CCA C12 in Ear Monitor Headphones 5BA 1DD Hybrid HiFi IEM Earphones Noise Isolating Stereo Wired Earbuds for Musicians

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Brand CCA
Model Name C12
Color Blue
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • 【Premium IEM Earphones】 The CCA C12 in-ear monitors are expertly crafted with 5 balanced armatures and 1 dynamic driver on each side, delivering an extensive panoramic sound stage and exceptional layering. The expert tuning and overall warm tone provide an immersive in-ear experience.
  • 【Great Clarity & HiFi Sound】 The CCA C12 earbuds feature a wide, balanced, and coherent top-to-bottom sound signature with high resolution and premium ductility, delivering high-density sound quality with powerful bass, open mid-range, and extended high frequency, rich in details.
  • 【Detachable Cable】 The C12 in-ear monitor earphones adopt an anti-interference 8-strand low impedance wire that provides stable sound signal transmission. The detachable cable allows for easy replacement and is engineered for reliability and multi-compatibility.
  • 【Durable & Ergonomic】 Made of premium zinc alloy cover and skin-friendly resin material, the CCA C12 in-ear monitors are designed with slot protection to effectively extend service life, ensuring a sturdy and durable build. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable wearing experience, minimizing the likelihood of falling out and fatigue.
  • 【Why Choose Us】 The CCA C12 in-ear monitor headphones are specially designed for music lovers and make the perfect gift for audiophiles, DJs, singers, and more. As the official CCA store, we offer a 12-month warranty and exceptional after-sales service, making your purchase risk-free.
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Weight 3.17 lbs
Dimensions 4.02 × 3.46 × 1.26 in
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4.02 x 3.46 x 1.26 inches



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December 1, 2020

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10 reviews for CCA C12 in Ear Monitor Headphones 5BA 1DD Hybrid HiFi IEM Earphones Noise Isolating Stereo Wired Earbuds for Musicians

