Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, 40H Playtime, Hi-Res

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Brand Soundcore
Model Name Life Q20
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

  • Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
  • Hi-Res Audio: Custom oversized 40 mm dynamic drivers produce Hi-Res sound. Life Q20 active noise canceling headphones reproduce music with extended high frequencies that reach up to 40 kHz for extraordinary clarity and detail.
  • Reduce Ambient Noises By Up to 90%: Our team of engineers conducted more than 100,000 tests in real-life scenarios to fine-tune Life Q20’s 4 built-in ANC microphones and digital active noise cancellation algorithm. As a result, the hybrid active noise cancellation can detect and cancel out a wider range of low and mid-frequency noises such as cars and airplane engines.
  • 100% Stronger Bass: Our exclusive BassUp technology conducts real-time analysis of the low frequencies to instantly strengthen the bass output. Double press the play button when listening to bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop for an amplified listening experience.
  • 40-Hour Playtime*: Up to 40 hours of non-stop playtime in wireless active noise cancellation mode (at 60% volume) is extended to an enormous 60 hours in standard music mode. A single charge gives you enough juice to listen to over 600 songs or soundtrack multiple long haul flights. And when you’re in a rush, charge Life Q20 active noise canceling headphones for 5 minutes and get 4 hours of listening.
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Weight 9.3 lbs
Dimensions 7.68 × 7.09 × 3.07 in
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7.68 x 7.09 x 3.07 inches



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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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March 21, 2019

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40 Hours

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0.58 Pounds, 9.3 ounces


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10 reviews for Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, 40H Playtime, Hi-Res

  1. Carl Payne

    UPDATE: Added the 5th star. Read the review with edits at the end.Wow. I am rarely this blown away by consumer-grade peripherals, but I feel very compelled to write a glowing review of these headphones.I do a lot of audio work, and cans are ubiquitous. I have some wired Sennies that I love behind the mixer, a couple wired Audio Technicas that have stood the test of time in the broadcast studio, and a pair of nice Sony BT cans with ANC, so I will be comparing these Ankers to the Sony model WH-1000MX3.Without question, Anker has come further, faster, than a lot of peripheral manufacturers. The attention to detail in their products is exceptional, and downright attractive. The build quality is great, the packaging is great, the functionality is great, the ergonomics are great. My experience with their hubs is what leaned me toward their headphones.After a bad experience with in-ear phones on an airplane, I decided I really needed some over-the-ear headphones for flying, but I didn’t want to carry around a $300 pair of cans that I only use a couple dozen times a year. I looked on Amazon, saw the reviews, read the single-star complaints, and plunked down a whopping $60 (SIXTY BUCKS?!?! Are you kidding?) figuring they couldn’t sound that awful and would be perfect for the task.Let me assure you: these are the perfect headphones for flying.I like the idea that if they get lost or stolen, they’re easily replaceable. I love how well they fit (with a caveat, below), and they look great. MOST of all, holy cow do they sound great!Pairing the first time was a little bit of a process, but that’s to be expected the first time you play with a new toy. After that, I put on my go-to sound check song (“Sacrilege,” by Mentallo and the Fixer), cranked the volume way up, and listened.I have no idea what the THD or frequency range on these are, but I don’t think I care. The “silent note” at the 1:00 mark of that song came through so clearly, without even the slightest hiss or noise, that I was madly in love with them immediately. The dynamic range is exceptional, there was no need for me to play with the super-duper-bass-button-doodad, I