LG TONE Free True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds T90 – Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Dolby Atmos, Black, Small  

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Brand LG
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
  • Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain the correct sound qualities or call performance. Change the earbud tips to ones that fit more snugly in your ear.Control Type:Media
  • The LG TONE Free T90 is the world’s first Dolby Atmos * wireless earbuds that enhance listening experiences with Dolby Head Tracking across all your favorite entertainment like music, movies, TV shows, and games
  • Reinforced Graphene Speaker driver is made of a strong, lightweight material that delivers better overall audio clarity and reduced vibration so you can hear every sound come alive to feel like you’re front-row and center-stage
  • Adaptive ANC with a 4-mic system detects the noise around you to adjust the sound just right every time, and for calls it recognizes what type of conversation you’re having and adjusts the microphone to the just-right noise cancellation
  • Immerse yourself in rich, clear audio with Meridan Audio Technology. A built-in equalizer delivers impressive bass and treble tones that sound like the live recording.Note:If you face issue in Bluetooth connectivity please turn off the Bluetooth function for a couple of minutes, then turn it back on
  • UVnano+ charging case harnesses the power of UV-C light to refresh the earbuds’ eargels, effectively killing 99.9% of bacteria during the powered charging cycle. In just 10 minutes, the eargels are sanitized and have power to go***
  • Hypoallergenic medical grade eargels provide a comfortable fit and help prevent irritation**. Includes earbuds, Uvnano+ charging case, charging & data cable, and AUX (3.5mm) to USB cable
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The LG TONE Free® T90 is the world’s first Dolby Atmos* wireless earbuds with Dolby Head Tracking and an integrated virtualizer for more natural sound.** Active Noise Cancellation blocks sound and a UVnano+ case charges & refreshes. *Dolby, Dolby Atmos and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. **Compatibility and availability may vary by device, application, and content. Dolby Head Tracking and audio virtualizer must be turned on in the LG TONE Free app.***UVnano is a compound word derived from the words UV and its unit nanometer. Independent testing shows the UVnano charging case kills 99.9% of bacteria on the eargels of the earbuds in ten minutes while charging. The UV LED function works only when the charging case is connected to the power cable. ****This device or any of its parts is not intended or implied to prevent or treat any health conditions; it is not a medical device, nor for use as or to replace a medical device. The base material in silicone eargels meets ISO 10993 and USP Class VI requirements.

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Weight 4.6 lbs
Dimensions 4.02 × 3.86 × 2.52 in
Package Dimensions

4.02 x 3.86 x 2.52 inches

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4.6 ounces



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2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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Special features

Dolby Atmos with Dolby Head Tracking, IPX4 Water & Sweat Resistant, Pure Graphene for High-Quality Audio, 9Hr(ANC off) / 5Hr(ANC On), 29Hr with the cradle, Fast Charging, Wireless Charging)

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Audio Jack

3.5 mm Jack

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In Ear



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Phone Case, USB Cable

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Date First Available

August 22, 2022


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2 reviews for LG TONE Free True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds T90 – Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Dolby Atmos, Black, Small  

  1. Chicken Little

    I’m comparing this to the Sony WF1000M3 (Sony’s flagship ANC earbuds from 2019, considered one of the best to date) and the 1More neckband earbuds, and the Bose NC700, which is an unfair comparison.The Sony and LG were launched at the same price point, so it would be fair to compare them head-to-head.ANCWhat I want to say here is that out-of-the box, the Sony and LG had similar ANC capabilities. However, third-party ear tips are available for the Sony, so you can buy acoustic foam ones that gets the best sound isolation possible. At that point, it is class leading but still not as good as the Bose, which let’s be honest is a different category.Compared to the 1More neck buds, the LG has better ANC. These two have similar oval shaped ear tips.Sound QualityCompared to the Sony, the LG has a much more lively sound profile. I really like listening to music on the Immersive sound setting in their app.The LG’s have surprising bass for something so small. I think it’s because of the larger diaphragm(?). These have 10 or 11mm, I read somewhere, which are the largest of ear buds and help sound production in the lower frequencies. Whatever the reason, it sounds nice.The 1More tries to do too much with its hardware. It tries to boost some frequencies, but the tiny speakers can’t produce the sound.App.Of the four compared on this, the LG has the best app I have seen for earphones/headphones. It has several sound settings. It advertises its Dolby Atmos, which I admit is nice for some audio streams. But I generally like the Sound Stage or Immersive settings for music. The Atmos is nice for podcasts, because it creates the illusion the sound is coming from a spot in front of you and a little higher. If you turn your head, the source of the sound stays put for a few seconds. This for me has been useful keeping my focus for podcasts. When a server asks me questions over lunch and I turn, I can track both voices, because one is coming from the server off my shoulder and the other over my food.Now for the bad! :(Mic QualityThe mics on both ear buds point downward towards your chest. If you’re at a noisy restaurant, it still picks up a lot of ambient sound. I tried three telephone calls at three noisy restaurants, and in all three, the other party complained it was too noisy.And what about “Whispering Mode?” This is an experimental feature according to the app. It makes the main mic on the right ear bud very sensitive, and turns off the other mic. You can then hold that as a microphone right up to your lips, so it picks you up better, or so they say. It doesn’t work quite well. In a mall with music playing overhead not particularly loudly, I tried to have a phone call and it didn’t work at all.Worse, if you leave Whispering Mode enabled and insert both earbuds and try to have a phone call, your audio seems to fade in and out.Compared to the other buds, I can’t say that any of them have handled calls in noisy environments well. If you’re at a noisy restaurant, none of these are probably usable.The 1More has trouble with wind. The Sony is large and blocky, so wear outside with caution. There are no winners here.The Case and Battery LifeYes. There is a UV sanitization feature, or at least as far as I can tell, a blue light goes on when you place the buds in their case when the case is plugged in.The case is tiny. It’s less wide than a credit card. It fits easily in the pockets of my shorts. The Sony’s was large and blocky and I could not carry it in any pocket, comfortably.Unfortunately it also has the shortest battery life of all of the buds, Supposedly it can get you through 8 hours, but I have not tried. (It’s not a good idea to wear buds for that long.)Final Words?The 1More, I bought new at $60 on clearance. It’s discontinued.The LG and Sony were priced $200+ at launch. I’d say, they’re both over-priced — but I do like its sound the best of the buds in this group.

