KVIDIO [Updated] Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, 65 Hours Playtime Wireless Headphones with Microphone,Foldable Lightweight

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Model Name KVIDIO 55 Hours Playtime Wireless Headphones with Microphone
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • HIGH FIDELITY STEREO HEADPHONES: KVIDIO upgraded bluetooth headphones with dual 40mm drivers and noise isolation technology, offers an almost concert hall-like feel to your favorite music as close as you’re watching it live. Provide high-quality reproduction of sound for listeners, audiophiles, and home audio enthusiasts
  • UNMATCHED COMFORTABLE HEADPHONES: Over ear earmuff made by softest memory-protein foam gives you all day comfort. Adjustable headband and flexible earmuffs can easily fit any head shape without putting pressure on the ear. Foldable and ONLY 0.44lbs Lightweight design makes it the best choice for Travel, Workout and Every day use by College Students
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Simply press multi-function button 2s and the over ear headphones with mic will be in ready to pair. KVIDIO wireless headsets are compatible with all devices that support Bluetooth or 3.5 mm plug cables. With the built-in microphone, you can easily make hands-free calls or facetime meetings while working at home
  • SEAMLESS WIRELESS CONNECTION: Updated Bluetooth version V5.3 ensures an ultra fast and virtually unbreakable connection up to 33 feet (10 meters). Rechargeable 500mAh battery can be quick charged within 2.5 hours. After 65 hours of playtime, you can switch KVIDIO Cordless Headset from wireless to wired mode and enjoy your music NON-STOP. No worry for power shortage problem during long trip
  • WARRANTY AND SURPPORT: Package include a Foldable Deep Bass Headphone, 3.5mm backup audio cable, USB charging cable and User Manual. 30 days free return and 18 months warranty is our guarantee, please feel free to contact us if you have any inquires during using
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30 days free return and 18 months warranty is guaranteed, any parts got damage, KVIDIO will provide free replacement by fastest shipping. Any inquires, please contact us at: kvidio@hotmail.com

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 5.91 × 3.15 × 5.12 in
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5.91 x 3.15 x 5.12 inches



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β€Ž1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

August 14, 2021



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2.5 Hours

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0.44 Pounds, 7 ounces


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4 reviews for KVIDIO [Updated] Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, 65 Hours Playtime Wireless Headphones with Microphone,Foldable Lightweight

  1. Jeffrey Bowie and Victoria

    I got these because I don’t like to have to solely rely on Bluetooth. When I’m laying in bed for the night I like to be able to plug them into my tablet and watch whatever I want while my husband sleeps peacefully. If I’m up listening to music or on the phone I will use the Bluetooth so I’m not tethered by a cord. They are easy to pair and comfortable to wear. I often fall asleep in them and they don’t hurt my ears. I don’t like earbuds for that particular reason. They cover my entire ear and the cushion on them is pretty thick, so even though they don’t have noise cancellation I’ve still found them blocking out noise around me. The only thing I knew I wasn’t going to like about them was the 3.5 mm aux cord. It didn’t look very long and it also wasn’t equipped with the option of a microphone so if I had to plug it in to talk on the phone I couldn’t use the headphones. Let’s say my battery died for the Bluetooth then I would be left with no options to plug them in to my phone and continue a conversation. That was an easy fix though and when I purchased the headphones at the same time I purchased another cord that had the dual 3.5 mm aux cord one on each side. This cord was also more sturdy as it had the braiding around it, giving me the ability to speak through the cord, pause what I am watching Plus turn my volume up and down on videos. The Bluetooth speaker is very clear and I have no issues with others hearing me or me hearing them. When I use the cord I purchased separately I also have no issues with hearing people or people hearing me. When I went looking for headphones, earbuds or anything that would give me this dual capability I was afraid that such a thing did not exist. I wasn’t elated that I came across these headphones. They were exactly what I was looking for and the sound quality is perfect for me. I had a pair of Bluetooth AirPods but they weren’t the ones with silicone tips. I hated them as they would fall out of my ears and it’s so easy to lose one of the earbuds. I ended up giving them to my sister and bought these instead. I’m very happy I did and I’m glad I bought the extra cord along with it from a different vendor on Amazon. Just finding earbuds that fit in my ear are constant struggle. I end up having to buy the ones that wrap around your ear because my ear holes are just too small even with the smaller silicone tips. I also have another pair of wired earbuds that wrap around my ears that I bought off Amazon and I keep them as a backup. If something happened to these headphones I would 10 out of 10 buy them again. I don’t care about name brands and never have when it comes to these sorts of things. Most of the time when you buy name brand you’re just paying for a logo. A very long time ago probably around 2010 I asked my ex who runs a computer business what flat screen TV to buy that would last me the longest. He told me to get a Vizio TV. I had never heard of that name but I trusted him. Here we are all these years later and my Vizio has stood the test of time. I definitely recommend buying these headphones and if you have teens that are looking for something like this I’m sure they would love them. If they don’t like the logo on the side you can always paint over it. They can even customize the headphones with their own design using paints or whatever. Just make sure they top it off with a clear coat. The only thing you can’t do is charge them and use them at the same time. You have to let them charge then you can use them from there. I have zero complaints πŸ’œβœ¨Edit: I’m now 6 months in and still love these headphones. Even sleeping in them hasn’t caused the cushioning to flatten or crack. So happy I gave these a chance and didn’t spend tons of money on a brand name. These have truly exceeded my expectations. I’m not afraid that they will get lost or broken because if they unfortunately do even though I would be sad I could just buy another pair without breaking the bank. Still in love with them πŸ’œ