just let it play.The highs are crisp without tinny tones, the lows are deep without rattling the 40mm drivers (I’d love a set like this with 50mm drivers), just a very clean, direct, simple, uncomplicated sound quality that rivals the AT 500’s I have and is absolutely on-par with the Sonys.So I tested the ANR. I turned on the A/C in my office, reset Sacrilege, and played the beginning again. The A/C, as expected, kinda dampened the experience, but not any worse than the Sonys. I reset the song again, with the A/C on, and activated ANR (it’s called ANC on the Sonys). THIS is where the two headphones differ dramatically.With Noise Cancellation on, the Ankers outperform the Sonys. Period. It’s a night and day difference, so if this is why you’re considering these headphones, waste no more time and go get yourself a pair.In terms of tonal quality, I put these at the top of the list of any wireless earphones anywhere. I mean it. They’re better than ANY earbud type I’ve listened with, they’re better than every other OTE without ANR/ANC, and they’re as good as the Sonys, but with better ANR. They’re better than any WIRED earbud, too, including the Sony IEMs I used to use back when everything had an 1/8″ jack.Sound is, as you would expect, not ‘quite’ as good as the higher-end wired ATs and Sennies. I don’t think Anker would mind me saying that, because they’re a completely different application. If you play MP3s and don’t think they sound worse than lossless files, you wouldn’t appreciate the higher-end phones, so go buy these right away. If you can’t hear compression noise in your satellite radio, then you won’t appreciate the compression of BlueTooth and you should go buy these right away.That’s quite a lot of good stuff to say about a pair of headphones that cost less than a decent dinner.There are 3 reasons for the 4 star review.1. The ear pads are uncomfortable for my ears. Not VERY uncomfortable, but enough that I have to adjust the phones several times during a 3 hour flight. It might be that they’re new and I just need to break them in. If that turns out to be true, I’ll adjust the review up a star.2. The battery life isn’t that great. To be fair, I only need about 12 hours of battery life and I’ll just recharge them. However, the advertised battery life is estimated at 40 hours with ANR and 60 hours without. My experience is that with ANR I get about 22-24 hours, and without I get about 48. Now, I have not had these very long, so I’ve only timed my first recharges, so if it turns out the battery life goes up with proper use, I’ll add the 5th star.3. They don’t fold up as small as the Sonys or even my ATs. This one alone is not worth docking a whole star, but it’s the only other complaint I have. Carry-on space is so limited, and there’s a pocket in my bag that the Sonys fit in, and these don’t (not by much though).Hope that helps you make a decision. I’m very happy with these, and I just might give them some airtime at sea level just for giggles.UPDATE January 2023: After using these headphones for a reasonable amount of time, I’m adding the 5th star. The earphone cushions did “break in,” which I’m not crazy about (if it breaks in, it will break out), but they did become more comfortable. Ordinary movement is sufficient to avoid the urge to move the head phones. On a 3 hour flight, they’re perfectly fine. When they are new, the cushions are a bit stiff and I should have realized that, because my AT’s needed their cushions replaced after umpteen years.Battery-wise, I am getting pretty close to advertised spec, but I have noticed that if you crank up the volume on your phone or player, then crank up the volume on the headphones, the battery life suffers dramatically. Play with it a bit, adjusting device volume and then headphone volume until you get good sound without noise.Finally, I’ll tell you that I like these so much that I bought a BT card for my PC. These are pretty good for videoconferences, and they’re nice to have while you run a buzzsaw or have screaming children next door and you just want to not be distracted. I’ll still prefer my Sennies for mixing, and I still prefer my AT’s for ordinary focused PC work, but these cans are exceptionally good. I cannot get over how good they are, affordable or not.Five stars. When they wear out, or break, or otherwise stop making me smile, I’ll just go buy another set.

