Jabra Elite 7 Active True Wireless— Bluetooth Sports Earbuds Shake Grip for Secure in-Ear Fit — Ultimate Workout Earbuds,

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Brand Jabra
Model Name Elite 7 Active
Color Navy
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • DESIGNED FOR A COMFORTABLE FIT — Elite 7 Active earbuds are designed to stay in place no matter how hard you work out, thanks to our unique ShakeGrip technology; IP57-rated waterproof and sweatproof durable – the perfect running earbuds for outdoors.
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING EARBUDS — Block distracting background noise with adjustable levels of Active Noise Cancellation and be aware of your surroundings by choosing from five levels of HearThrough by using the sliders in the Jabra Sound app.
  • CLEAR CALLS — When it comes to taking calls, these in-ear Bluetooth earbuds offer amazing clarity; 6 microphones, covered with SAATI Acoustex mesh for wind protection, deliver outstanding call clarity, whether you’re working out or working on a deadline.
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY — Up to 8 hours of battery and 30 hours with the case; And if you find yourself caught short, a speedy 5-minute fast charge gives you up to an hour of power; Use just one ear bud with Mono Mode.
  • POWERFUL SOUND — Balanced bass, radiating mid-ranges, nuanced treble; 6mm speakers give a rich, powerful music experience, helping you stay motivated and energized; Customize your mini wireless earbuds and their sound quality with the Jabra Sound app
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Jabra Elite 7 Active True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are designed to stay in your ears thanks to innovative Jabra ShakeGrip technology. With industry-leading personalization options via our intuitive Jabra Sound+ App, these Bluetooth wireless earphones with 6mm speakers deliver exceptional sound and rich bass. Six microphones ensure clear calls, whether you’re out running or at the gym and with HearThrough technology and adjustable Active Noise Cancellation, you can either tune out the world or become aware of your surroundings.

Apart from being Made for iPhone, these waterproof earbuds are also Android compatible. Voice Assistants featuring Alexa Built-in and Google Assistant. These ultra-compact Jabra earbuds provide excellent comfort and a secure fit, and with Mono Mode, you can now make your training even more flexible by using one noise cancelling earbud while charging the other. With up to 8 hours battery and 30 hours with the wireless charging case, you enjoy a long battery life. IP57 water-, sweat-, and dustproof and come with a 2-year warranty (registration required). 9 out of 10 users are satisfied with Jabra Elite comfort Source: Global Quantitative Research, N= 667 Jabra Elite Users, December 2022.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6.18 × 4.57 × 1.54 in
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6.18 x 4.57 x 1.54 inches

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5 ounces



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‎3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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October 3, 2021

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8 reviews for Jabra Elite 7 Active True Wireless— Bluetooth Sports Earbuds Shake Grip for Secure in-Ear Fit — Ultimate Workout Earbuds,

  1. Kyle

    First of all these come with a lot of wasted safety paperwork and NO user manual. Although they easily get paired and setup, you have to look up online what the buttons do. But they are easy to use and the in ear detection does seem to work good. Also I could not find any “care” instructions, even online. Saying they are ip57 doesn’t really say much. Should we rinse these off after using them? Or at least wipe them down.I do question the reliability. I had the Jabra evolve2 75 for work, but the retractable microphone didn’t last more than two weeks before failing. So I do question their reliability. In fact these sound BETTER for music than the elite7 which is quite a shame as those aren’t designed for music. So whjy did they tune them the way they did?At least make the EQ have more bands so we could fix the midrange issue with these earbuds. I would rather have a boomy sound and reduce their bass level, than these which you have to fix/raise the midrange via eq which is much harder.The current sound profile, makes guitars/bass sound too twangy and metallic, and drums sound way too thumpy. The sub base is pretty good though. Also the midrange in general is too low. This profile may work for Pop/Rock/Rap. But if you listen to Jazz/classical/acoustic type music, is is quite lacking.If they added documentation, these end up lasting, and they offered more sound profiles (even just from a software update). I would update to 5 stars

  2. Douglass A Halvorsen

    As an active runner who sweats a lot when running, I’ve always had issues with other brands of earbuds over the years and having them pop out during my runs. That is until now! I purchased the Jabra Elite 7 Active earbuds after searching online for sweat-resistant earbuds for runners. After wearing these earbuds for the past month-plus, I can honestly say that these earbuds more than met my expectations for staying in my ears through lots of sweat-related activities… running, yardwork and long walks in the hot sun. They’re made of a special material that kept my earbuds secure my ear canals through the most sweaty, long runs I’ve mustered the past month. With that said, they have a down side too. I was a bit disappointed with the overall sound quality. They just didn’t provide that umph, clarity and presence in both tenor and base levels like other earbud brands I’ve owned (Samsung Galaxy Pro, Sennheiser and Skullcandy). BUT… the fact that this is the first pair of buds that have YET to pop out of my ears during a sweaty run, I will gladly sacrifice a little sound quality for an awesome and secure fit.PROS:- Excellent and secure fit for active runners who sweat- Nice button depress functionality that feels solid to the touch for song skipping, volume control, calls- Awesome battery life! I did a 2.5 hour run and still had almost 70% of the battery left. They also charge fast in the battery case- Good noise cancellation- Very good EQ software to customize to your preferred audio levels- Fast and easy connectivity to cell phones and smartwatches (Android Samsung Galaxy and Garmin)CONS:- Decent but not great sound quality. Lacks clear tones and overall presenceI would give these Jabra Elite 7 Active earbuds an overall score of 8 out of 10.

