LUDOS Clamor Wired Earbuds in-Ear Headphones, 5 Years Warranty, Earphones with Microphone, Noise Isolating Ear Buds, Memory Foam

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Model Name Ludos Clamor
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • 🎵Standard Plug: Our earbuds wired support new generation iPhones via lightning adapters, iPhone 5 and 6, iPad Mini/Air, Samsung S8/S9/S10, Galaxy M02s/F02s, M62/F62, A32/A52/A72, Note 8/9/10, iPod touch, true value ear phones with a 3.5 mm jack. The cable is 4.2ft/1.3m long
  • 🎵 Ergonomic Memory Foam Tips: The tips of our noise isolating ear buds wired have 40% higher wear resistance and adapt to users’ ears to stay snugly in place; earphones wired comes with three pairs of replacement silicone tips
  • 🎵 Rich Audio with Mic and Call Receiver: Our metal wired ear buds with microphone offer optimal audio quality with powerful bass and the ideal balance of mids and treble; the three-button remote further allow volume control and call receiving/ending
  • 🎵 Silicone Tips, Pouch, and Ebook Included: Three pairs of replacement tips, a carry case, and an E-book guide come with the purchase of our ear buds with microphone wired; our representatives are available 24/7 to further assist customers
  • 🎵 Vibrant Color Options: Our in ear headphones, wired to connect with most devices, have sleek metallic exteriors and tangle-free braided cables in multiple colors; choose from 15 different shades to suit any outfit, mood, occasion, or personality
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September 4, 2019

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4.2 Feet



10 reviews for LUDOS Clamor Wired Earbuds in-Ear Headphones, 5 Years Warranty, Earphones with Microphone, Noise Isolating Ear Buds, Memory Foam

  1. namco

    Update March 28 2023: the foam eartips have apparently sucked up my earwax, deformed, and are now rock hard. The foam started off super squishy and comfy and now its just a mess. They need to find another foam material to use that wont deform or harden from absorbing ear wax. Reduced by 1 star for this.So I have been going through earbuds like crazy. I mean a lot of them. USUALLY when I am not trying out new buds, I will opt for the cheap sony earbuds knowing that I can have them in while sleeping and not hurt my left ear (laying my head on a pillow with buds in).Opening the box, small, compact, nothing crazy. Had a had written note inside thanking me for supporting a “small business” which okay. Glad I could help? lmao. Anyway. I bought the black with orange accents. Feeling the cable, I like the rubberized coating. It feels good in your hands. I would assume if you were someone into sports, this rubber coating will be great considering if you get it sweaty you will probably still have grip thanks to it being rubber and not cloth. I wont be testing that because I am not capable (handicapped).Anyway. The sound quality isn’t BAD per say, but its obviously not perfect neither. When I sleep I use Binaural/Isochronic frequencies. Which generally means one frequency in one ear and another frequency in the other for Binaural, and both frequencies in both ears for Isochronic. SO FAR, I have been focused mainly on Isochronic lately. AT LOW VOLUMES like when studying, the headphones don’t like it. The tones used at 70hz and 72hz which gives you a 2hz Isochronic effect. Or I will do 63hz and 70hz for 7hz Iso which is great for imagination and visualization. Anyway, at low volumes these headphones don’t like having pure frequencies playing. You can hear something inside clapping like how a speaker cone will flap. Otherwise for music/tv/anime you don’t have any issues at any volume.Now I just so happened to buy the Logitech G333 at the same time. Similar pricing. I will say you can tell the difference in sound profile. The G333 has more bass as it has a dual driver design. So the low end sounds WAY better in everything compared to these. However, the LUDOS here have way better upper end in terms of treble. So its sharper and thus slightly more clear sounding. The LUDOS have this weird special effect. Generally for typical “over the ear” headphones, you would have closed back and open back. Open back give you more special sound while closed back generally feel more enclosed making the sound feel closer to you. Most people don’t care about this but figured I would mention it. The LUDOS somehow make you feel like it has special sound even though they are ear buds, but at the same time they are feel close. So you get this weird close but far sound from them. Its not bad, its just, unique. This is generally personal preference anyway. I don’t mind it, some “audio snob” might care. Granted I don’t think audio snobs are buying cheap headphones! LOL.So far, I am happy with these. I ESPECIALLY love the colored foamy tips they come with. I haven’t even tried to crack open the extra pack of tips because I just LOVE how comfy the foamy tips are. I personally think all brand should go with the foam like tips as LUDOS have. Honestly the BEST feature in my opinion…. Again I am happy with these, mainly because I can wear them when I sleep. Which is the main reason for my buying earbuds in the first place. When I am up and about, i generally where my snobby Sony MDR-Z7M2 cans which are just, next level….. Sadly the G333 cannot be worn when sleeping, they hurt my ears…. So LUDOS won my nighttime. NOW the question is, how long do they last. My sony earbuds generally last 6 months which isn’t great. Granted sleeping with headphones is considered “abuse” at least in my mind. My last pair of earbuds were JVC memory foam earbuds which sadly only lasted from DEC 2022 when I bought them until January 2023 when I got these LUDOS to replace them. So yeah the JVC couldn’t handle the stress of my nighttime routine (mainly the drivers failing due to pure frequency being played all night long and not actual content like music/etc).I hope LUDOS get some frequency reading gear for output, so they can test their earbuds and find the frequency curve. Everything used to make a headphone will effect its sound in some way. Sometimes minor, sometimes major. The housing material (plastic, metal, composite, etc) to the shape of said housing and even the shape inside where the sound bounces around before it gets to your ear, to the driver being used, the cable thickness and length, can all effect the sound. Going off my own ears and knowing what neutral headphones should sound like, these are definitely not a flat response. However, I will mention again the upper end, the treble range, sounds extremely good. Very clear and sharp. For those that prefer that kind of sound profile. If you want more bass and less top end, the Logitech G333 would be a better alternative (1:1 comparisons without using an equalizer, obviously you could in theory use an equalizer to add bass to the LUDOS and make them sound more full on the bottom end). OTHERWISE, these have been great SO FAR for me.