  2. Joel

    I’ve had the Soundcore Q20 headphones for almost a month now, and I thought I’d start off my review with one simple statement: I’ve only charged these things ONCE since I’ve taken them out of the box. These headphones have absolutely phenomenal battery life. The only reason I charged them was because I wanted to test how long they would last on a full charge (within my day to day use). I received these headphones on the 1st of April. It is currently the 27th of April and the battery is still at “Medium” (there is no visual indicator, however there is a voice that tells you whether your battery is “High”, “Medium”, or “Low”).That being said, I’ll go ahead and list some Pros:- Battery Life (Seriously, I can’t stress enough how good it is)- Sound Quality- Comfort- Looks- Sturdiness/Build Quality- Noise Cancellation (there’s a caveat here, continue reading to see what I mean)BATTERY LIFE:As if I haven’t already said enough, these headphones refuse to die. I’ve used them from anywhere between an hour to 3-4 hours at a time (long gaming sessions or binging a show on my laptop or phone), and they just don’t let up. Like I mentioned in the intro, it’s been almost an entire month with these headphones and I’ve only had to charge them once. It is worth mentioning that the battery will drain much faster with noise-cancelling turned on, as it is indeed ACTIVE noise-cancelling and uses more power. I’ve got to give props to Anker for marketing these as lasting 40 hours, as this runtime is more accurate when noise-cancelling is ON. With ANC off, these can easily last 60+ hours. It’s always refreshing to see a company slightly under-sell and over-deliver.SOUND QUALITY:These things sound way better than they should at this price-point. I wouldn’t call myself an audiophile, but I do have experience with over-ear, closed-back studio headphones (I own a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50x’s), and dabble in amateur sound mixing/mastering as a guitarist. Apart from being just a bit heavier on the bass than I would like, these headphones do an excellent job at bringing out lows, mids, and highs in pretty much anything you’ll find yourself listening to. Nothing sounds drowned out or overexposed (with the exception of the bass, but there’s a valid reason for it in this case). I bought these headphones primarily for multimedia consumption (movies, video games, music, etc.). They have just the right amount of punch in the low-end to make things such as explosions or bass-heavy sound effects really shine. In this instance, the heavier low-end makes sense. Voices sound crystal clear, as the mids don’t get drowned out by the lows or highs like on some other higher-priced headphones (looking at you, Beats..). The highs are where these things truly shine, in my opinion. Lots of budget headphones tend to sound very “tinny” with harsh, sharp highs to over-compensate for the overly-saturated bass, but these do a great job at keeping both the mids and highs prominent enough (despite the thicker bass).COMFORT:I’ve owned and used plenty of both over-ear and on-ear headphones over the years, and I can’t beat around the bush here: these are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever used. I was expecting to have to “break them in”, given what some of the other reviews were saying, but the minute I put these on I was pleasantly surprised at just how soft and light these felt (without feeling cheap or flimsy). And I wear glasses!LOOKS:Not a whole lot to say about how these look. I wouldn’t say you’ll be turning heads while wearing these out and about, but for the amount of money that they cost.. I’m just saying they could’ve looked a lot worse. I’ve seen headphones three times the price that are a complete eye-sore. The Q20s are clean and minimalistic, without giving away its low price.STURDINESS/BUILD QUALITY:Although I’m not one to man-handle my devices (no matter how little they may cost), I have to say that these don’t feel the least bit flimsy. I did a mild stress-test by stretching both ear cups apart as far as I was comfortable with and was able to get about 10 inches wide. I don’t think anyone has a head that wide, but if you do, these are definitely going to fit. The build quality feels great, and I feel like these will definitely last a while (and I will be updating this review if that changes lol).NOISE CANCELLATION:These headphones do indeed have active noise cancelling, BUT.. I literally almost NEVER use it. Here’s why: they don’t need it. The headphones are built in such a way that even with the ANC off, they drown out a ton of outside noise. Unfortunately, there is a significant drop in volume when noise-cancelling is activated. The bass takes a hit as well, making it more evened out with the mids and highs (which might be a plus for some).FINAL THOUGHTS:There’s only really one “Con” that I wasn’t going to mention, and that’s the carrying bag that comes with the Q20s. There’s nothing really wrong with it, but I did just want to note that they used to come with a hard carrying case (according to some older YouTube reviews), and I’m a little salty that us newer buyers don’t get that lol. All in all, for the $60 that I paid for these headphones, I can’t think of any reason not to fully recommend them. They sound great, the battery life lasts incredibly long (almost to a suspicious degree, making you feel like today is finally the day it’ll need a charge only to be proven wrong), it’s got decent looks, solid build, and they even threw in Active Noise Cancellation for situations that call for some extra silence. If you’re in the market for some new headphones for multimedia consumption (I definitely would not use these for any professional work, as they are not made for that), and have a bit of a stiffer budget, look no further. These will do more than its price tag leads on.