  2. Val4007

    The overall appearance of these are what made me buy them, they fit nicely over the ear and are comfortable on the ears…BUT I would not say I have a small head at all, but this product tends to slip off my head when I work-out and run, I’m not sure why, and its not how I wear them, its just the overall product, I thought it was for all sizes but I’m guessing its just for bigger heads that it won’t slip off of (over the top that is, because wide wise, its completely fine, not tight or loose). Now the sound is good, certain songs do sound like the song is being sung behind you (not sure if thats bad or not, it is slightly disturbing, I like to hear the song from both ears evenly to the front) I guess you can just turn the headphones around, but I just wanted to make sure thats knowable… also the Bluetooth connection is fast, and the headphones came 80% charged which was nice, I pictured what it came with.. everything works fine, and I do like this headset, its just not the best, but hey for 20$ its alright. My favorite part about these are the look, overall these look chic, aesthetic and cute. I would only recommend these if you want something cheaper and are not willing to pay for Beats, or Bose.. but good headset for the price, definitely not for smaller heads, but overall comfy and cute.

  3. Nick

    If these were any more expensive I would give them 2 stars, but it’s hard to have high expectations in this price range. If you want a set of headphones that make noise and sit on your head without a cord, these do that job, and the battery life has been great for me.I bought them for the office so they’re fine for a low noise environment but you can still expect to hear everything around you. They don’t sound great either but it’s perfectly passable for my use case of low noise and low volume music listening while working. High volume does not sound good and I expect would also have an impact on battery life.I wanted to have the microphone functionality for the occasional web call and this also does that job, but when bluetoot connected to a Windows 10 PC, they show up as two different devices, one with a working microphone and one without. (Maybe that’s how they get the two connected devices feature to work?) When you select the “device” that enables the microphone, the audio quality drops to deplorable, but still functional levels. I swear I’ve heard string & soup cans with better call quality than these things, but again, they do the job and for as infrequently as I need this feature I can live with it for the price.Ultimately, for the price, I can’t dunk on them too hard. If you want a great set of headphones, make with some more cash and keep looking cause these aren’t it, but if you’re on a tight budget and just needs device that works it would be hard to find a better deal than these. It’s pretty amazing that they can make something this cheap even work let alone be decent even in limited use cases and they deserve credit for that.

  4. TomorrowTamara

    These are fantastic, the sound quality is great for the price, and they’re very comfortable. BUT.. they will not pair with my Samsung smart tv no matter what I do. On my screen I see the headphones in the list of available devices, and when I select them to pair it tries to “communicate” but nothing happens and I have to stop. All my other Bluetooth output devices have worked flawlessly with this tv, so I know the issue is definitely with these headphones. And don’t get me wrong, they pair with my phone and tablets perfectly, the issue is only when I try to pair them with my smart tv, which was the main reason I bought them. So anyone who is also buying them primarily to use with a smart tv, you might want to look else where. Otherwise they’re pretty awesome for other devices.

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