  2. Tigran Iskandaryan

    First impressions: As of now I’ve been using this headphones for a little while and I think now I can give some feedback.Headphones came in a small metal box. Nothing more, nothing less. Inside the box there were headphones themselves (with protective buds), a zip pack with 3 pairs of actual buds and a small pouch.Sound wise they are good. I don’t really expect much from mobile headphones, so regarding sound quality my feedback is subjective. To me it either works and sounds good, or doesn’t work and sound bad. Same goes for microphone quality, which is also good.What got me off guard were the ear bud sizes. I’ve had a lot of different headphones and medium size buds have always been the perfect fit for me, so, naturally, I went with medium sized ones for this one too. It felt weird and I couldn’t tell what was the reason until I decided to compare the size with my previous headphones’ medium buds. I was surprised to see that they did not match. I switched to the largest buds and now everything feels good.The cord isn’t very long but has a good feel for it. I’m not sure what material is it. It feels good to the touch, flexible and sturdy.My real concerns so far are the joints – parts where the cord connects to aux port and ear pieces and media control block. Cord begins as soon as it “gets out” of aforementioned pieces and I think it might get damaged in those places with relative ease.Media control block sits a bit too high for my liking. If it was only a microphone I’d have no issues but since it also allows to control media, if I want to, let’s say, increase the volume, I’d have to reach out to my chin level. It isn’t very convenient and I found myself using this entire block only as a microphone as using my pho e for the same controls felt more intuitive and convenient.The pouch is a nice thing but I don’t think headphones fit good in it. If I wanted to, I could put them entirely inside the pouch but it would require too much cord bending and took me long enough. I don’t think I’ll ever use it TBH.So far, I’m happy with my purchase. It has good build and sound quality, but since the cord joints give me some concerns, I’ll rate it 4/5. We’ll see how it goes and I might add another star if I’m proven wrong.

  3. Libby

    The sound is solid quality, especially for earbuds. The build quality is excellent, and there are super cute colors to pick from, I even want to buy a second pair in a different color. Comes with foam buds for the main/standard ear size that matches the cord, which is nice, sadly the other sizes are just regular black buds. But to be fair you won’t see them anyway once they are in your ears. I love the cord it’s almost like a rubberized/silicone texture feel to it, feels sturdier than my old white headphones that came with my phone. came in the cutest metal tin and a handwritten thank you note, don’t see that often on amazon products so that was super nice to see, nice to know you are supporting a family business ^-^. Honest for 20$ earbuds you can’t go wrong and a 5 year warranty is crazy, mine usually last about 1-2 years, so that’s really cool to know if they do die there is a warranty for them.

  4. Cookie

    The button does not control the volume nor turn it on and off but the sound quality is excellent and for a direct-wired headphone it is god quality. The chords a revery strong and I expect them to last a very long time- which is unusual!

