AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO Over-Ear, Semi-Open, Professional Studio Headphones

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Brand AKG
Model Name Pro Audio
Color Gold
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • Professional studio headphones
  • Semi-open
  • 3 m replaceable cable
  • Audio Interface type: Stereo plug – 3.5mm (1/8-inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapter
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Product Description

AKG K240 Studio Headphones feature a classic design that has become a standard in monitoring. This newer, lower impedance, 55-ohm version provides remarkably higher volume level when used with portable studios, keyboards, drum machines and other project studio gear. It’s a professional level of performance for the home studio. Features include an integrated semi-open air design with a highly accurate dynamic transducer for naturally open sound quality, and circumaural (around-the-ear) pads for hours of wearing comfort. Frequency range: 15 Hz to 25,000 Hz. Stereo (1/8-inch minijack and 1/4-inch) connections. AKG K240 Studio Features: Low, 55 Ohm impedance, plug-in cable, Self-adjusting headband for optimum fit, Single cable for ease of use, Semi-open, circumaural design. AKG’S MOST POPULAR PROFESSIONAL HEADPHONE. A classic design which has become a standard in monitoring. Now with Varimotion XXL capsule for studio sound at home and for portable use. The ‘integrated semi-open air’ design incorporates a highly accurate dynamic transducer, and an acoustically tuned venting structure behind the element produces a naturally open sound quality. The circumaural (around-the-ear) pads are designed for hours of wearing comfort, while the steel-cable, self-adjusting headband construction and single-sided professional quality audio interconnect ensure extended reliability in demanding professional studio applications. Proven, popular, excellent – New, improved and even better. Made in China. The item includes the OFC screw type cable.

From the Manufacturer

The AKG K 240 Studio is an update of the “classic” AKG K 240 Monitor. The new K 240 Studio delivers even wider dynamic range and higher sensitivity than its well-known and widely-used predecessor. The secret to the semi-open K 240 Studio’s sound quality is the new XXL transducers in acoustically tuned vented enclosures with circumaural (around the ear) pads. The circumaural pads envelope your ears nicely and reward you with smooth, solid bass and well-balanced, articulate mids and highs.

Founded in Vienna, Austria in 1947, AKG has built a legendary reputation in the professional audio industry for products that perform flawlessly. The reputation of AKG and its celebrated quality are built on more than 55 years of experience, incredible design, meticulous craftsmanship and a clear understanding of what truly sounds right. AKG introduced the K 140 in 1974 and the K 240 Monitor in 1975, which became the most widely used headphones in recording studios and broadcast facilities worldwide. Generations of musicians and audio engineers use these AKG products to create great mixes, hit songs and albums cherished by millions around the world. The new AKG Professional Studio headphones carry on the tradition of these audio tools and are a sound investment that will pay handsome returns with years of flawless sonic performance for professional recording engineers and demanding users of high quality home or portable audio equipment.

Delivers solid bass and well-balanced mids and highs

XXL Transducers with Varimotion Diaphragm

The new XXL transducers use AKG’s patented Varimotion diaphragm to ensure extremely accurate response at any listening level. This technology creates a diaphragm that is thinner, more elastic toward the outside edges for more powerful bass response and thicker, less resonant in the center for pure, accurate mids and clear, detailed highs. The large size of the transducers makes the overall sound more life-like and three-dimensional to capture the emotional and sonic content of your soundtracks.

Gimbal-Type Suspension

To ensure your listening comfort, AKG Professional Studio headphones utilize a self-adjusting headband with a flexible steel structure to deliver optimum fit for your headphones without any fiddling. The structure is flexible, yet strong enough to allow bending for single ear use and is durable enough to withstand rough handling. A gimbal-type suspension ensures the earcups of all AKG Professional Studio models will conform to the shape and size of your ears without pressing on them for hours of fatigue-free, comfortable listening.

