large size soft designed silicon replacement earbud tips ensure your headphones stay comfortably in place without falling out.
  • SWEAT-PROOF AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – Tornado shape lasered earbuds gives a unique look and makes you out stand in the crowd. Metal shell and seamlessly connection joint prevent sweat from leaking into the inside of earphones.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – 120 degree 3.5mm jack is easy to use and 100% fit for iOS and Android system from Apple, Sony, Samsung, Google mobile and Xbox One, PS4 gaming devices. Built-in mic lets hands-free talk and remote voice control over your devices.
  • LEATHER ZIPPER PORTABLE CASE – 5.9×3.1×2 inches holder is waterproof and dirt-proof. The built-in mesh bags keep the 5ft extension cord always organized. It offers an excellent smooth touch feeling on the outside surface.
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Weight 0.63 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 3 × 2 in
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60 x 3 x 2 inches



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April 14, 2018

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10 reviews for MINDBEAST Super Bass 90%-Noise Isolating Earbuds with Microphone and Case-Amazing Sound Effects and Game Experience for Women,

  1. Kate

    I needed something I could plug into my phone so I can talk and do my dishes at the same time. I could have gone cheaper, but I chose to go this route instead for a variety of small reasons. First, the plug. It’s not a standard plug. It’s designed at a little bit of an angle. Given the number of times I’ve bent my headphone jacks, buying something designed that way seemed like it might be useful. Second, the cable itself is very nice. It feels woven, and its casing is closer to silicone in texture than the earbuds I’m accustomed to. Third, they came with a little case already, so I don’t have to find a place to store them. The fact that they came with extra ear fittings was a lovely extra.The real test, though, was whether I could both hear my parents clearly AND be heard without them hearing the noise from me doing mundane tasks like cleaning the kitchen. The answer was yes, they could. I had no complaints from them at all while I did the dishes while talking to them. I could hear the dishes process just fine, but it didn’t interrupt our conversation.So, as far as I’m concerned? These things are great. Totally recommend.

  2. AR305

    These do in fact seem to have a tad bit more bass than most earbuds I have… However you do sacrifice a bit of clarity for that “bass.” These simply don’t sound as great as some of my other buds which admittedly cost a lot more, but for the price, I think you would be happy with these especially if you listen to hip hop. For most other genres of music however, it may sound a bit muffled at times. The highs aren’t as high and the mids aren’t as clear in sacrifice for that little extra bit of low end.Again however, for the price, these are pretty good. I don’t think you will find any other set of earbuds that will sound this good at this price point.

  3. Mikel Brooks

    They get uncomfortable after a while, the quality is oka, better than many but I think the volume control feature is a myth.

  4. Lourdes M.

    Quick shipping and great product.

  5. tammy crockett

    All I can say is my 15 soon to be 16 year old grandson really likes them.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I used to sleep with headphones every night. Falling asleep to music is a lovely thing… I can’t remember why I stopped. Anyway, sleeping with headphones has some specific requirements. For one, the earbuds need to fit comfortably while laying your ear straight on the pillow. Another is that you need the wire to be very durable, because naturally you will roll all over them in your sleep. They also need to be cheap enough that you aren’t heartbroken when they inevitably die.Well, let me tell you, these buds tick all the boxes. Firstly, the two major points of failure for wired headphones—the jack and the controls + mic. As you can see in the pictures, the jack is intelligently designed and is safe from being bent in a way that will cause fraying. These headphones do not have volume controls, but for me this is a good thing. Frayed wires around volume controls sometimes causes ghost inputs where your phone volume gets set to zero or the max. Waking up to music blasting in your ears is quite unpleasant! There is no risk of that here.The cord is round, which seems like a small thing, but actually it’s much harder to fray wires with a round wire. If you’ve had a linguine-shaped cord, you know any kind of rolling friction is likely to twist the cord. This cord is smooth and round, so most rubbing against it will slide over instead. This makes it last a surprisingly long time for the cost. I would choose this over a braided wire.Now you may be thinking, all this is great, but I have no intention of sleeping with headphones. Well, that is why I’m writing this review. I stopping sleeping with music a few years ago. I recently went on a trip and wanted to grab headphones for 8 hour flight. I looked at my shelf, between these headphones and the $200 pair of wireless headphones I had bought a few months ago. I went with these. To hell with the fussiness of Bluetooth and charging your buds. There is no active noise canceling, but it makes a good suction in your ear, which is noise-canceling enough for anyone. The audio is definitely bass heavy. Honestly, I prefer it that way—background noise is generally low-frequency so the extra punchiness makes up for it. Many songs sound nicer bass boosted anyway.In short, don’t waste you money on a more expensive pair. These guys got it all right.

  7. Cliente de Amazon

    Calidad de decente y me han durado ya dos años, siguen funcionando bien.

  8. Juan

    Hasta este momento el producto funciona perfectamente bien, no se ven ni usados y eso que les doy uso rudo, no se rayan ni despintan, recomendable, eso sí; solo lo uso con mi computadora de escritorio.

  9. Edwin Martinez

    Buen sonido
    Tienes buen sonido para su costo

  10. Ger H

    Muy buen producto, el material con el que está creado es de muy buena calidad.

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