Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black

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Brand Audio-Technica
Model Name AUD ATHM20X
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • Advanced build quality and engineering Designed for studio tracking and mixing
  • 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Tune for enhanced low frequency performance
  • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments
  • Convenient single side cable exit Magnet neodymium Designed for studio tracking and mixing
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Weight 6.7 lbs
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Date First Available

January 23, 2014

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Item Weight

6.7 ounces


1.0 Count

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Cable Length

3 Meters



10 reviews for Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black

  1. Quen J.

    UPDATE, BUILD QUALITY:Well, I’ll be damned, its been exactly a year since I wrote this. It was pure luck that I checked my reviews today.Anyway, build quality.The M20xs I bought a year ago are still going strong, and I use them constantly when I am not on my computer. The cable is fine, the gold plating has worn off of the plug (that’s normal after a lot of use), and the plastic doesn’t appear to be worn. If I cleaned this thing very well, it would look brand new. However, not everything is in perfect condition, and that would be the padding.I started to notice after a while that the earcups were starting to feel harder and harder. As a sanity check, I took a look at my dad’s m50xs to see if they were still soft, and they were (he doesn’t use them that much anymore). I looked into it, and apparently, the fake rubber-leather stuff Audio Technica uses in their earcups slowly deteriorates over time by getting harder and eventually cracking due to the stress of cushioning. This is a result of constant contact with body oils (this is why my dad’s pair is still soft). Thankfully, these are replaceable, but they are $25 for a pair, which is quite a bit. I got these headphones for $30 dollars while they were on sale, for perspective. There is also the chance that they use some cheaper earcups in the m20xs, which wouldn’t surprise me. In which case, the replacement earcups for the m50xs could be considered an upgrade.What is more worrisome is the headband. Unlike the m50xs, which have a higher quality rubber on the headband, the headband on the m20xs is made out of the same material the earcups are. You can’t replace it. Although its unlikely that the headband will get severely damaged from cracking since it doesn’t exactly cushion, I can still see some dents in mine that don’t go away.Other than that, these are still my favorite general purpose headphones, and I still recommend them. I’m on the edge of replacing the earcups though. If it does break at some point, I might aim for the m40xs due to the shorter cable options, better build quality/materials, and better sound. I’ll give it two more years and see what happens to them.REVIEW:So, I have never been wealthy enough to own a good pair of headphones. Hearing about the constant praise of Audio-Technica, I decided to pick of their budget pair of monitors, the ATH-M20x. My father has a pair of their M40x or 50x, but I am pretty much not allowed to touch them. That’s why I can’t say which ones they are.As perspective and for comparison, the main headphones I used before these were the Sol-Republic v8 tracks, and I use a Logitech G230 gaming headset currently for my desktop.The song I tested between these headphones was Ocean Man by Ween, because of the formidable range in pitch. I also remembered the song the day I did this, so it was a bit nostalgic for me to listen to it again.SOUND QUALITY:Now, the first thing that struck me with these headphones was that the bass was much less compared to the other headphones. Now, this isn’t a bad thing, because it let me focus on the other tracks in the song, such as the guitar and percussion, which became much brighter. This made the song sound much clearer than my other headphones, which lacked a little in mids and highs. My Sols overall had much more bass, but the rest of the frequencies seemed filtered out because of it. It’s mostly the same story with my g230s, but the highs are much better than the sols. Realizing this, I finally figured out why I couldn’t hear footsteps very well in the game Counter Strike Global Offensive, which encourages me to buy another pair of the M20x for my desktop, as well as a mic. The only real issue I have with the M20x at this point is that I cannot hear bass drums very well if they aren’t mixed loud enough, which is disappointing, as percussion is one of the most important factors in music to me. Overall, these have generally amazing performance in the audio range, despite the bass seeming only a tad bit weaker than it should be. If they boosted up a tiny bit, I would be satisfied. Not worth to take a star off however, especially for the price.Another thing to note is that these headphones are higher in impedance than normal, so I have to near max out my volume on my phone to get somewhere acceptable to me. This isn’t a problem, but I’m afraid I may get some distortion in some songs. This is also sad, as I use a separate Creative Zen audio player for my high quality CD rips, which don’t go as loud as my phone, making it essentially useless. They also don’t really like to plug into my phone with the case on, so I have to jam it in the jack and hope it doesn’t spring out. This is along with the other problem with my audio jack, which is that they always think I’m using an inline mic unless I unplug and re-plug and hope they see them as regular headphones. If it doesn’t, then bumping the cord can cause google to start voice detecting, which is very annoying, as well as randomly pausing and playing a song. To reinforce it, this is a problem with my PHONE, not the plug. This is more of a me problem, however, they still have issues being plugged into a phone with a case. Making the end coned and the adapter it comes with internally coned would solve this problem.BUILD QUALITY:Now, one of main reasons why I bought a g230 was because they are very well built, and could take multiple falls off of my desk. Same goes for the Sols, which are pretty much designed like a tank due to the super strong headband and hard but not brittle plastic. The M20x however, seems like it would need a bit more care with the headband, since it is not topped with plastic. I usually just throw my Sols into my backpack everyday, because it can handle it. These will need a bit of extra attention to not tear up the foam on the headband. I tried buying a 