Wear Them As You Like

Rugged construction, a non-twisting headband, and powerful sound allow you to use your headphones on a single ear only or wear them in any other way you may prefer. AKG Professional Studio headphones are ideal for DJ and live sound use because they are durable enough to withstand the roughest kind of handling during transport or on stage.

Detachable Cable with Mini XLR Connector

The new AKG Professional Studio headphones utilize a detachable input cable for easy replacement if ever necessary. The cable and headphones use mini XLR connectors for perfect contact and secure mechanical connection. The cable is made of 99.99% oxygen-free copper and has gold plated plugs on both ends including the screw-on 1/8″ to 1/4″ stereo jack adapter for maximum signal transfer.

Perfect for Portable Audio

You need good quality audio for all your listening–including computer, minidisc, portable CD or DAT player–as well as in the studio. Owing to their high sensitivity and wide dynamic range, the AKG Professional Series headphones are efficient enough to be used with these lower level output sources and still deliver the high definition sound you need when working in the studio or on stage. The excellent workmanship AKG headphones are known for and high quality components ensure loss-free transmission and reproduction of high-resolution signals from all types of digital audio sources.

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Additional information

Weight 1.23 lbs


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Date First Available

October 2, 2001

Color Name


Connector Type

3.5mm Jack

Material Type

Stainless Steel



Hardware Platform


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200 Milliwatts

Item Weight

1.2 Pounds, 1.23 pounds


1.0 Count

Number Of Items


Cable Length

9.8 Feet



8 reviews for AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO Over-Ear, Semi-Open, Professional Studio Headphones

  1. Richy Gee

    Do not get these to listen to music, podcasts, watch movies, tv shows, audio books, or any kind of audio entertainment. And especially don’t get this for porn! I’ll explain why further down. This device is for professionals only. If you’re not mastering or producing audio projects from music to podcasts etc, then you have no business here.Put it this way. I have the AKG N60, which is way more expensive than the AKG K240s. I use the AKG N60 to listen to music, because music sounds way better on the AKG N60 than the AKG K240. When I make beats beats, I use the AKG K240. Because the sounds are more clear. It is easier to know how to pan and how to EQ sounds and their frequencies using the AKG K240 than on the N60. The N60 is meant for entertainment and chill. The AKG K240s is meant for work. Plain and simple. So if you’re looking for entertainment headphones use the money you were going to use for this and buy headphones made for entertainment. If you’re a producer, and you’re here to WORK with professional studio/monitor headphones under $100 or under $80, this is for you. If you’ve made the mistake to get these for entertainment purposes, you will be disappointed and find the audio quality to be cheap. And that’s your fault for not listening to the pros or doing your research. So if you’re here for entertainment no need to read further, move on with your life and find something else. If you’re here to WORK, please read on.Now that we have that out of the way and the civilians are gone, let’s get to WORK. If you want great fantastic studio/monitor headphones that gives you musical orgasmic experiences, you want something that costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars. But if you want to get the job done and are under a strict budget, you’re going to fall in love with these guys. Especially if you buy fluffier ear pad replacements like I did. Its so fluffy! And made the sound a bit more roomier, but also less punchy, and less pronounced, because the little speakers are further away from your ear. But somehow it makes the sounds clearer if you will, I’m guessing because its roomier with fluffier ear pads. