OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones Studio Monitor & Mixing DJ Stereo Headsets with 50mm Neodymium Drivers and 1/4 to 3.5mm Jack

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Brand OneOdio
Model Name Pro-10
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • BASS SOUND: Enjoy powerful bass and comfort with the OneOdio Studio headphones. Large 50-millimeter speaker unit drivers combined with neodymium magnets deliver dynamic bass, great for DJing, mixing, monitoring, or listening to music.
  • BUILT TO STAY COMFORTABLE: The soft padded ear cushions are designed for monitor headphones’ comfort and noise isolation. The headband is adjustable and stretchable for you to find the desired angle you like to fit in.
  • NO MORE ADAPTER: DJ-style coiled cord (9.8Ft Stretched) easily reaches from the TV or stereo to your chair. They both are completely detachable, so you can plug in any devices that have a 3.5mm or 6.35mm jack.
  • SINGLE-SIDE MONITORING: 90° swiveling ear cups for single-ear monitoring anytime; self-adjustable and flexible headband delivers a fatigue-free listening experience that can last for hours, ideal for mastering and mixing.
  • WORKS WITH: All devices have a 3.5mm or 6.35mm audio jack. Work with Condenser Microphone, Mixer, Studio, Turntable, DJ Contorller, AMP, e-Drum, Keyboard, PC, Phone, Notebook.
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Weight 14.6 lbs
Dimensions 7.09 × 5.51 × 3.94 in
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7.09 x 5.51 x 3.94 inches



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February 7, 2017


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14.6 ounces, 415 Grams


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8 reviews for OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones Studio Monitor & Mixing DJ Stereo Headsets with 50mm Neodymium Drivers and 1/4 to 3.5mm Jack

  1. Drusilla131

    I currently own various sets of headphones from OneOdio. This being my 3rd pair I wasn’t hesitant at all to get these and put them through their paces. I am pickier than your typical consumer so this review might be longer than what you normally read so please bare with me.Design-4 starsThese are just as beautiful as most of the company’s other headphones so there shouldn’t be concerns wondering if you will look like a dufus walking down the street or even on mass transit. They have the ability to fold into them which allows you to put them into the included bag which is very convenient. Another nice feature is the ability to have the ear cups fold down onto your chest instead of them facing up. The reason it’s a lot more comfortable to have the ear pads resting on your collar bone than the hard plastic covers of the opposite side. Also people won’t be irritated by the music you might be listening to. The ear cups are very soft as well as the head band. These have really nice red stitching on the top of the headphones which also includes the branding. Finally inside the cups the left and right channels are very well labeled with an “L” and “R”.The few potential concerns that I see due to my experience with Oneodio’s headphones are the folding joints. Like previous ones I own they tend to loosen over time, making it extremely irritating to keep them in the ready to wear position. There is no way to tighten these unless you feel the need to do slight surgery to these to possibly find a way to tighten them up. I currently display all of my headphones on headphone display racks. Unlike my other brands of headphones these could go into “flop” mode like my other OneOdio brand headphones. The second is the ear cup is a perfect circle and not oval like one of their other wireless models they sell. Mine and probably others like me have extended ear lobes, making it a task to have your ears sit comfortably within the headphones. It seems most headphone companies are going the oval route to cover all shapes and sizes of ears, but for some reason OneOdio decided to go with a completely round ear cup. These won’t be my first choice when it comes to a grab and go for a walk type headphone.Functionality-4 stars When it comes to ease of use these are top notch. These headphones come with a minimalist approach when it comes to functionality. 3 buttons do it all with the multi-function button recessed making it easier to know the difference between it and the volume buttons. The multifunction button works for turning them on with a long press and the same to turn them off. You will get a chime with both off and on. While wearing them the UP volume button would the button closest to the back of your head the DOWN being closest to the front of your face. One thing to note, when reaching maximum volume you are greeted with a subtle bell tone which is nice change from other headphones I have used in the past. They also play the same role of next track and previous track as well. A new accessory that comes with these headphones is an included inline mic for people who want to use these for gaming on their PS4 and XBOX ONE as well as wired phone calls. The function button on the inline mic is only for answering and ending calls. There isn’t a way to mute yourself if you decide to use these for gaming; muting yourself on the phone would be done through the phone itself. Bluetooth connection is quick and seamless as well as the connection is very strong, distance can really depend on your surroundings. The functionally of these headphones do also come with potential concerns to downright annoyances. The first being the extreme tactile feel of the volume buttons. They are SO loud when you are trying to change the volume. Furthermore, I was on a call with my wife and when I tried to increase the volume to hear her better. She commented that she heard EVERY click of the volume button, asked me to stop as it was hurting her ears each time I did so. Now I am not sure if that is just a defect in these headphones or not but I not being using these for phone calls in the near future. Speaking of the volume of these headphones they have a great balance of volume but for some odd reason OneOdio decided that every so often these need to reset the volume memory you had placed the last time you used them. I can say without a doubt that other manufactures like Mpow and Anker, this has never happened to me once. I have no idea why someone would want their volume reset to factory default for any reason when you can change it yourself if you feel the type of music your listening to requires it.Sound-5 stars One word describes these; AMAZING! The overall sounds of these are just incredible. These are really for the balanced sound enthusiast. Everything is so clear from the high highs to lows. Now I didn’t emphasize the low end because they just don’t hit the sub bass frequencies I love. I have tried these with all genres of music and where they just don’t do it for me is the BASS style music. Artists like DJ Magic Mike, Bass Patrol, Techmaster PEB, etc. These can’t seem to hit the really low notes like I am used to in a pair of Anker headphones that I own. Getting to the BASS I like requires a lot of adjustments to the EQ on whatever device you have them connected to but again this is what I see as a downside, to others this might not be an issue. This issue is from the basshead side of me and I know from the 100’s of reviews I have read on headphones this can be a concern to them as well. From others around me sound bleed doesn’t seem to be an issue with these either and I have listened to these at a rather healthy level! There really isn’t any major issues or concerns I have with the sound they produce as this topic can be very subjective. It really all depends on what type of music you’re passionate about.Battery and Misc -5 stars OneOdio claims 30 hours of battery life, of course depending on what you listen, volume and for the length of time, that claim can be subjective. Due to all of testing and general use I felt I met or almost exceed that time frame so kudos to OneOdio. It comes with all of the accessories you need to use them at home or on the go of course except a charging block, and come who doesn’t have at least one of those. I do have to say it is awesome that they included the inline mic and I can understand why they did as most of if not all Bluetooth headphones are really bad at mic response when using them for phone calls. This accessory clears up all the issues people have making phone calls with Bluetooth headphones.Over all these are some very stylish headphones, with great battery life and a very balance sound. Strong Bluetooth signal and I forgot to mention when registering with OneOdio they can extend your warranty by an additional year, how awesome is that?! Thanks for reading this entire review. I hope it was helpful as I have tried to find reviews as thorough and just come up short all the time.Thanks!