  5. patricia woods

    very nice ear buds for the money. They come in a nice metal box with a pouch to hold them. They also come with 4 different size tops. They have a good sound no tin or heavy base ordered them in pink and I got them because the cord is longer than my old ones. Very happy with them 😊😊😊

  6. Cypher

    Fits just right. I am able to lay down with them to watch my late night movies on my phone. Love the controls on cord. Got my favorite color even. Best price too! PS. I love the little hand written note.. it brought me here <3

  7. SpYneX (Robj Spina)

    Pareri personali dopo averle provate per bene
    Premetto di averle testate per ben 2 giorni con un uso altamente intensivo e un attenzione maniacale alla qualità audio, e quelle di seguito sono le miei soggettive opinioni su quanto ho potuto constatare.ASSISTENZA CLIENTIInizialmente ho ricevuto il pacco contenente il cofanetto con tutti gli accessori, ma per mia sfortuna senza gli auricolari all’intero, cosí dopo aver fatto presente del problema all’assistenza via e-mail essa si è gentilmente offerta di spedirmene un nuovo paio. Voto all’assistenza 10/10.CONTENUTOLe cuffie arrivano in un comodo cofanetto metallico con all’interno gli auricolari, un sacchettino per il trasporto, un adesivo, i cuscinetti di ricambio e un bigliettino di ringraziamento per l’acquisto. Beh, che dire quindi del contenuto… molto piú fornito e curato di altre cuffie che arrivano in confezioni veramente risicate e scrause. Voto al contenuto 10/10.DESIGNLe cuffie sono curatissime, il design è gradevole, i materiali di eccellente qualità, il logo da un tocco di personalità in piú e il cavo è di ottima manifattura. In piú tirandole fuori dalla confezione vi accorgerete che il jack d’orato è protetto da una capsula in plastica che lo tiene al sicuro da eventuali graffi e problemi di ossidazione, un tocco di attenzione premium in piú che non fa mai male. Per concludere i controlli per il volume con apposito microfono integrato sono posti ad una perfetta distanza dalla bocca dell’interlocutore. Voto al design 10/10.ERGONOMIAAppena tirate fuori dal cofanetto ho voluto sin da subito testare questi elogiatissimi cuscinetti in memory foam, e dopo essermici divertito a schiacciarli, deformarli e vederli ritornare alla loro forma originale li ho finalmente provati alle orecchie. Personalmente non li ho trovati un granchè, anzi… penso siano il punto debole delle cuffie per il motivo che vi spiegherò nella parte della qualità sonora. Fortunatamente in confezione sono predisposte di cuscinetti di ricambio in gomma nelle ormai consuete tre dimenzioni disponibili. Il peso è molto basso, il che le rende piacevoli da indossare senza grossi fastidi alle orecchie. Voto all’ergonomia 8/10.QUALITÀ AUDIOEh… eh… eh… sinceramente… mi aspettavo di meglio. Elogiatissime da ogni youtuber come le cuffie killer di altre ben piú costose, devo ammettere di essere rimasto un po’ perplesso e deluso al primo ascolto. Tirate fuori dalla confezione e subito messe alle orecchie la qualità audio mi ha scioccato, ma in senso negativo; bassi inesistenti, medi che se non esistevano era meglio, alti vergognosi, giuro che il mio primo pensiero nella testa era stato “ho comprato cuffie cinesi alle bancarelle da 1€ che suonavano meglio”. Piú le utilizzavo e piú mi pentivo dell’acquisto, ma non riuscivo a capire come mai avessero cosí tanti feedback positivi; cosí dopo un lungo rodaggio delle membrane sperando che ammorbidendosi un po’ i bassi avrebbero pompato meglio mi sono accorto che, concentrandomi sui rumori esterni, questi fantomatici cuscinetti in memory foam non isolavano poi tanto dall’ambiente esterno. Decido quindi di cambiare i cuscinetti in memory foam con quelli in gomma medi e… rimango scioccato per la seconda volta, la qualità audio ha avuto un miglioramento impressionante, bassi corposi che pompano, medi e alti migliori ma comunque un po’ troppo smorzati. Decido di provare allora con quelli in gomma grandi e la qualità audio migliora ulteriormente, orecchie ben isolate e bassi ancora piú “pomposi”. Ne concludo che i cuscinetti in memory foam rovinano pesantemente la godibilità della qualità audio, ma che nonostante i miei iniziali scleri e la mia successiva rivalutazione al cambio dei cuscinetti le reputo sopravvalutate. Non si può negare che siano delle buone cuffie, ma direi che sono alla pari delle xiaomi piston fresh pagate poco meno di 4€ in offerta e delle sony mdr-ex15lp pagate 7€. Non mi pento dell’acquisto, ma non le reputo neppure minimamente alla pari delle xiaomi piston dual driver come ho letto in alcune recenzioni di altri utenti. Voto alla qualità audio secondo un rapporto qualità prezzo 7/10.CONCLUSIONELe cuffie sono un po’ troppo elogiate dall’utenza rispetto a quanto offrono realmente. Se avete intenzione di acquistarle non sono cuffie che vi lasceranno delusi, ma sempre a mio soggettivo e personalissimo parere non le reputo il meglio del meglio in questa fascia di prezzo.