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the default ear pads. They are comfortable giving you hours of play. I mean WORK. I just took that extra step. Fluffier ear pads allow you to play even longer. I’m sorry, I mean WORK. Though not sure how healthy that is, breaking night because you cant stop creating, exploring and perfecting sound. These headphones are def! ;)A few things to keep in mind as an audio engineer. These are no good for LIVE recording, or wearing these as you record vocals or instruments like a guitar or piano, etc. The reason being is because they are semi-open. Which means the sound purposely leaks out of the headphones and will leak into the mic, totally messing up your recording! For those you want closed studio headphones, not the AKG K240s. Now if you’re making beats, mixing tracks, mastering audio projects, editing a podcast/interviews etc, these are perfect!Let me explain this leakage in terms most can understand. If you want to listen to >>>PORN<<< privately without disturbing people next door, like your parents or other family members, these are a very poor choice! You can hear the noise leakage outside of your room from the other side of the door! So in short, if your place in making music is recording in a sound booth, stay away from the AKG K240's! The K240 is for those who work outside of the booth. The noise leakage helps in making the sounds clearer because it gives the sounds more room rather than trapping the sounds. Helps in panning, EQueing, etc. It's also helpful in hearing a potential attacker like Jason, Pennywise or Michael Myers stepping up behind you, giving you a chance at survival. But since you'll be working so hard, the chances of you falling asleep on your chair and falling prey to Freddy Krueger are very high! So if you feel tired, do the right thing. Turn everything off and go to bed. Your head will be more clear for the next time you tackle your audio projects. And Freddy isn't really into responsible audio engineers. Or is he?One other thing I want to share, that I didn't know about these babies. This is no baby!! These headphones represent the birth of Generation X. Disco, Rap, Heavy Metal, House, Punk etc. The AKG K240s is basically a remix of the original 1975 K240 Sextett. And its exact look and golden colors make it a replica of the 1984 K240M.These were used by producers who worked for many legends who came to be during the birth and revolution of digital music. Let that sink in, for all of you 808 Trap heads out there. Yup.One thing to think about for Trap beat enthusiasts. People who know more than me, say these aren't that great for listening to bass music. That's kind of redundant information being that these aren't meant for chilling to music. They're meant for real work. Anyhow, imagine perfecting the most righteous 808 kick bass sound with the K240 and then mastering and mixing everything together so it all sounds perfect. Then imagine how that would sound to people listening to it through hifi speakers or headphones meant for listening to music and how insanely extra bass heavy it will sound while still sounding clear with all the sounds in place and arranged. That's what I'm experiencing right now. Results that go boom-boom with quality clarity. Something to keep in mind.Do I recommend this for people who just want to listen to music? Seriously? Didn't I tell you to get lost already? You do not belong here! BEAT IT!Do I recommend this for audio engineers who edit and master audio projects of all kinds trying to get professional studio headphones for under $80? Hell yes I do. And while you're at it, go get the fluffiest ear muffs you can find.