  3. Jordan Pon

    Let me start off by explaining my use-case for these headphones.I was in the market looking for something to be a good accompaniment to my brand new Oculus Quest 2. I planned on sharing the play experience with some friends, so earbuds were out of the question for sanitary reasons. I wasn’t looking for stupidly-expensive headphones to have to play some VR games, but wanted something decent so Beat Saber would sound better haha. Previously, I had bought these $15 Panasonic headphones that had banger reviews, but once they arrived, I put them on, turned on some music, and instantly boxed it back up. Trash. So back to Amazon I went to look for something that’s more bang-for-your-buck. I stumbled upon a bunch of non-mainstream headphones and then eventually to these. I have some Anker chargers and stuff but I never knew Anker made audio hardware, so I thought I’d read some reviews and try them out since they were on sale for $45 vs. their $60 MSRP. I knew now that if I wanted even the slightest decency in quality, I’d have to spend more than $15 haha.Next, let me explain my experience in audio hardware.I wouldn’t consider myself a professional audiophile, but I know good sound when I hear it. My most expensive pair of headphones are my Sennheiser HD 650 for when I dabble in music production or want listen to music at the highest quality pair with my FiiO portable amp interface, my pair of Sony MDR-V6 (my favorite pair of headphones/ studio monitors and ol’ faithful), Sennheiser CX 5.00i (hands-down best-sounding and most-balanced earbuds), 2 pairs of Sennheiser CX 300 (best-sounding alternative to the 5.00i), Beats Studio (trash), Beats Solo HD (even more trash), airpods 1st gen, and various pairs of earpods lying around. Hopefully that gives you a small glimpse of how much high-quality audio means to me…or how stupid I am for owning a couple pairs of Beats…NOW FOR THE BREAKDOWN ——Sound Quality —- 8/10These are actually quite above decent! The price is just a bonus. I’d say the quality as normal headphones for listening to music and gaming, they’re perfect. Crisp highs and good lows (with a bit of a default bass-enhancement). The mids could use a bit of work but to be honest, for $45 this is prob some of the best sound you can get at this price-point. Pretty much what a lot of these reviews say. Heck, these may be better than/ as good as most name-brand $100-200. I’ve used various Bose Quiet Comfort series headphones ($300+) and haven’t been impressed with their sound quality. I would say these sound just as good, if not better, than Bose QC headphones, as controversial as that may be to say haha. Another comparison is against my airpods, which I consider pretty good-sounding. I would say these are about the same as airpods, but with added bass and optional added bass on top of that. Beats muddle everything else with their added bass, while these don’t IMO. Overall, sound quality on these is solid and for under $60, I would say is a steal.DO NOT USE FOR MUSIC PRODUCTION OR AS STUDIO MONITORSI only say this because there are reasons that these are just meant for listening. There are drivers in these that may not sit well with production hardware, such as an amplified audio interface, preamps, or other equipment. When I plugged this into my FiiO via the provided aux cable, the sound became unbalanced. It’s probably because it wasn’t meant to take in more power than it was built with, so better to leave these headphones vanilla than add anything else to them. Use them for listening or gaming and you should experience optimal sound quality. Oh and also, DON’T EVER BUY BEATS. These headphones sound eons better than any of the Beats products that I’ve owned/ tried, including the discontinued $400 Beats Pro.Comfort —- 10/10These are also quite comfortable. I’ve worn it as long as 3-hour time period so far and the sides of my head/ ears weren’t sore like after long wears of my Sennheiser HD 650s. Just like my Sony MDR-V6s they are foldable, so that may have something to do with the flexibility of its entirety. My Sennheiser HD 650s are non-foldable, and that’s a big drawback for those :'(. The memory foam pads covered with faux leather allows the headphones to comfortably conform to your head shape. The only thing I can really compare the comfort to is the Beats Studio, which surprisingly, despite their build quality, are pretty comfortable. Overall, I feel like these would fit most heads and provide almost universal comfort.Features —- meh, not much to talk aboutReally the only added features are the optional bass-boost and active noise canceling (ANC). The optional bass-boost isn’t bad, it just doesn’t do much for me because bass is already enhanced right outta the box. So if you’re into bass-boosted and bass-heavy music, these will be quite pleasant for sure! The ANC also doesn’t really do much for me since I listen to my music loud enough to drown out pretty much everything anyway. But, when I turn it on without music playing, it does do something. It’s not quite as effective as the Bose QC headphones, but I think it works pretty well in most loud situations. I just haven’t used it on a plane yet haha. The volume control buttons have an annoying beep every time you press + or – , but whatever. This actually sucks- you can’t use the headphones while they’re charging, even wired. Ridiculous, I know. But hey, can’t have everything, right? Big oof on Anker’s end on that.Aesthetics —- 6/10Not gonna lie, these are pretty generic looking headphones. They don’t have some revolutionary design to it, but they look like your average good-looking generic headphones. They aren’t flashy like Beats or Airpods (or probably the upcoming Airpods Studio) but they don’t look bad at all. They’re just…normal. But, I did only get the black pair, so maybe the gray one looks better in different settings. Don’t let this be a deal-breaker, though.Connectivity —- 6/10Wired, these things are perfect. The provided cable could be longer, but that’s nothing against the headphones themselves. Just buy an extender or a longer cable online for like $10 or less. THE ONLY REASON I’M KNOCKING OFF A STAR is because of what a lot of people are complaining about: the choppiness and clicking of the Bluetooth connectivity. Every now and then the headphones will click or have that split-second static noise while I’m listening via bluetooth. It’s not often, but happens enough to dock a start off. Now, I could just return these and try to get another pair, but I’m too lazy and don’t really care too much about the clipping every now and then, so that’s on me. But, it’s a problem a lot of other reviewers are complaining about so it’s a legitimate issue. The range is fine so far. I’ve been able to walk 30 ft. away without any clipping issues. I’ve also used these for video calls and they work just fine with no clipping.Conclusion —- Overall grade: 9/10You may or may not find headphones this great-sounding at this price-point or even a step up in price-point, but then again I haven’t tried every single pair of headphones on the market. But I can say with confidence that these stack up pretty well against my studio headphones that I own and I would recommend these to anyone looking for decent-sounding headphones, because with these, you’ll get way more than what you’re looking for. These will definitely be a pleasure to play VR games with and even moreso just listening to music while at home or traveling!Now if you’re looking for decent earbuds, I recommend the Sennheiser CX 5.00i! (If you haven’t noticed, i’m definitely biased towards Sennheiser, but they’re industry-standard and the have the best sounding audio products I’ve ever experience, hands-down)