  2. Chad

    Had my eyes and budget on the 50x.I Read all the reviews.Aside from build quality and features, the 20x was always refered too, in line with the 50x as far as an even response.Honestly, Im glad I decided to save money buying the 20x, instead of the 50x.These are good. No regrets, or remorse, for not buying the 50x. Nor even the bump up to the 30x for a few more dollars.But you do know for sure, because of how good these sound, that in the future you will skip right to the top 50x – not even wondering about the 30x or 40x.One downside though…The padding does force you to take a break after nearly an hour or so.The heat build-up is noticable once you take them off. Its definitely the padding and thats it. Not the earpieces or fit on the head.These do mostly cover the ears. I do not have small ears by standards.The cord is way to long, probably by at least 3ft for sure. No biggy.But it is at least a nice rubbery type cord, no plastic or cheap where its gunna get kinks in it.Gave it 4 star because of padding, thats it.

  3. Double Bubble Gum

    Amazon came through. First pair of these headphones were defective, no left channel. I attribute that to crappy quality control on Audio Technica. Amazon shipped a 2nd pair same day and they arrived the next day and work fine. So kudos to Amazon. I will update this review of the headphones after I’ve used them for a month.

  4. A fan from Meriden, CT

    So I got these yesterday, and I know I am not going to keep them for long (more on that later) so I want to get this review in ASAP. First off, while I know what I like & I can recognize quality, I am definitely NOT an audiophile, so I’m not going to try & tell you in TECHNICAL terms why these headphones are so great, but I can give a layman’s perspective. Also, I am going to do a lot of comparing to the Samson SR850’s I just bought AND my standby Koss PortaPros (which I compared the Samson’s to in my review of them) Anyway, lets get started.First of all the looks of these. My 13 year old daughter unboxed them while I was at work & immediately exclaimed “These are NICE !” With that, she put them on, plugged in her iPod Touch & didn’t take them off until I got home several hours later. This from a kid who’s favorite headphones are a purple pair of Knockoff Beats I bought at a flea market. They are MUCH better looking than the Samsons. The earcups are smaller & lower profile, and the headband is covered in a stylish black leatherette. There is a LARGE AudioTechnica logo across the top of them, but who’s going to be looking at the top of your head ?As far as comfort goes, they are very comfortable, They are much lighter than the Samson’s, and as I said smaller. The ear pads are suitably soft & covered in the same leather like material as the headband. And while I doubt you could lie on your side comfortably with them on, they would be MORE comfortable than the Samson’s in that position.As for build quality, they are REALLY light, which worries me a bit, but they seem very solid. The main structure is definitely metal and the wires are thick & well covered. The plugs also look a step up from your average headphone connector. While I am sure my kids would manage to break them eventually, I think they would last longer than your average headphone. And with me, they will be just fine.Finally, lets talk sound. They sound AWESOME ! Really awesome. Much better than headphones at this price should sound. When I listened to the Samson’s the first time I knew they sounded better than my Koss’ … but not by a lot. These are OBVIOUSLY better. The bass response is better, and everything else is CRYSTAL CLEAR ! Just stunning. That being said, they are not as loud as the Samson’s which kinda surprised me since they are smaller & closed back. But because of the better bass & improvements across the full range of sound, I would definitely put these ahead of the Samson’s AND the Koss’ & I am sure ANYONE who heard them all side by side by side would agree.Now there are a few negatives. Like I said they are smaller & Lighter than the Samson’s. And I was looking for something LARGER … so in that respect, they are going away from what I was looking for. And I still am surprised the Samsons are slightly louder. With the bigger size they should need more power to drive them properly. But since the M20’s have less sound leak than the SR850’s, this is really a non-issue.And while they are very comfortable, after wearing them for a short time its clear that my ears are sweating in the M20’s where they were not in the SR850’s. Again, it may be because the latter are semi-open, but I think its because of the cloth covering on the SR850’s pads AND because they are bigger.Overall, even with the negatives, I would recommend these over the Samson SR850’s w/o question. But, if that extra $15.00 means a lot to you, the Samson’s are still an EXCELLENT Choice. And they will probably be my choice, since once my son HEARS these. he will be wanting to trade me the Samson’s for them.UPDATE: I have had these for just about 36 hours & I just had a perfect stranger come up to me & ask me if I liked them.l He obviously knew a lot more about headphones than I do & has much better equipment (a $170 pair of BeyerDynamics) but he was impressed with these especially at the price.UPDATE to the UPDATE: I recently bought a Fiio E6 Headphone Amp & when my son comes home from College, I will try these out with the Amp. Considering how much they improved my Samson SR850’s (I would put that combination AHEAD of these now) I am sure they will sound even more awesome. However, I will NOT be buying that Amp for my son. If he wants one, he can buy it himself.IN RESPONSE TO …. the two questions …. First off the Amp improves the M20’s as much as it improves the Samson SR850’s. The sound is cleaner, and I prefer using the degraded setting on the amp with increased volume on my source on these as well.Second, as I said without the amp, these sound nearly as good as the Samson’s WITH the amp. So I feel I have done enough for my son in that respect. If he wants to UP the quality with the amp, that’s his choice. Just because I am not paying for it, doesn’t represent my feeling for him one way or another. Of maybe it does. Either way I feel secure in my role as a parent & the opinion of one crank won’t affect that.