  2. Gate

    The short and sweet of these phones is they are a really solid cheap option for studio grade flat response phones that are well worth the money and where you should be making your entry into the studio grade space with AKG. Read on for a more detailed reviewTesting performed on an SMSL DAC using OpticalWindows 10 at 24 bit 96000Hz Studio quality no enhancements of any kindTested using Spotify Premium Quality, Youtube videos, and MusicBee FLAC music, and some Bluray MoviesCompared against Sennheiser HD598 and Pioneer HDJ-1000(for distortion purposes)So these headphones were a very pleasant surprise for me to give a review. The last “cheap AKG” phones I’ve had any experience with were the K70. Those phones were flat just on the edge of tin like and overall a massive disappointment. I might be considered an “audiofile” by some and would consider my setup to be at the bottom of premium. I normally listen to things on a set of HD598 that I love with everything and an S.M.S.L. DAC connected via SPDIF(optical). So coming into these phones at this price point I was not expecting good things to say the least given my last experience. Turns out I was way off base as these are really solid phones.So first things first the sound is very neutral which is something I look for in studio grade phones. No bass boosting or extra crystal in the highs. Just nice neutral sound to appreciate the original source material. The sound stage is large but The highs are nice and clear with a little cut off at the peaks. The bass is nice warm and clear if a little flat. Giving a listen to a bass boosted version of Invincible I would have to crank my DAC to a level that on my HD598’s would have my ears bleeding. However there was no distortion or muddling so I would more likely chalk it up to gain hunger for bass than I would weak output. Switching over to a song I know has a lot of highs as well as bass I gave a listen to Ignoring My Heart Bass Boosted. The story was the same. No real distortion happening I could discern a clear difference between the highs and the bass on the drops. I think the lesson here is if you’re wanting a rich thick bass signature out of these phones then you’re going to have to be listening on a dedicated device like a DAC or Audio Interface and not a phone/tablet. Highs I listened to a couple songs that give me a good impression of the highs and their qualities. First off I listened to Jolie Coquine by Caravan Palace. DAC was at the normal level I keep it at this time around and everything from the lyrics to the violins were nice a clear if a bit lacking in the peaks. Next up a gave Beauty Beats by Beats Antique a listen which has the highs more muted but still present in the foreground. It was a much better listening experience here the violins are more in the background while the fiddles are more foreground. Next up I gave Carmina Burana a go particularly the version performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s one of the best versions that really shows off highs as well as giving you a solid idea of the sound stage of the phones. This was outstandingly good in terms of the highs but the sound stage was quite lacking here.I would say it’s about half as wide as my HD 598’s. Last I gave Madame Coquette by Tape Five a listen and noticed the slight cut off in the highs once a gain compared to my 598’s. It’s nothing an average listener would notice or someone who’s more a casual listener would notice but it’s definitely there in the highs Mids songs are always really hard to pick out because I think a huge difference in peoples listening experience comes in at the Mids. So I would use my track list here to find where your listening defaults lie. First off I gave My Kind of Town by Sinatra a listen because with the lyrics and the woods section I think this song has a really solid mid presence throughout. Here’s where I noticed the first bit of the corner cutting that I think gets these phones into the price point they are in. There’s a flatness that isn’t obvious but very pronounced. It sounds like you get to right where a mid would fill your sound stage and it stops just before that. Next up I gave In The Air Tonight by Collins a listen. I think this song is a good choice because the Mids are what I would call the essence of this song. No real issues here this time around and the flatness isn’t as big of a deal here.Moving on to movies and general video content from the likes of YouTube, Netflix, etc I think this is where the phones really shine. The overall neutral sound signature gives any spoken word content a perfect balance. Everything form YouTube videos to movies to Netflix sounded as good as I expected it to sound. With no real issues or noticeable drops offs of any kind. Everything sounds just right in my book.So conclusion time is upon us and it’s important that you remember that sound in general is a very subjective medium and it’s hard to just outright say something or give a person a conclusive yes or no answer to a question. All that taken into account are these good headphones? Yes I think the neutral studio sound signature and level detail in the sound is perfect for this price point. If you’re a streamer, gamer, or video watcher then these headphones are hard to beat. If you’re a big music listener or expect booming thunderous sounds then I think you should look elsewhere. I don’t honestly believe you can get a set of headphones that are this comfortable and this quality at this price without a major sale going on at the time. These are a solid buy and a solid 5 star from me.

  3. Zillow

    These AKG headphones are some of the best sounding headphones I own!I recommend if you’re interested in the sound quality to go to RTINGS site, there you can get into all the nerdy data about the headphones themselves! Including frequency responseBut in my opinion this headphones sound great other than the base range!The super low base is kind of muffled and the midbass is a little too squished! But that’s just my opinion!However the high frequencies and the mids are very strong and the clearest I’ve heard of any of my headphones!Being over ear style and semi-open back means that these headphones are incredibly wide as well!If you already have these headphones I recommend checking out the sound traveler channel on YouTube! those videos make it sound like you’re actually there! It’s PHENOMENAL!The cable with these headphones is incredibly long however which isn’t a bad thing in some cases but it can get a little excessive!However, with the cable being removable it’s easy to buy a separate cable for shorter length! (I did that actually)The build quality is amazing although it is entirely made of plastic (Except for the metal bands in the very top)They don’t quite fit my head right but I also have a very small head, so for most people that won’t be an issue!I’m very happy with his headphones and absolutely would get a second pair of AKG’s if I had the money!Just be worn with the open back design a lot, and I’m in a lot of sound goes out of the side of the headphones so people can hear everything you’re listening to! SO BEWARE!9/10