  1. Michael

    I have not had these long so I can’t comment on its reliability but I will update this review if a failure or degradation in sound occurs. Before I even start talking about the sound I want to stress how important a good seal is. If there is any hint of thinness in the vocals, metallic sound, sibilance or understated bass you do not have a proper seal. The C12 comes with four pairs of tips and none of them worked for me. Unfortunately that is a common issue I have and I always end up having to use my cheap silicon tips that came from a throwaway $1 store set I bought to harvest magnets from. Somehow they fit better and sound better then all the Comply’s and Spinfits I have that don’t fit well. Everyone’s ears are different so hopefully some of you are luckier than I. When you finally find tips that work for you it will be obvious. All those sound issues I mentioned will completely disappear and it will be a “Wow” moment. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t judge these or any other iems until you get them to fit properly. It can change the worst thing you ever heard to something incredible.I should talk about the sound now but I want to touch on the cable real quick. I have read so many reviews that mention how bad the cable is but personally I like it. It’s too short for desktop use but it is a good length for portable. It has zero microphonics and I actually find it sounds every bit as good as the replacement cable everyone seems to recommend. I really think people are looking at that cable and letting the silver color of the wire fool them in to thinking it is better. I even went as far as putting the stock cable on the right bud and the silver one on the left bud and plugged both in to the same thx 789 amp. I know you are not supposed to do that but it was the only way I could reliably do an AB test without time in between allowing mental errors. During use like that I could not tell a difference. The sound was completely identical between both sides and the soundstage and center image remained the same as using a single cable for both buds.Now that I got that out of the way lets get to the sound. To be completely honest I was initially disappointed. I thought I found a good fit with the stock tips but the bass seemed dry and everything had a slight metallic hint to it. The soundstage was flat as paper going from left to right and was fairly narrow. There was no depth at all and even the imaging seemed poor. The abundance of good reviews is the only thing that made me put in the effort of digging out those old cheap tips I have. Fortunately those tips worked and the change was massive.With a proper fit everything fell in place. Any hint of a metallic sound was gone while vocals gained the missing body and bass became full and powerful. While the soundstage didn’t widen it went from paper flat to a small ball with depth, width and height. From the reviews I wasn’t even expecting that. While the stage doesn’t reach out much past your head it does do above, below, behind, to the side and everything in between. Because of the relatively small soundstage I can see how some may have missed those capabilities if they only tested with music.Gaming is where you really notice how well it does those things. That is also where I learned how precise the imaging is. Not only do the sounds come from all directions it does so accurately. Playing a fps you can easily tell exactly where a shot or footsteps are coming from. You can even distinguish where bullets hit if they are missing you hitting the ground near your feet. You will accurately hear a bullet hit the ground behind you and when you look at that bullet hole it will be exactly where you thought you heard it hit. Idk if it is because of all the drivers but despite certain frequencies not being overly boosted footsteps are so obvious and clear to hear.The overall sound is nicely balanced. I can see the “typical” audiophile complaining there is too much since most seem to like overly analytical gear but the average person or collector will find it perfect. It is full bodied and powerful. It isn’t planar tight and snappy but it is very well controlled and textured. For the price I feel they exceed what is expected. Even though there can be lots of bass it is only there when the song has lots of bass. It doesn’t seem to make songs that aren’t bass heavy tilted more towards bass. It seems to have really good restraint with artificially boosting the bass of music. I have read some reviews claiming the bass bleeds in to the mids but that is not something I am experiencing. Maybe it is because I am keeping price in mind and not trying to unfairly judge it against iems or headphones that cost 10x the price of theses. Personally I find the Blons BL-03 bleed much more in to the mids than the C12 does. I know this is long but I will do a quick comparison of the two near the end.While I sort off expected the bass to be like it is the mids surprised me. The graphs seem to show there should be a recession that should be noticeable with some vocals but I am not able to pick up on that with my pair. It looked like there should be a difference in male and female vocals but I don’t find one more recessed then the other either. It makes me wonder if some of those issues mentioned are a result of poor fit as well. There is still a slight V shape with bass being being the most elevated but nothing seems aggressively boosted or recessed. Once you get a proper fit the mids and vocals all sound very natural and detailed. If I had one complaint about the mids it would be the lacking “bite” some vocals have. If you listen to big powerful singers with voices that can make you wince at times these may not do it for you. It’s almost like a Sennheiser HD6xx series in that regard. It seems to focus on making vocals smooth and natural sounding above all. I don’t have many tracks with powerful singers like that so maybe I am wrong.Now the part I was worried about when I placed the order, the treble. I was expecting something bright and that is not what these are. I am not a treble person and personally I am tired of all these headphones getting released with “hot” treble. I want the detail but I don’t feel fatigue or in some cases pain is necessary. I fell for the bs with the DT1990 and was sorely disappointed. So many people and reviews talking about how “airy” and “crisp” the treble is without being too much had me thinking Beyer finally fixed their house sound but no. It’s still painful and and sibilant. These are nowhere near that level. Everything is crisp, detailed and perfectly separated while maintaining a touch of smoothness. I would put the treble level of these between the Sundara and HD6XX. It is bright enough to get the edge that is supposed to be there without causing pain or sibilance. For me this is almost the perfect level of treble. The biggest shocker of all for me was how accurate string instruments and cymbals sound. I have never heard those things sound so accurate in gear this cheap. For me the treble was the most welcome surprise with the C12. At this price I am blown away.Comparing the Blon BL-03 to these may not be fair to some but there is only a $10 price difference and imo the gap between them exceeds that $10. The Blons are great and awesome for enjoyment. If that is all you have there is no reason to complain. They are musical and pleasant. They are definitely a good buy at their price but I never find myself lost in those or noticing something I don’t normally notice using them. I find myself just casually listening with those. With the C12 I find myself subconsciously picking out instruments and focusing on it and its texture. I do find myself getting lost in these and wanting to keep listening to see what else I can hear on a different song. The only edge I give the Blons is soundstage in music. Things sound a bit wider but imaging is more generalized compared to the C12. Sounds come from an approximate area. Their imaging isn’t good enough for gaming like it is with the C12. Bass is more of an even playing field but unless it’s recently bias going back and forth I still find myself preferring the bass of the C12 over the Blons. With some hip hop the Blons can get a little tripped up when bass gets crazy like some Pop Smoke tracks and color the mids. No matter what the bass does everything else stays perfectly controlled with the C12. Comparing the treble of the two are where things start getting unfair. They both do treble in a similar way going for a nonpainful experience but the separation and placement of instruments in the treble region are vastly improved on the C12. It is so much easier to pick out the details and hear each and everything in its own place. Oddly these actually sound like an upper end model of the Blon BL-03 family.While there are tons of iems in this price range and I obviously haven’t tried them all they are better then all I have tried to date. If you tried the similar KZ types but thought the treble was a bit much these may be perfect for you. Obviously these aren’t the best there is but you get really close for a fraction of the price and above all the sound is great without eq unlike many of the other multi driver chifi iems available today. I have tried so many $70 and below chifi iems and almost every single time the treble seems to be a touch too much but these fit my preference better than any of them. The couple iems I heard that are better costs a couple hundred or more so getting 90-95% the way there while spending 20% or less is a testament to what can be done on a budget. I couldn’t recommend these any more than I am.THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS FIT. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE PROPER SEEL. YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE IT. ALL THOSE “OFF” SOUNDING ISSUES WILL BE GONE AND THINGS WILL SOUND NATURAL. IT’S WORTH THE EFFORT.