  2. myah brunette

    I am writing this review after EXACTLY 4 months of owning them, and these headphones are incredible! especially for the price. I was looking for something that would be affordable, but also good quality so I could use them for a while, and these are perfect! I got them in silver and I lovee the color, it’s stunning. you can use them with or without a connecting cord which is awesome and just what I was looking for. the battery life lasts FOREVER! when I first charged them I was able to go a full month before it reached 20% and I used them basically all day. they are strong as heck! I have charged them only twice since getting them, which I find to be astonishing. I’ve never had a products battery life last so long so I was very impressed. the sound quality is no different, amazing. the bass on these are soo nice and great for just about anything from gaming, to music, to movies. the noise-canceling is pretty good as well. not so much to the point of not being able to hear your surroundings, which I like, but enough so that everything is very muffled. the one flaw I did find was the bluetooth option. without the cord connector the microphone can be a little jumpy. like if your on the phone, the person on the other end might struggle to hear you, so it’s better to have a connector in that case, but that’s it. the microphone on the cord is GOLD tho. just a really great product. i am someone who is very gentle with their things- so I’m not sure how much rough-handling it can take but they are pretty sturdy. I included some pictures of what they look like after 4 months of use, and they look just about the same as when I took them out of the package. I wanted to keep this review very honest so I hope this helps! 🙂

  3. pleinelune

    EDIT: Desktop speakers I’ve had for about three and a half years, just stopped. Ordered more, but won’t arrive for two days and then I remembered this headset I keep set up to listen to audiobooks and just unplugged it, plugged it into my desktop, and voila! SOUND. Granted, not the greatest, but considering I had NO sound, this will be fine til my new speakers arrive. Beats having to use the subtitle option on streaming!SO if your speakers ever go out, something to keep in mind.__________________________________________Got these to replace a Sennheiser Professional Headset which I have been using since 2017 and this is 2023.I USED THEM A LOT. I would often fall asleep with them on. Eventually one of them shorted out probably because I did fall asleep with them and a wire likely got pulled.If anyone hasn’t noticed, things are a lot more expensive even in the last couple years. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but wanted a decent headset to work with my Sony boombox I listen to audiobooks or music on EVERY night.I looked at TON of headsets, reviews, price, type of ear pads and chose this one.PROS:Right out of the bag (they came in a box, but within the box, not wrapped in plastic but a silky bag), I was impressed. The ear pads looked PLUSHER than my Sennheisers did. It overall looked really good quality.So…PLUSH EAR PADSTHEY SWIVELHEAD BAND – SOFTER than the SennheiserSOUND – comes with two jacks, the small one fit my boombox PERFECTLYand I immediately plugged in it and was impressed by the sound quality. Is this going to rival professionalequipment in a sound studio? NO. But great for music and audiobooks.CONS:Just two so far (and I WILL update if they don’t last, anything changes). The ear pads, while PLUSH, are quite as big as the Sennheiser’s. They kind of sit more on top of your ears instead of really engulfing them. I think I’m ok with that though. Also the head band is not for a REALLY big head. It’s fine for me, but thought I would mention.BOTTOMLINE: I’m HAPPY. Got it on discount while on the Amazon sale. Feel I got more than my money’s worth. Would get again, and if they hold up, I would get this again over the Sennheiser I had.