  4. Amazon Kunde

    Exzellenz seit Jahrzehnten- Danke, AKG!
    Ich schätze meine Nachbarn, deshalb hab für mein Denon/ Boston setup die “passenden” headphones gesucht. Für Techniker: Denon AVR-1601 Receiver, DCD-655, DP-29f, Boston Lynnfield Vr Series VR30. Schwerpunktmässig akustische Instrumente, klassische Musik, Opern, auch Opera Metal, Rock und Blues, elektronische Musik, also eher komplexere, ausdrucksstarke Musik. Ich bin zwar nicht beim ORF, aber ich finde es faszinierend, wenn das setup so gut ist, dass es auch leise aufgedreht perfekt und präzise die Musik “rüberbringt”. Also nicht: je lauter desto boom :-).Fazit, getestet mit simplem “Stereo” mode des Receivers: Ich kann die 2. Geige gradgenau im Studio/ Konzertsaal bei Schuberts Unvollendeter verorten. Ich kann auch Marcello, Colline und Schaunard in der Boheme nicht nur voneinander unterscheiden, sondern auch die Emotion in ihren Stimmen hören. Selbiges bei den Superguitars, ich hab DeLucia, DiMeola und McLaughlin noch nie so vielschichtig gehört. Keith Jarretts Köln Concert beeindruckt umso mehr, je leiser man aufdreht. Perfekt. Ich war mir nicht ganz sicher, wie sich Rockmusik anhört und ob ich einen “boom-boom” Effekt vermisse. Ich hab dann “Innuendo” von Queen aufgelegt. Freddie brilliert, Brian solo detto, vielschichtig, weiträumig, sauber, präzise. Ghost Love Score (Nightwish mit Tarja) ein Erlebnis, auch wenn nur mp3. Mariah Carey auf der uralten MiniDisc (simpler Sony Walkman MZ-R 700 an MD/Tape Monitor) noch atemberaubender. Wer der “Mitte” und den Bässen ein bisschen mehr Kraft geben will bzw. das “verwaschener” mag, kann ein bisschen finetuning mit dem Equalizer bzw. surround mode betreiben. Dann hab ich aber die Stones und Cheryl mit der “HonkyTonkWoman” aufgelegt, und festgestellt, dass ich immer noch keinen Equalizer möchte, und kein zusätzliches (!) “boom-boom” brauche. Eine saubere Plattenspieler- Nadel schon- man hört jedes Staubkorn. Danke AKG, dass es euch (immer noch) gibt! Beste Grüße aus Wien :-).

  5. Pedro

    Son perfectos
    El producto llegó perfecdtamente, en una caja de Amazon. En su interior venía la caja del producto deidamente plastificada.Una vez probado, hay que decir que no son unos auriculares para escuchar musica. Son auriculares profesionales de estudio de grabación. Es por esto que muchos puedan opinar que no les gusta el sonido que reproduce.Son auriculares bastante planos en su respuesta. No exagera en graves, algo lógico para las mezclas, aunque para mí sí que lo noto bastante.En el registro medio es perfecto, se nota cualquier elemento añadido por muy sutil que parezca. Y en los agudos los encuentro también bastante ajustado, no destacan mucho.En definitiva, no colorean el audio el cual estás tratando.