  8. Cristina

    En LUDOS le ponen mimo a lo que hacen
    ====SOBRE EL PRODUCTO====Estos auriculares son muy cómodos, al menos para mí, que tengo las orejas muy sensibles. La caja tiene varios packs de almohadillas.Cuando los sacas de la caja, los auriculares vienen con un precinto de espuma que parecen almohadillas en sí, pero no seas monguer como lo fui yo: hay que quitarlos y ponerles las almohadillas que vienen en la bolsita. Tienes tres tallas de almohadillas para ponerle.Lo mejor de estos auriculares no es la calidad de sonido, que es media, sino la accesibilidad que te brinda el panel de botones que tiene. Con ellos pauso y cambio de canción, aunque se pueden poner otros comandos, como pausar y cambiar el volumen, atender llamadas, etc. (aunque eso ya depende más del software del dispositivo).Yo uso los auriculares para escuchar música en el móvil por la calle o para conectarlos al ordenador cuando los cascos que tengo me empiezan a hacer daño en las orejas tras estar una hora o así.No los uso para ámbito deportivo ni profesional.Los auriculares vienen con una bolsita de tela del mismo color que se puede cerrar frunciéndola. Puedes guardar los auriculares en esta bolsita para que no se estropeen.La entrada de auriculares es jack, no USB.Cuando yo compré el producto, venía:- 1 caja de aluminio con el sello de LUDOS- 1 par de auriculares con botones y un precinto de espuma- 3 pares de almohadillas de distintas tallas: S, M y L- 1 bolsita de tela- 1 nota de agradecimiento firmada por un empleado de LUDOS====SOBRE LUDOS====Lo mejor de toda la experiencia es la cercanía de los empleados de Ludos, porque tienen detalles muy bonitos como notas de agradecimiento, y son muy eficaces con el servicio post-venta.En mi caso, yo había comprado unos auriculares LUDOS en enero, pero debían de estar defectuosos porque dos meses después los comandos de los botones se ejecutaban solos y era imposible usar el móvil con los cascos puestos porque hacía llamadas, cambiaba de canción, etc.Pedí garantía por la web, que tiene un formulario, pero no me contestaron. Unas semanas después, les contacté por correo electrónico ( y ahí sí me respondieron, y súper rápido. Por eso, aconsejo contactarles por email para estos temas.Desde Ludos me evitaron quebraderos de cabeza, cosa que es lo contrario a lo que han hecho muchas tiendas conmigo. Me dieron un código de descuento y pude pedir un recambio para los auriculares. A los dos días ya tenía el recambio en mi casa.Luego otras tiendas se quejan de Amazon, pero… a ver, no es mérito de Amazon. Es mérito de LUDOS. Y demérito de esas tiendas. Las cosas como son.Mi primer pedido lo preparó Anabel, y en el servicio post-venta me atendieron Alex y Claus.El recambio no sé quién me lo preparó, pero gracias a todos, aunque no sepa sus nombres.COMPRA ESTE PRODUCTO:- Si quieres tratar con una empresa con gente cercana- Tu prioridad no es la calidad de sonido (yo miraría otros productos de esta empresa igualmente)- Tu dispositivo admite entrada jack- Valoras los detalles y la accesibilidad: distintos colores, bolsa de tela.- Valoras la accesibilidad: distintas tallas de almohadillas, panel de botones.

  9. Nicola Dri

    Buoni auricolari
    Qualità del suono ottima

  10. Gerard

    Cómodo diferente genial atención al cliente de 10 por no decir de 100.
    Tuve un inconveniente con los auriculares, escribí un correo y me respondieron en menos de 1h, la atención al cliente es de + de 10. Tuve una duda y no tuvieron inconveniente en solucionar mis dudas y necesidades. Están x sus clientes, los recomiendo, sonido 8,5. Muchos más caros son incluso peores y un cuento de 10 son las espumas q encajan perfectamente en mis oídos los cuales son sensibles a los de silicona que me molestan en mis trayectos en tren q son de 1h y 30min. Gracias los volveré a comprar muy muy muy pronto.

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