  2. djezoh

    I’m a dj so these things take a beating, but they have really held up! They sound great! They look nice. I actually sold my first pair to a guy in one of the bands I opened for. They fit comfortably in the ears. I don’t know what else to say, they are great! Especially for the price. I used these now instead of the Sure IEMs

  3. Publius

    The reason I am qualifying my rating is that I have never owned an expensive pair of in-ear monitors. In fact this is my first pair, so I am only able to compare them to earbuds, some of which cost 5 times what these were. And the compare very well. The sound sealing is better than any other I’ve owned; they seem as quiet as some earbuds with active noise cancellation. Sound quality is good, I don’t find the high’s harsh (I do have slight—about 5 dB—hearing loss above 15kHz) and the bass is not over-emphasized like most consumer-grade earbuds. Well worth the money.

  4. R

    Works great

  5. Sue

    They work great for hearing yourself play keyboard in church with other instruments playing and singing. I highly recommend them

  6. B. Guthrie

    These sound fantastic for the money. We are a sound provider and occasionally, a musicians will need us to provide their buds and we use them for our own needs. Everyone that has used these wants to know where we got them so they can buy a pair.

  7. Kevin J. Brennen

    I’ve been using in-ears for live music for over 20 years. I’ve had different Shure and Sennheiser ear buds in the past that cost 10x what these cost. Don’t listen to the reviews about distorting, I’m almost positive those are user error not setting up the gain structure properly. I’ve had these at very loud volumes with the entire band blaring in my ears and have never had that problem (this is my second set).I originally bought the CCA 10’s a couple years ago as one of the sides in my Shure buds went out and I needed something quick and the CCA’s came recommended by a few of my musician friends. I’ve been blown away by the sound quality. I need to leave a set at church so I bought the 12’s for the band and will be leaving the 10’s there.One thing to recommend with ANY of these “cheaper” ear buds is for sure, for sure, for sure…BUY FOAM TIPS!! The cheap rubber ones that come with these are okay and if you’re just using for listening to recorded music will be fine. However, a true in-ear monitoring system for live music really needs to have that isolation, not to mention you will sonically get most out of what these have to offer with fuller range, more low end and honestly having to drive them less.If you’re on the fence with these I say go for it. Make sure your gain structure is set correctly and you won’t have distortion issues (unless your in-ear mix is head-blowing loud which I wouldn’t recommend). For $50 these seriously rival ears I’ve had for $6-800 in the past and I will be ordering more as needed. I recommend these to all of my musician friends.Also to note, the 12’s I just got have a much better cable and a nicer connection to the buds than the 10’s I got previously. I’m not sure if that’s because they’re the more expensive ones or they just changed their design as it’s been a couple years but I’m super happy and impressed with what these are considering the price. Do it, you won’t be sorry!

  8. Jay Cavallaro

    The sound quality is good but unfortunately, even with the ear hooks, these are always slipping out of my ears. Leaves something to desire.

  9. Tom Whalen

    Excellent sound for the money.
    I wear them at work and I’ve gone through a set this last year. The price is right so I consider them a wear item. I did notice a substantial difference in sound and wear quality when I bought an upgraded cord online.

  10. Riccardo Sciarra

    Queste cuffie sono estremamente soddisfacenti, ad un prezzo irrisorio. Paragonate alle tanto celebrate IE vincono su tutti i fronti. Bassi eccellenti, alti sempre brillanti ma mai invadenti. Solamente il cavo, peraltro con microfono, è un po rigido. io lo ho sostituito con un cavo cablato su spina da 2.5 mm , molto morbido e la resa è eccellente. Consiglio vivamente , a questo prezzo non esistono paragoni,. So no le stesse della KZ zs10pro.

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