  3. Tom

    Earbuds have a very secure fit, great sound quality and decent comfort.The case leaves a lot to be desired though. The magnet lock is very weak and if dropped your earbuds will go flying. In the span of a year I’ve dropped the case twice. The first sent them inside the gaps of stairs which had to be fished out. The second time they flew 10 feet into the roadway and one was run over by a bus.

  4. Running Handyman

    As a long-distance runner I listen to music and audiobooks for hours at a time. For years I’ve resisted bluetooth headphones until my most recent mobile phone upgrade finally took away my headphone plug; time to go wireless. Initially I tried using my AirPods Pro but was worried about securing them in my ears – I’d come across an AirPod lying in the road crushed and didn’t want to risk the same. I tried some add-on silicone “wings” that gave a bit more security, but they didn’t always work well and the AirPods had a tendency to revert to some sort of odd out-of-phase stereo imaging half way through a log run as the wings covered up sensors.Last month I noticed that Jabra had a “deal” on their site, offering the Elite 75t Active for $60 off. As those were a top pick by a popular web site, I thought I’d give them a try. Of course they were immediately going to be compared to my AirPods for better or worse. For security and stability while running, the 75ts were much better than the AirPods; I never felt a need to fiddle with them during a long run where the AirPods constantly needed to be re-seated. But two nagging issues kept me from keeping the 75ts. First, the sound was much “brighter” and “livelier” than the AirPods – listening to audiobooks was noticeably “crisper” and even a bit clearer, but I found them tiring after listening for over an hour. Tone can be adjusted and, if this were the only issue, I would probably have kept the 75ts. However, the other issue was that they lost connectivity too often. When I run long distances (e.g., 10-15 miles) I usually carry my mobile phone in a small fanny pack rather than on my arm. What I found with the 75t was that whenever I turned my head left to look for cross-traffic, audio would momentarily cut out; it was entirely predictable and a deal-breaker for me.On the day I set to return the Elite 75t Active earbuds to Jabra, a Prime Day sale had the newer Elite 7 Active for roughly the same discounted price so I decided to give them a try. Though some online reviews still prefer the 75t to the 7, the 7’s addressed the issues I had with the 75t and I plan to keep the Elite 7 Active. My sense of the two is that:75t have a more solid “build” feel – the Elite 7 Active case feels flimsy and the earbuds themselves feel less substantial; however, they’re also noticeably lighter than the 75t which is a good thing for my use.Elite 7 Active have more robust bluetooth; the bump to v5.2 addressed my disconnection issues.Elite 7 Active have a less “lively” sound – this is a personal taste and many may prefer the 75t’s sound, but I don’t find the Elite 7 Active sound as tiring as the 75t. The Elite 7 Active sound more akin to my AirPods, though neither of the Jabra models comes close to the ANC of the AirPods.Elite 7 Active case adds wireless charging – not a big deal to me, but nice to have. That said, the case feels flimsy and is quite slick such that I added a couple pieces of grip-tape to the sides and front to make it easier to grip and open – take note Jabra, a little texture would be a good thing.The only other thing I’d like to see in earbuds such as these is some sort of thin screen over the opening to keep ear debris out. I appreciate my AirPods’ earpieces as they’re easy to remove and clean. If I don’t remember to clean my ears before my run I risk stuffing up the Jabra earbuds with hard-to-remove gunk.

  5. JUAN

    Muy buenos para deporte
    Gran producto

  6. Kc

    Amazing for the price ($80)
    I was looking for sports earbuds and came across Jabra Elite 7 Active at great discount from Amazon US. Decided to take the plunge and the performance and quality blew me away.Audio wise, it’s great out of the box. Jabra app allows for additional customisation.Comparing to Sony wf-1000xm4, it’s much easier to get a good fit and once done, the ANC is pretty amazing. The ANC is also better than Sennheiser CX Plus.Overall a great buy, especially on sale.

  7. Iván Martinez

    Excelentes audifonos.
    La calidad del sonido es muy buena. Las batería dura muchas horas de uso activo y se cuenta con varias recargas en la caja.

  8. Tony C.

    Another good jabra product
    Good sound quality and ANC. Comfortable to wear for running.

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