  4. J

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)I recently got my hands on the Soundcore Anker Q20 headphones, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed! As an avid music lover and someone who values comfortable wear for extended periods, these headphones have exceeded my expectations in every way.Sound Quality: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)The Q20 headphones deliver an exceptional audio experience. The bass is deep and punchy, while the mids and highs are clear and well-defined. Whether I’m listening to my favorite rock tracks, soothing jazz tunes, or immersive movie soundtracks, the sound quality remains consistently impressive across different genres. The noise-canceling feature works like a charm, immersing me in my own world of sound without any disruptions from the outside environment.Comfort: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)One of the standout features of the Q20 headphones is their comfort. The memory foam ear cushions are incredibly plush and mold to the shape of my ears, providing a snug fit that blocks out external noise passively. The adjustable headband ensures a secure fit without causing discomfort, even during extended listening sessions. I can wear these headphones for hours without any sign of fatigue or discomfort.Battery Life: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)Anker is known for its impressive battery technology, and the Q20 headphones live up to that reputation. I’ve used these headphones for days without needing to recharge them. The advertised battery life is accurate, and the quick charging feature is a lifesaver for those moments when I forget to charge them overnight.Build Quality: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)While the Q20 headphones are undeniably well-built, I would have liked to see a slightly sturdier construction. That being said, the headphones have held up well during my usage, and the foldable design makes them easy to carry around in the included travel pouch.Connectivity and Controls: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)Pairing the Q20 headphones with my devices was a breeze, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The on-ear controls are intuitive and responsive, allowing me to adjust volume, switch tracks, and even take calls without reaching for my device. The built-in microphone offers clear call quality, which is a definite plus for someone who takes a lot of calls on the go.Conclusion:In conclusion, the Soundcore Anker Q20 headphones are an outstanding choice for audiophiles and casual listeners alike. The combination of exceptional sound quality, remarkable comfort, long battery life, and convenient features make these headphones a must-have in the audio accessory lineup. Whether you’re on a long flight, working in a noisy environment, or simply enjoying your favorite tunes at home, the Q20 headphones deliver an immersive and delightful listening experience that’s hard to match. Anker has truly outdone themselves with this remarkable product!

