Jzones Open Ear Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.3, Open Ear Earbuds with Dual 16.2mm Dynamic Drivers 60 Hours Playtime

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Brand Jzones
Model Name Open ear headphones
Color Black
Form Factor On Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

  • 【Open Ear Headphones】Open-ear design achieves superior music experience and buds-free, compared with in-ear or bone conduction headphones. No blockage of the ear canal, and no pain or damage to hearing. Wear securely and comfortablely on your ears, perfect for running, workout, and outdoor sports.
  • 【Superior High-Quality Sound】Built-in 16.2mm dynamic speaker provide crystal-clear HD stereo sound, call quality and smoother music playback. Our open headphones offers a rich and consistent listening experience at any volume, bringing an unprecedented powerful sound field experience.
  • 【Secure and Comfortable Fit】Super lightweight and ergonomic silicone earhooks ensuring a secure, comfortable fit achieves the perfect combination of comfort and stability. Long-term strenuous exercise will not fall off or put pressure on the ear. Feel comfortable wearing the open headphones, whether you are sports, daily travel, meeting or working from home.
  • 【Sense Your Surroundings】Open ear headphones rest on your ears without covering them and keep your ears open, you can hear your music and your surroundings at the same time. Hear approaching cars, bicycles, and family members while listening to music when jogging or working, knowing you are safe and alert for changes in your environment.
  • 【Up to 60 Hours Playtime】1000mAh large capacity battery case supports 4 times fully charging for the open ear earbuds and let you enjoy more than 12 hours continuous music or 10 hours talking time on a single charge. Only takes 1.5 hours to fully charged. Actual playtime may vary depending on usage and environment.
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Weight 6.3 lbs
Dimensions 5.55 × 3.86 × 1.26 in
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5.55 x 3.86 x 1.26 inches

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6.3 ounces



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July 12, 2023

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10 reviews for Jzones Open Ear Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.3, Open Ear Earbuds with Dual 16.2mm Dynamic Drivers 60 Hours Playtime

  1. Sigler

    Overall: You know how they say never judge a book by its cover? Well that applies to these headphones. Originally I thought they were bone induction but they did not disappoint. I assumed with the low price point they would be alright but nothing to write homme about. Turns out I genuinely like these and now use them all day through a 14 hour work day followed by a 30 minute work out. Crazy thing is I have only managed to dwindle the battery of the case down to 79% with no additional charges. After a solid 10 days of use I find that quite impressive. Comfortable all day fit, good battery life , sound is good, not much in terms of bass but you can hear audio crytal clear even with a loud environmental sounds. Suprisingly even when making calls the other party could hear me without issue. If you are searching for headphones that dont make your ears hurt, where you can still hear your surrounding environment then these would be a great choice. They even fit under my ear protection ear muffs on my hard hat. Only thing I prefer over these would be my Aftershokz but my dog unfortunately ate those and these are filling that void rather well.Battery life: Excellent, used 10 days with at least four to six hours of solid audio playback and the case is only down to 79%.Fit & Finish: They fit superbly, hardly notice you have them on actually and they look good while wearing them. Build quality seems adequate as I have dropped them several since the smooth finish does make them easy to fumble which is the only gripe I have.Sound: I am not an audiophile, but I do enjoy being able to hear what I am listening to without issue and these deliver on that. The bass is somehwhat non-existant but that is not an issue for me. You can hear your environment clearly and the audio as well, good balance.Workout Use: They stay right in place surprisingly, even through jumping jacks, jump rope, push ups and crunches. I would recommend you make sure to wipe off the connections before putting them into the case as I could see the sweat corroding the charging connections.Quality vs Price: Can’t really beat it to be honest, they are well-made and do what they are supposed to while keeping your wallet happy.


    Solo puedo encontrar cosas positivas que decir sobre estos auriculares Jzones CT22Los Jzones CT22 son unos auriculares Bluetooth de oído abierto que te permiten escuchar música sin perder de vista lo que te rodea. Esto los convierte en una buena opción para actividades como correr o andar en bicicleta, en las que quieras escuchar el tráfico y otros ruidos por motivos de seguridad.Vienen en un estuche pequeño y resistente que cabe fácilmente en un bolsillo y, al enchufarlo, se cargan los dos auriculares que contiene. Hay una pequeña pantalla LED en la carcasa que muestra el nivel de carga de la batería.La duración de la batería es lo más destacado, ya que ofrece más de 12 horas de reproducción continua de música o 10 horas de conversación por carga. Esto es significativamente más largo que el de muchos auriculares inalámbricos comparables. El estuche de carga proporciona 2 cargas completas adicionales durante más de 30 horas en total.Cuando salgo a correr por la calle, me gusta el hecho de que no estén enterrados en mi canal auditivo, lo que me permite oír los coches que se acercan y otros peligros.También suenan muy bien… reproducen a la perfección la música que escucho.En cuanto a emparejarlos con tu dispositivo electrónico, solo tienes que buscarlos en el menú Bluetooth de tu dispositivo electrónico y tocarlos. La conexión es automática… y permanece sincronizada constantemente con el teléfono.En definitiva, ¡una gran compra!

  3. Chris K

    I really like the idea of these headphones being able to listen to music (rarely), or podcasts (usually), but still being able to hear my surroundings.I ride my bicycle a lot, and although I am not in traffic, there are cars that I share the road with on my route, and I like, no I need, to hear them approaching,as well as if there are sirens or anything else that I should know about.The listening time of a little more than 20 hours means that I will just need to charge them once every other week or so.Comfort is very important, especially when you are riding, because you don’t want to have to fidget with them, and the over-the-ear loop style means that theywon’t be falling out of my ears when I don’t have a free hand (I had this issue with regular in-ear stle earbuds in the past).I also like that the case has the charger built in, rather than just laying them out on my desk where my cat will no doubt chew on them.Just an overall clean set for a great price (they were only $5 more than my last pair of earbuds that I didn’t like at all).If you are looking for a great set of wireless earbuds that have all the bells and whistles…Weather / Sweat resistantCase with built-in charger and power meterSuper long battery life.Not noise canceling (great for exercise or office environments).Comfortable over-the-ear style….at a great price, these are awesome!