  2. Craig S

    This review is from an Android user perspective. If I was an iPhone user I would just be using the latest version of Airpods (for open ear experience) and Airpods Pro for closed ear with ANC. However after hearing latest reviews of the Airpod Pros ambient mode, maybe I would be just down to the one set of buds.But I’m not an iPhone user. I hate iPhones.I’ve tried the Airpods with Android and the experience just sucks. I can’t even see battery level of the buds from the phone.So I’m left with looking for anything else.Here’s what I’ve tried:Jabra Evolve 65T (closed ear) (first set of true wireless earbuds I’ve owned)Jabra Elite 75T (closed ear)JLab Go Air Pop (closed ear)Tribit FlyBuds C1 (closed ear)Tribit FlyBuds C2 (open ear)Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro (closed ear)Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (open ear)JBL Live Pro 2 (closed ear)Sony WF-1000XM4 (closed ear, foam tips. Stock tips too uncomfortable, replaced with small Comply foam tips)And finally this LG Tone Free T90 (closed ear)Order of importance for me on features of earbuds is:1) Comfort2) Sound quality3) Mic quality4) ANC5) App available for monitoring or changing functionalityFor open ear the options are the Tribit FlyBuds C2 or the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. I tried the Buds Live first and liked them so much I bought two pairs. Then I tried the Tribit FlyBuds C2. They were more comfortable but had slightly worse sound quality. So for my pair of open ear earbuds, I reach for my Tribit FlyBuds C2.For closed ear (which is why I’m writing this review), depending if I want ANC or not. If I want ANC, I reach for the Sony WF-1000XM4 with the Comply tips. Stock tips medium fit and didn’t leak sound via the app leak test. Small stock tips leaked. I bought the small Comply tips and they are even larger than the medium stock tips. They fit and make wearing the Sony’s bearable for hours. They are still heavy and I know I’m wearing them every second they are in. So again, if I need absolute silence, I go for the Sony WF-1000XM4.However, I rarely need silence. So lets go through the others.JLab Go Air PopThese are fantastic for what they are, cheap earbuds without ANC. If I need a throwaway pair these are great. But not day to day usage great.Tribit FlyBuds C1No matter the tip (only stock tips tried), I couldn’t get them to not feel too large or make a seal. These don’t have ANC. They just felt like they would fall out. I never reach for these.Jabra Evolve 65TThese introduced me to the world of true wireless earbuds. The sound sucks. These are in the vault to never be used again.Jabra Elite 75TBetter than the 65T but not comfortable. I bought some SpinFit tips to replace the stock tips and comfort was better but sound quality was much worse. I gave these to my wife as I bought the gold versions on sale and she needed earbuds for her Android.JBL Live Pro 2I got these on sale. ANC was very good. However fit reminded me of the Tribit FlyBuds C1. I could always tell they were in my ears and they felt like they were going to fall out. I also gave these to my wife and she now uses these instead of the Jabra Elite 75T earbuds.Samsung Galaxy Buds2 ProThese are very good. Very light. Whatever material they make them with doesn’t irritate my ears like it does for a good amount of people. ANC is pretty good. Not near as good as the Sony’s but still good. Sound quality good. I could wear these for hours without issue.LG Tone Free T90Finally, the review for the product I’m leaving the review for. The ANC in these is worse than the Buds2 Pro and definitely worse than the Sony’s. I’d say they are about on par for the JBL Live Pro 2 for ANC. The case is great. I like the light feature to zap the earbuds between usage. Comfort these are the best for closed ear. Comfort for open ear goes to the Tribit FlyBuds C2.End of the day when I want closed ear experience, I reach for the LG Tone Free T90 earbuds.If I am working (working from home) and want the best ANC, I reach for the Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds.If I want open ear experience I reach for the Tribit FlyBuds C2.If I want the smallest earbuds that don’t make it obvious I have earbuds in, I reach for the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro.Hope this helped someone.

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