  5. Daniel Rockey

    This is a review comparing these headphones to the Bose Quietcomfort 35 II, and the Sony WH-1000XM4.Now I know what your thinking – how could you ever compare a cheapo $50 pair of headphones to the $300+ big boys in the noise cancelling world like Bose and Sony? Well these headphones are wireless, bluetooth, active noise cancelling, and promote themselves as comfortable with balanced sound, so in my book all three of these headphones are in the same league.The criteria is simple – I don’t use lab equipment to measure, I’m not concerned about exact numbers, and I don’t like falling for overblown hype or marketing nonsense. I use my own experience and non-technical knowledge to decide what I like best.The Soundcore Headphones:These headphones are comfortable. Maybe it’s because of the ‘cheaper’ materials, or they are just genuinely made with comfort more in mind, but I can wear these all day with little discomfort. I wear glasses so a little annoyance is unavoidable, but these do a bang up job of not squishing my head, while still making a good seal around my ears to keep sound quality and noise cancelling from bleeding out. I have heard some having issues with durability, but my bose quietcomfort headphones wore out and cracked over time too. Replacements are plentiful and cheap, so it’s a non issue for me.Comparability and Software:These are what headphones are meant to be. Simple buttons, simple pairing, no proprietary software that I have to download, no nonsense. Just pair and play. They also have a wired mode if I’m editing video or need them to not have any delay. Bluetooth will always have a bit of a delay, but it’s nothing deal breaking, a few milliseconds at most. They do not have multidevice pairing, or absolutely massive bluetooth range (it still works perfectly for me going around my whole house no problem), and there is no EQ balancing, other than the Bass Boost.Overall SoundI’m not a pro audio engineer or audiophile. If it sounds good, it’s good to me. I like these headphones in normal mode just fine. While the overall sound stage is fairly tight, and it can sometimes feel cramped with complex or intricate songs, I don’t feel overwhelmed in any one way or another. The negative I have here is with their ‘bass boost’s mode. It’s fair to say it does boost the bass, at the cost of literally everything else. It almost makes it sound like every other frequency is underwater when it’s turned on. I keep it off 100% of the time – it’s bad.Noise Cancelling:Here is the meat and potatoes of the review. I bought these for noise cancelling and noise cancelling alone. I was surprised – they are pretty good. My air conditioner dissolves away. Car noises and wind fade to imperceptible levels, and airplane sounds go completely away. The area it falls short in is human speech. I can still hear people without much difference. Not a killer for me, but slightly lacking in that regard. They also do not give me the headache compression feeling that some other noise cancelling can give me.Comparisons:Comfort – These surprisingly win. The Bose Quietcomforts are very close, but the headpeice is slightly tighter, leading to overall head pressure discomfort over time. The Sonys are even worse, with their high weight and size they can feel heavy over time, and make my ears warm after about 1 hour.Compatibility and Software – These are also the winners! Sony and Bose just cannot help themselves when it comes to collecting data and making their customers sign up for BS accounts. I’m not a super privacy nerd either, but when I have to take a photo of my ears (looking at you Sony!) Just to listen to music, I draw the line. The Quietcomforts are better, but the Bose app is just another step in between me and my music. Bose at least keeps the physical buttons, which I enjoy because touch controls are still a bit picky in 2020. Sony knows this well, as I fumbled and accidentally turned off my music or changed the volume or song accidentally about a dozen times on their headphones. Physical buttons are arguably uglier, but I value practicality over style in this regard. The Sonys also have multidevice pairing, and their bluetooth range is just stupid far, but I don’t usually run a whole football field away from my phone at a time.Overall Sound – Sony comes first, followed by Bose, and then the Soundcores. The Sony headphones are very crisp, with a wide sense of space. I genuinely couldnt stop myself from smiling when I first put them on. They induce a sense of awe, and I loved their sound immensely. The Bose was slightly worse, and only a touch better than the Soundcores. Bose has cleaner bass, and a better sense of staging, especially with singing and high hat sounds. If I were to number them by sound the Sonys get a 96, the Bose a 85, and the Soundcores a 82.Noise Cancelling – Sony once again wins, but this time the Bose and Soundcores are tied. I genuinely could not tell the difference between the Bose and Soundcores when my eyes were closed as far as noise cancelling was concered. The Sonys I could though. They do a significant better job with human voices, especially crowds like in restaurants or outside. They are still audible, but pass the point where I cannot understand what people are saying – the Bose and Soundcores fail this test.The Overall:Comparing these headphones is an excercise in diminishing returns. For $50 the Soundcores cover about 90% of what the $300 Bose Quietcomforts offer, and about 85% of what the $350 Sony WH-1000XM4 offer. To me, that remaining 10% and 15% does not justify the additional $250 and $300 price tag. Now maybe you’re the kind of person who absolutely has to have the best noise cancelling, or can’t live without the absolute cream of the crop perfect soundscape – and in those instances the features may justify the cost. But chances are if you’re debating on these headphones you are just the average Joe consumer like me, in which case these headphones will cover everything you need without bogging you down in unnecessary features or quality thay will go unnoticed in 99% of the population. I genuinely like these headphones, and will continue to lovingly give them daily abuse until they fail me. After all, I could buy and break FIVE of these before I reached the price of one pair of Sonys.TL:DR Give them a chance, you’ll more than likely find their value apparent.