  6. Simon S

    Neutral sound – extremely comfortable
    Why the AKG K240 Studio is a good buy. It starts with the fact that these headphones have remained on the market for almost 50 years with minimal changes and have been one of the popular choices of professional users all this time. They offer durability, manufacturing quality, and features that satisfy experienced users. At the same time, these headphones have a low price, as they can be purchased for $ 50-70, which is in the range of very average headphones from other manufacturers with a significantly less sounding history.An upgraded original is sold today under the label AKG K240 Studio. The look is the same; the sound is the same; the case is a shade cheaper; the cable is still premium, 9.8 ft long, and interchangeable, and a 6.3 mm adapter is also included. The original was assembled in Austria, they just developed the current version, but it is made, just like the iPhone, in China.The headphones are still intended for the critical listener, who wants to perceive all the details and sounds. They offer considerable accuracy, which loves to reveal the low sound quality and reward good records with previously unheard-of information. When we listen to well-known songs on this type of headphones, a lot of hidden sounds and details that we have not heard before appear.Construction and wearing comfortIt leaves a sweet and sour aftertaste. The look is classic, the same for almost 50 years. To some, they seem outdated; to others, the elite, it’s a matter of taste. More of a problem is that many plastics and tiny metal parts exist. Understandably given the low price, we can only hope that such headphones will last at least a few years of regular use without significant damage. The advantage of plastic is that it is lightweight, so these headphones are incredibly comfortable to wear. The headband automatically adjusts to the size of the head and eliminates the need for manual adjustment.The foam on the headphones is modestly measured, but if someone is bothered by this, they can get replacement tips; there are quite a few on the market. The headphones comfortably cover the entire ear, but at the same time, they are not too hot, as they let in enough air. It is also commendable that we can use them with one ear and monitor the surrounding events with the other. This is due to the exceptional flexibility of the headphones and headband. However, the headphones are designed so individual parts can be replaced in the event of a malfunction. The cable is, for example, connected to the headphones with a mini XLR connector; it can be ordered separately.The sound is natural, but that can be distracting.30-millimeter drivers with a patented Varimotion diaphragm ensure good sound. The sound is very dynamic and open, and the placement of the instruments in the room is precise. This is also a result of the type of headphones, which are partially permeable and do not entirely block sound propagation in the surroundings during operation. Keep this in mind when using them in quiet spaces, as people nearby will hear the music you’re listening to. The headphones’ volume is average, which is a result of the reasonably average sensitivity of the headphones. They can also be very loud and still sound clean, but you’ll need a good amplifier. The impedance of the headphones is 55 ohms, which is still modest enough that we can listen to them even on amateur devices and mobile phones if, of course, we know how to get sound out of them via a cable.The frequency range of the headphones is between 15 Hz and 25,000 Hz, i.e., beyond what human ears can detect. The frequency response is relatively neutral in the area where the human voice is located, i.e., up to 1500 Hz. Deep tones and bass are pretty rickety. This does not mean that they are not detectable. They are audible but sound very neutral and far from the burning bass that many people love. This can annoy fans of electronic music and others. If you are especially fond of acoustic and instrumental music, these headphones will be a real discovery.There are a few alternatives.Of course, AKG is not the only one. Sennheiser and Beyerdynamics also make excellent headphones if we stick with manufacturers from German-speaking territories. Somewhat more demanding and significantly more expensive alternatives are the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro and DT990 Pro. The Sony MDR7506 is also very solid and costs about the same as the AKG K240 Studio.

  7. illimani

    Sehr guter natürlicher Klang, hoher Tragekomfort
    Nutze den Kopfhörer für mein Kawai E-Piano. Der positive Unterschied zu meinem alten Kopfhörer ist sehr groß! Ein ganz neues, viel natürlicheres Klangerlebnis. Macht viel mehr Spass als mit dem alten Kopfhörer. Sehr hoher Tragekomfort im Vergleich mit dem Vorgänger. Auffällig auch, dass man die Basstöne mehr links und die Höheren Töne mehr rechts verortet, wie beim Spielen ohne Kopfhörer. Klare Kaufempfehlung!

  8. Paco Jo

    mejor de lo esperado
    No estoy acostumbrado a comprar auriculares “caros”, pero necesitaba algo que me aislara, que fuera cómodo, con buen sonido y que tuviera un cable largo: pues estos auriculares cumplen con todo y mucho más.Lo uso para conectar mi amplificador y tocar el bajo sin que me sufra mi familia y vecinos así que no puedo decir si los graves o agudos en las canciones tal o pascual se escuchan mejor. A mí me funciona.

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