  4. David B.

    First, I must say I didn’t hold a lot of promise for these headphones, as I am used to cans running 10 times this price. With that said, I am gob smacked as to how good they actually are. I purchased these for a backup, guest computer, in the spare room. Just like any good can, they are gonna need a good DAC and amp. I’m using a cheaper, but excellent Fosi DAC-Q4 to drive these little beauties. The head phones are a bit V shaped in their tuning. You are not gonna find flat frequency response here at this price, but the sacrifices you make are pleasant ones to at least the American ear. Bass is pronounced and treble speaks with a bit of forte’ but overall very good. A good, tuneable amp should null these imperfections out just fine. I must say they trade blows with the Audio Technica M40x’s no problem and that’s saying something at this price. For a 30 ish dollar set of cans, you could do far worse. I cannot speak to break in or longevity yet, but so far very nice staging, crossfade is excellent, and much like the millennium falcon, it’s got it where it counts. Just grab a pair, I think you will be pleased.

  5. Tara

    I bought these because I wanted something that would block out background noise and these did the job!! These headphones are amazing, the sound is crisp and clear, all background noise is blocked because your ears are completely covered. I thought that having to be plugged in at all times would be a pain, nope didn’t bother me one bit. Great price and extremely happy with my purchase.Customer service is fantastic. I’m entirely sure how it happened but Sunday when I put them on the left earpiece kept flipping up making it difficult to wear. I reached out to their customer service and explained what happened and sent pics and a video showing what was broken. By Monday night I had received an email with an apology for what happened and a request for my address so they can send a replacement. I am blown away at how fast they took care of this!!! I am bummed I can’t wear them right now, but very pleased with their customer service at handling the problem so fast!!!

  6. Samuel McAuliff

    Overall, they seem to be very good headphones. The sound quality if very loud and clear. I have a slight hearing issue and to not have to listen to everything with the volume all the way up and still have it sound just loud enough was nice. At top volume these blasted my ear drums, as they should. I like the fact that the cord is not coiled, as the one on the MDR’s would always get kinked up, though it could be longer. They are comfortable on the headband and the ear pieces padding is more than enough. The only reason why I rated it four stars is because glasses wearers need to think twice before ordering these. They are very uncomfortable to wear if you wear glasses. They are tight against the head, normally this wouldn’t be a problem, as it’s not an excessive amount, and it helps with sound quality and noise cancellation. However, if you wear glasses, as I do, it smashes them against your head and I have yet to find a way to adjust them in such a way that I can wear both comfortably at the same time. I need quality headphones for work, so I wear them all day, and I also have to wear my glasses all day, so this is a concern for me. That said, they are an equal match to the Sony MDR’s as far as sound quality but at a much more affordable price. After my last two pair of MDR’s only lasting about a year each after general home office use I was tired of putting out that much money for quality headphones. So, as headphones, they work great so far, just may want to look elsewhere if you wear glasses.

  7. MissJoJo

    For a pair of wireless headphones under $50, I have to say, I was extremely surprised at how fantastic sounding these are. I really wasn’t expecting them to be so great.I recently misplaced my $215 Beats Studio3 wireless headphones and needed a new pair of headphones until I’m able to find my Beats, but I also didn’t want to pay Beats prices again, so I found these here on Amazon, and decided to try them out.Let me tell you, the sound quality on these suckers is fabulous! The bass can most definitely rival the bass that you would get from a pair of Beats.I also love that it comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, so I can connect to my devices that way, if I choose to.The battery/playtime on a single charge is absolutely the best of any headphones I’ve ever used. Beyond the initial charge I did when I first received these, I haven’t had to charge them yet. I purchased these on June 15, it is now June 28 (so I’ve had them almost 2 weeks), I use these headphones on an average of about 6 hours every single day, and they still have a 65% charge left on the battery from that initial charge that I did 2 weeks ago.Now, as for comfort & fit . . . they lack a bit in those areas, and is the reason why I give these 4 stars instead of 5. These headphones are a quite big and bulky. They slide off my head way too easily, if I look too far up or down. And while the ear cups are super soft, I find that they are definitely NOT thick enough, because when I wear them for more than a few hours, my ears begin getting super sore from being pressed against the speakers.I also don’t love that they aren’t noise cancelling. They do a decent job of blocking out ambient noise, but they would be so much better if they actually had the noise cancelling feature.All in all, though, these are a great pair of headphones, despite the lack of a noise cancelling feature and the comfort level/fit not being better.

  8. Brittani

    I’ve had these headphones three months now and they have definitely delivered the battery life promised with daily use. The sound quality is decent for an average user, people with high audio standards could easily find something to complain about though. Wearing them for 3+ hours the comfort is also acceptable. I won’t say they are the most comfortable, on occasion I need to shift it around a bit but it’s not often. I charge them maybe once a week and I’ve only gotten the low battery notification once this entire time I’ve owned them. Using them for discord calls with a separate microphone while I game it is perfect. I recently had tried to switch to a “quality” wireless gaming headset and while slightly lighter and better sound I still felt the desire to continue using these because for the price point. this headset just delivers exactly what I needed.

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