  6. Wendell Powell

    First off, this is not a comparison between the Anker Soundcore Q20s and any product from Bose or Sony.. That is an unfair comparison as they are not even in the same ball park.. I know that most people want to get an understanding of how comparable they are to those but if you aren’t willing to spend the money on those, you aren’t going to get near what they offer..That being said, for this price range these are the best hands down.. One hit KO.. I’ll list all the features separately so they are easy to find and read about.Active Noise Cancellation:Let me get some things out of the way, I work at a gas plant in a landfill as IT and Data Reporting.. My job is noisy sometimes.. I hear a constant hum from the motors in the plant right outside my door all day long.. I also travel a lot from the various plants we run.. While ANC is on these headphones won’t block out immediate talking next to me or sudden loud noises, but they do block out the noise from the plant.. That is without the music.. I do need to point out that the talking is trying to talk over motors so it’s louder than your average office space. When the music is on and running, it adds a whole separate layer to the cancellation as I can no longer hear anything else..Sound:I don’t typically have music up loud, most I’ve turned them up to is 50% because I’ve been rough on my ear drums since I was a kid playing drums at a young age.. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been more prone to try and protect my ears.. That being said, the sound quality is very nice with or without ANC engaged.. I find it’s way more enjoyable with ANC on due to everything else being tuned out.. Some headphones will warp the sound when ANC is turned on, these do not.. The sound is as impressive with the feature on as it is off.. This is incredible.. I listen to a range of music from Rap and Hip-Hop to Metal and Hard Rock and they all sound clear and precise in these headphones..They do have a bass-up feature that increases the bass a little more.. This works well without muddying the sound quality too much.. I imagine if you increase the volume too much it might diminish but from my listening around the 50% max it’s been outstanding.. Bass gains can be a real hit and miss for me as some lose sound quality.. With these that’s not the case..Quality:The headphones feel amazing.. They have a nice weight to them (which is not for everyone). I personally like a little weight to my equipment.. It is sturdy and feels solid.. I was afraid of it feeling a little too plastic like but they really don’t.. Now they aren’t as nice as your $200-$300 headphone, but again, their price range they are amazing quality.. The ear cups are very comfortable and soft memory foam.. I was actually surprised that my ears don’t get as hot as normal.. They will overtime due to the design.. It’s impossible to get around since it traps heat, but these seem like they don’t get as warm as fast.. Also the ear cups feel amazing.. I’ve literally worn them all day yesterday and felt no ear fatigue or strain.. This is a solid!Functionality:A feature that isn’t talked about a lot with these is the awesome ability to connect to not just one but two devices simultaneously.. Now a note on that: You cannot listen to two devices at the same time.. What is going on is I’m able to connect to my computer and listen to music on it while being connect to my phone at the same time.. When someone calls me and I answer, it swaps input to my iPhone and stops playing the music in my ears.. Once the call is finished, it swaps back to my computer and I resume listening.. This is an amazing feature that I use daily!Battery:The battery is very nice.. When I received my unit the first thing I did was pair it to my devices (of course) and started checking it out.. I received them with 60% battery.. I used them the rest of that day at work for a couple of hours.. then when I left, used them a little more at the house and watched half of a movie on them before going to bed.. They were still at 60%.. The box says that they last 40 hours and that is accurate.. If you don’t use the Bass-Up technology you can squeeze even more.. and to not use the ANC it goes up higher.. 40 hours for battery life though is incredible for this price range.. I cannot complain!Packaging:The packaging was very nice and well put together.. It came with a charge cable and 3.5mm aux cable (which is great for my Nintendo Switch when I fly).. While I would have loved to seen a USB-C type adapter (as would many others) that is still an expensive change to make and would probably bump the price up out of the $60 range.. I understand from a manufacturing point the reasoning to possibly go with a micro-USB.. It would be nice for C, but it is what it is.. That doesn’t change how well this thing is made and works.. The only gripe I have and it’s a minor thing is the case they come with.. Well, you can’t call it a case cause it’s just a bag.. Now, it’s a very nice bag, but I throws these buys in a backpack with a laptop and iPad and Switch (in a hardcase) and so a bag doesn’t really protect your headphones.. Luckily I had a nice hard case from a cheap pair of headphone I received a few years ago (the case was the nicest part) and they fit perfectly.. So if you don’t have one buy a hard case for them..Overall:Overall, for the price these are the best hands down.. You really cannot beat their ANC and sound quality for this price.. I will definitely buy these again and probably buy my wife some so she’ll stop stealing mine.. If it was out of 10, I’d give this product a 9/10 simply due to no hard shell case..

  7. EMTPJ

    So I needed to order 5 noise concealing headphones for the family for an international flight. Didn’t want to bring my good ones, so we bought these for everyone.The sound isn’t as good as the $150 Anker ones, nor is it as good as anything in the $150+ range. Even Anker’s app doesn’t support these, so they don’t have a lot of features. No equalizer, etc.But they do a great job at canceling out the ambient noise, and the sound of an airplane at causing speed for countless hours. Noise canceling was way better than anticipated.Sound. Ok, so the sound isn’t going to recreate a live concert in your assigned seat. Nor will it replace your home theater, or your “good” pair of over the eat headphones. But for traveling, and knowing that should something happen to them, you can’t beat them. Would happily buy 5 more of them if I had to.Learned that if you press and release the play button once, you can turn on a bass boost. It works well to give some more body to your music. However, on active noise canceling, the bass boost sounded muddy to me.

  8. Blakeley

    I’ve had these over a year now. Within a few months they started crackling or making sort of a whomping noise when I turn them on sometimes. I believe it’s something to do with the noise canceling function, I haven’t noticed it when I just use the headphones as headphones but I don’t do that often. Usually it goes away if I turn them off and on. That part is a major detractor to me especially when I turn to them for relief from chaotic noise. If I could afford a better pair I would opt for that. That being said, I get a lot of use out of these, they’re still truckin and they’re otherwise very effective. It’s possible to have a conversation with the noise canceling function on, more so than with in-ear protection. But they aren’t very stable on my head so I can’t like bend over and move around a whole lot, but I have a smaller head. I wish they adjusted smaller or had slightly more tension. I want to say I wouldn’t get them again because of the issues I have with them but the reality is they do the job and are on the high end of my budget. They’ve lasted over a year and Im not rough with them but I’m also not precious with them, have slept in them, traveled with them, etc and if they keep functioning for a good while longer I will probably not be too sad about replacing them with the same thing eventually.