  4. Joel

    The CT22 open ear headphones have great sound and are available at a great price. I was specifically looking for active noise cancellation and ear hooks due to problems with a previous set falling out of my ears. After trying various types of earbuds and open ear headphones without success, I decided to give these a try. I am very happy with the fit and the sound. I am using these ear headphones for running with good results. I am able to hear my surroundings while running and at the same time enjoy my music. I was looking for an headphones that I don’t have to worry about losing, as I already lost my previous Bluetooth earbuds. The clip makes it secure and comfortable, and the sound goes directly to my ear canal. I am glad I chose CT22. My first impression after receiving the CT22 was ‘WOW!’ – that’s great sound. I highly recommend this item to everyone. I am so happy with my CT22 Bluetooth headphones!I give these bluetooth headphones 5 stars.

  5. Daniel

    The Jzones CT22 are open-ear Bluetooth headphones that allow you to listen to music while still being aware of your surroundings. This makes them a good option for activities like running or biking where you want to hear traffic and other noises for safety.The 16.2 mm dynamic drivers provide clear stereo sound with decent bass response. The volume gets plenty loud for listening on the go. While audio quality isn’t as good as closed-back headphones, it’s quite good for open-ear buds in this price range.The earhooks are lightweight and made of flexible silicone that adjusts to fit the shape of your ears comfortably and securely. I found them very easy to wear for long periods without fatigue or ear pain.Battery life is a highlight, delivering over 12 hours of continuous music playback or 10 hours of talk time per charge. This is significantly longer than many comparable wireless earbuds. The charging case provides an additional 2 full charges for over 30 hours total.Overall, the Jzones CT22 are a solid choice for those looking for open-ear headphones to wear for sports or general use. The long battery life, comfortable fit, and IPX4 water resistance make them suitable for active lifestyles. If you want great sound quality in an open-ear design under $50, these are worth considering.

  6. Fisheyevp

    I can only find positive things to say about these Jzones headsets.For starters, they come in a sturdy, small case….that easily fits into a pocket (or purse) and by plugging in the case, you charge the two earpieces within it. There is a small led display in the case showing the level of the battery charge.The batteries charge fully within a few hours and the battery life of the earpieces themselves can easily last a full day.As for the earpieces themselves, they are comfortable and pliable, so I can quickly and easily get them to wrap over my ear and position them tightly over my ear. I’ve been exercising vigorously while wearing these headsets and they remain firmly in place.When jogging out on the streets, I like the fact that they are not buried into my ear canal, allowing me to hear approaching cars and other dangers.They also sound great….reproducing flawlessly the music I listen to.As for pairing them with your electronic device, you just find them in your Bluetooth menu on your electronic device and tap on them. Connection is automatic….and constantly stays paired with the phone.All in all, a great purchase!

  7. Jonny

    I’m a runner and cyclist, these are now my go to headphones for any sport. Finally, I found headphones that provide a great sound but also allows me to hear cars or other warning sounds. While hard to described, you don’t loose any sound quality, yet get the benefit of not being isolated. In addition, they are very comfortable and the battery lasts for ever compared to other wireless headphones. I can go for a 4 hr activity and still have over 80% battery left, but then it fully charges back in the case, which after 2 weeks, I have yet to re-charge the case. The headphones magnetically snap into the case for guaranteed charging. Also I no longer worry about swear or ear wax mucking up the headphones or degrading the sound.If you are active, or just don’t want to mess with sizing cups to fit in-ear, these are perfect for you.

  8. Ovidiu Preda

    I originally purchased these thinking they were bone conducting headphones. I wanted to have a pair that wouldn’t plug up my ears and I didn’t want to spend the extra $ if I didn’t have to. These headphones seem to be the best of both worlds. They don’t plug up your ears like the bone conducting headphones yet they sound better than them. They sound every bit as good as the kind that plug up your years but are comfortable and sound good. My only suggestion if putting the charge display on the outside of the case. That way you don’t have to open up the case to see that they are fully charged or what the charge is. Overall, definitely a good buy and I would recommend to anyone looking for headphones in this price range.

  9. DRK

    Great size, perfect case size and far superior over leading earbud vendors. The on ear feature is so valuable for comfort, safety and convenience. They are so comfortable! Sound is high quality, Bluetooth setup was simple and they have just the right amount of features to be useful but not to demand too much onboarding. It’s also easy to interrupt the music if someone is trying to talk to you. Holds a charge! I absolutely love these! Great value for the price!Much better than the more expensive buds from Apple. AirPods just don’t fit me well, too big or too small, constantly readjusting, falling out and my ears get sore after just 15 minutes. Plus they are teensy, have gone through the wash and are always misplaced.Game changer for me, wish I would have foubd these sooner!

  10. Jeff

    These are comfortable, nice sounding, true wireless earbuds. I was surprised that the audio actually sounded pretty good, and I can hear everything around me. Its kind of nice actually. Definitely going to try these out in the gym. Its a very new experience hearing sounds around you while you listen to music through headphones. The packaging was very professional, with a simple manual and charging supplies. The charging case and headphones are very sleek looking, and once you put them on you don’t even realize that you are wearing them – they don’t insert into your ears, there are no buds, nothing covering your full ear. I imagine that open ear headphones are better for your skin since they come into less contact with your skin. 5 stars, can’t wait to enjoy many more songs with these headphones

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