TJZXGUI 32 Pack Bulk Earbuds Headphones ,Wholesale Wired Earphones Disposable Ear Buds for School Classroom Students (Multi

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Model Name 751007978440-1
Color multi color
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • Package Include 32 Pack In-Ear Earphones,no built-in mic
  • Factory Wholesale In-Ear ear buds bulk 8 Colors:black,white,pink,blue,green,yellow,red,orange(mixed color)
  • Bulk Headphones perfect for families,kids, birthday parties, Schools, Libraries, Museums,gym and other Promotion
  • Earbuds Bulk cord is 36 inches or 1 meter in length, soft silicone
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help with your order,we will get back to you within 24hours
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Weight 9.6 lbs
Dimensions 6.89 × 5.28 × 1.69 in
Package Dimensions

6.89 x 5.28 x 1.69 inches

Item Weight

9.6 ounces



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Date First Available

May 16, 2023

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8 reviews for TJZXGUI 32 Pack Bulk Earbuds Headphones ,Wholesale Wired Earphones Disposable Ear Buds for School Classroom Students (Multi

  1. Lendyman

    These ear buds are cheap. With a short, very thin 3 foot cord, really cheap construction and pretty terrible sound quality, they’re not going to be a great option for listening to music on. But as an 8 pack of really cheap earbuds, what they would excel at is being cheap disposable earbuds for a school setting.Sound quality is pretty bad. Don’t believe the other reviewers when they say it’s pretty good. Yeah. No. They sound tinny and have no bass whatsoever. They sound terrible with music. Yet they are more than adequate for spoken word stuff.These are cheap and sold in a multipack for a reason. At less than a dollar a pair, I’m not going to care as much when my son chews through one of the cords again. if you’re a parent who’s tired of spending money on kids who don’t take care of their belongings and seem to think that their parents will just go and buy them another 30 dollar pair of headphones for school, this is a great option. Cheap and easy to replace.

  2. Lucky Shopper 86

    I have 13 nieces and nephews from 2 siblings. Kids come through my house a lot and I’ve been asked several times if I have headphones they can use. There’s no way I’m handing those savages my AirPods. These are a nice, affordable option. They remind me of airplane earbuds. My toddler got ahold of a pair and bit through the wire in one go. (To be fair though, the little bugger almost took one of my finger off multiple times.) as others have mentioned, the wires are thin but they get the job done and the sound isn’t bad. Again, great for kids. For the price, I have no complaints. I wasn’t expecting hi-fi sound and a product built to last. These would be perfect for a classroom or a large family. The colors will help reduce confusion and fighting over who they belong to.

  3. Darkfright

    Recently, I received th letter from my sons school stating all of the school supplies that needed to be brought in for this upcoming school year. Now that all students, including elementary kids, spend half the days on chrome books and tablets. There’s a huge need for earbuds. The school list said that each student needed to bring six pairs of earbuds in with the rest of their school supplies.At first, I gasped! Six pairs of headphones, but then I came across this amazing deal. I will say that these headphones are colorful and seem to be decent quality, but you’re not gonna win any awards for sound and I’m sure the durability is not what you’d find in a high-end set of earbuds with dual drivers.Overall, this was a great find, and we get many pairs of headphones in different colors for a great price. I’m glad I was able to find these.

  4. Adam Cahill

    know someone that loses or breaks earbuds? man have i got a deal for you 🙂 this is a good price for several headphones.

  5. Bounce

    BOTTOM LINE:1. I recommend this pack of earbud headphones.2. The current price of ~$10 is very reasonable.LIKES:- Sound is surprisingly good for these cheap headphones.- Colors are fun.- Lack of an angle allows me to hear my environment just a bit while wearing these.- 8-pack! Who cares when a pair of these breaks. Not me! I’ll just grab another pair.DISLIKES:- Very thin wires and very cheaply made. These will not last long, but that’s why I have an 8-pack!THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW:These are not high quality headphones. These are very cheaply made. Ironically enough, they sound pretty good, plus since they don’t seal in the ear completely, they allow me to hear my environment more than a so called high-quality pair. Turns out this is exactly what I need. I plug these into my Roku remote so the sound doesn’t disturb my daughter, causing chaos. And, because I can hear the environment around me somewhat, I can keep not only an eye on, but an ear out for the happenings. Now I get to enjoy entertainment, and my daughter gets to enjoy the peaceful stillness she needs. Plus, I can remain fully alert to ensure she doesn’t get into trouble. Granted, my use case is somewhat unique, but I couldn’t ask for a better product for my needs.UPDATES:None at this time. I will update this review with any changes or important additions should any arise.

  6. Misty

    These earbuds are good for the price. The wires feel cheap, but the sound quality is decent. There is some noise cancelling, though not to the level of a better quality pair. If someone is talking to you, you can still hear them. There is a mixture of colors, which is nice. The upside to getting a pack of eight, if something happens to one pair, you can toss it and grab another pair. I don’t mind having to do that. Just keep in mind that you’re getting eight pairs for an inexpensive price, and you won’t be disappointed, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  7. Amanda Thomas

    Im not sure why I got all these ear buds but I only needed one pair for my daughters school.Tested and they are not the greatest sound quality. The colors are cool for kids.I would recommend if you need to go and throw who cares what happens to them type stuff.

  8. Sara M.

    These are decent ear buds, and are comfortable in your ear. But the cords rip easily. A couple of them have been broken already because they got caught on something and the wire ripped in two. These definitely have a disposable type feel to them. But, if you have kids who constantly lose things, like me, and you don’t want to invest a lot of money in earbuds, these might be perfect for you.

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