  5. Clay

    Works and sounds fine. It’s comfortable for the first 1-2 hours until my ears start to hurt but this is a normal thing for me (I have a very large head, I wear XXL baseball hats).

  6. Oliver B. Brummel

    Best headphones I’ve ever had. Get some better muffs for it, but the ones they come with are already good. I prefer fuzzier ones myself but they are nice. Ditch your gaming headset and get this along with a standalone mic for the best audio you can get.

  7. Mark J

    Carencia de brillo en el sonido
    Me acaban de llegar los cascos , y en cuanto a sonido ( que es lo que busco para estudio) no son mucho de mi gusto y eso que me guié por comentarios, he de reconocer que si se aprecian sonidos e instrumentos en las canciones que con otros cascos no se aprecian.Resumiendo les falta bastante brillo , los bajos se escuchan muy bien , pero las frecuencias graves se notan demasiado lo que hace que el sonido suene más “apagado”, me los voy a quedar por por que tampoco me desagradan , si buscas un balance equilibrado en cuanto a de agudos medios y graves, te diría que busques otros con más brillo y unos graves buenos pero no te quiten sonido , lo dicho les falta brillo y sobran graves

  8. vicl89

    Cumplen de sobra con su cometido
    No son audifonos con fines comerciales, son de monitoreo, te muestran el audio tal y como debe escucharse, en crudo, limpio. Me encantan para editar audio, excelente producto.

  9. どらごん

    当方、素人です。今までSONYのコードレスヘッドホンMDR-IF245RKを使用していました。これはテレビ視聴用という程度のヘッドホンです。少し音が良いものをと思いこの商品を購入しましたが、低音の音質が良くなったとは感じますが、長時間(2時間は厳しいかな)の使用には耳が痛くなって耐えられません。その点、SONYのヘッドホンは楽です。もっと良いものを購入すれば良いのでしょうが経済的にチョットそこまではできません。また、高価なものを購入しても自分の耳がその良さをわかるかどうか、疑問です。十代に父親のパイオニアのステレオで聴いていたヘッドホンは密閉式ではなかったので耳は痛くなりませんでした。当時のレコードの音はボーカル、ギター、ベース、ドラム… すべての音が臨場感をもってガンガン迫ってきました。あの感覚は忘れられません。レコードはすべて処分してしまいました。話がだいぶそれてしまいました。この辺で失礼します。

  10. Isaac

    chegou em perfeito estado, muito bem embalado e antes do prazo!

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