  9. The Phoenix

    I purchased them in Oct of 2021 and at that time they were listed for $49.99. I usually always purchased extremely cheap, low budget headphones due to my tight income so these were just slightly higher priced than what I would normally get. Compared to many other noise cancelling headphones, they are still definitely on the lower end of the spectrum price wise but that does not mean they should be underestimated!The sound quality is very clear and has pretty good bass with the option to even boost the bass a bit. (I’m not comparing them to my previous cheap headphones because I know most things are much better than those were; I have borrowed my friends’ nicer headphones so I have somewhat an idea of good sound quality.)The Noise Cancelling was extremely helpful for airplanes and I’ve brought them with me on three or four 8+ hour trips at this point. It’s not anything amazing and you can still sort of hear muffled voices if people are talking right next to you but it gets the general job done and that’s all I wanted.I used them almost every single day for two years (sometimes over 7+ hours at a time) and they were very comfortable on my ears. The headband part has only a little cushioning which does result it in causing some discomfort after many hours of use but that’s understandable….Now the unfortunate part which is why I can’t rate them 5 stars…even considered 3 stars but I liked them so much. There seems to be a weak point to the design and this is where the lower price shows. Around a little over a year of owning them, one side broke right above where the earmuff part twists. (Pics attached.) Just last week (June 30th, 2023, just under two years of owning), the other side broke at the exact same spot.I didn’t want to remove the tape to show, but I’ll try to explain as best I can: Basically the piece that is attached to the muff part, is held to the main headband with a tiny metal bar running through both parts. The issue is this bar is very thin and instead of having it go through the headphone piece fully, it just sits in two holes on either side. This bar broke or wiggled free from the shallow holes and caused the ear part to turn too far and easily break through the thin plastic of the headband when I went to put them on. They do need the ability to twist because that’s how they sit so comfortable and form to the shape of your head. But they don’t seem strong enough to last more than a couple years. The audio and everything still functions perfectly and the tape is holding for now but it’s only a matter of time before the break again to where I can fix it.Now I’m faced with the decision of if I want to repurchase them at $10 more than they were last time I bought them or if I want to try to find something more sturdy at a similar cost to the original $50. (Might not seem like much money but my budget has always been tight and is even more so these days.)I did briefly get the MOVSSOU E7 as they are around $45 but the sound quality was so horrible and comparing the two made me return them the day I got them. I think I’m going to think about it and wait until this pair fully gives out.

  10. Fellow Internet User

    I’ve used these headphones for over 4 months, and they work extremely well. The sound quality is excellent and there is an option for the bass to be increased. I couldn’t notice much of a difference, but the function certainly exists if you want to turn it on. These wireless headphones have a good battery life, and I can use them for around 4-5 days (obviously not all 24 hours) without having to plug them in. When charging, they reach full battery in about 1 hour. I’m able to connect them via Bluetooth to my Dell Laptop, iPhone 14, and Nintendo Switch and have had no trouble connecting them, as they show up as Soundcore Life Q20 on the Bluetooth menu. These headphones also fit very comfortably on my ears, and I’ve never had any discomfort even after long periods of wearing them.The central part of why I bought this pair was for the noise canceling, which works phenomenally. Even without turning on noise canceling and just having the powered-down headphones around my ears, I can notice a significant reduction in sound around me. With noise canceling on, I’m barely able to hear anything. As a live example, there is someone mowing their lawn outside my house currently and I have my window open. I’m putting the powered-down headphones on, and I can still hear the muffled sound of it running. I turned them on and I can no longer hear the lawnmower at all. And this is all coming from someone with exceptional hearing. When using noise canceling while someone else is speaking in the room with me, I can still hear that they’re talking due to the certain frequency at which people speak, but if I have some mild music going at a medium volume, I’m unable to hear them whatsoever.The attached picture with the items that are given to you (from left to right) shows a drawstring bag that fits the headphones if you fold them up, the charging cable (the smaller end fits into the headphones and the other end is a USB plug that can fit into your computer or a USB adapter for charging), the actual headphones, and an AUX plug so you can use your headphones in a plugged mode when they aren’t charged (you are unable to use noise canceling during this mode). The package also comes with a small instruction booklet that I found very helpful, as it shows what the different buttons do and how to charge the headphones.I’ve only run into two issues regarding these headphones1. When listening to audio on my laptop, if I open up Discord, the audio becomes distorted for 5 seconds before returning to normal. A very minor issue.2. When using them on my Nintendo Switch, occasionally, a faint clicking noise starts to play into them. This is easily fixed by turning off the headphones and turning them back on again. It can be a bit annoying, but it doesn’t happen very often.These minor complaints certainly don’t bring down any points from this 5-star review.I highly recommend these Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones and I wish I bought them sooner myself.

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