Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.2, 10mm Drivers for Big Bass, Custom EQ, 32H Playtime, Fast

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Brand Soundcore
Model Name Life P2 mini
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • Incredible Sound Loved By 20 Million+ People
  • Stunning Sound: Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds have oversized triple-layer 10mm drivers that deliver sound with boosted bass.
  • 3 EQ Modes: Soundcore Signature, the default EQ, delivers well-balanced sound, while Bass Booster enhances bass-heavy music, and Podcast makes voices stand out clearly. To switch to a different mode, quickly press the right earbud 3 times. You will hear a tone for each successful switch.
  • Featherweight Fit: The tiny true wireless earbuds weigh just 0.16oz (4.4g), which is 10% lighter than standard earbuds. They’re so small and light that they feel practically weightless in your ears.
  • AI-Enhanced Calls: Built-in microphones on Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds are equipped with an AI algorithm to enhance voice pick up and ensure you’re heard clearly by the other end.
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Weight 2.08 lbs
Dimensions 2.56 × 2.09 × 1.34 in
Product Dimensions

2.56 x 2.09 x 1.34 inches



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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

July 14, 2021

Item Weight

0.13 Pounds, 2.08 ounces


1.0 Count

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10 reviews for Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.2, 10mm Drivers for Big Bass, Custom EQ, 32H Playtime, Fast

  1. C

    This my third pair of soundcore buds. 1st two were more than double the cost. First of all customer is excellent. That’s a good enough reason to buy! My last pair didn’t survive a trip through the washer. These were much less expensive with fewer bells and I whistles so I thought why not.Pros: itty bitty case fits easily in pocket or purse.Set up was fast and easy.They’re very comfortable!The sound quality is really goodThey charge quickly and hold a charge for 7 to 8 hours. Use one at a time and that’s at least 14 hours of useThey don’t fall out easily even when I sleep or shower. I’ve had no problem with water resistance.Under $35 if you lose then it isn’t a national tragedy.Call quality is good. No complaints from people I talk to.Cons : most of those go away if you buy a pricier pair from ankerNo wireless charging. I miss it but it’s not a deal breakerNo app but also not a deal breakerCase feels a little cheap but it IS and I can live with that.Now for the real cons.I have as of yet not been able to change the modes by tapping the earbuds so I have no idea what anything other than the default sounds like.Answering calls by tapping is hit or miss. This kinda bugs me.If those problems were solved these would be a solid 5 star.All in all you can’t beat what you get for the price.I just the buttons were easier to deal with.Volume control on the buds themselves would be super nice too.

  2. BeantownReviewer

    For about $25-35, these Anker earbuds are the best value I’ve found on the headphone market.Proportionally, the highs, mids, lows, and crispness of the sound coming out of these earbuds leave the premium hundred dollar earbuds in the dust. Yes the major two manufacture earbuds that dominate the market are going to sound better. However I’ve also owned the top tier versions from both of those companies and can say the sound quality here is enough for me. Given what I sometimes have to go through when opting to pay for premium priced earbuds, here’s what the Ankers don’t do:Dropping them doesn’t bonk them out, leaving you to have to go through a replacement process or pay for a new pair. They’re durable. To that, you get so many fitting options that they’re unlikely too fall out. They’re not cheaply made.These earbuds have accompanied me on many rigorous 5k runs. They’ve held up to sweat and water and sound good enough to amp you through. They’re also pretty good too just use casually in public.Some reviews have said there’s static, I too can attest that at first I was a bit put off. Here’s a couple of tips:If you do get some static or what sounds like bass vibration (you won’t always), wait it out. Let the Anker firmware (AI) adjust to the device being used. Turn Bluetooth on and off to reconnect. Try an app other than the main music playing app (opening up a podcast app and switching between, seemed to do something)On iPhone and Apple Watch, the iPhone is more likely to adjust and hold true with the sound. Admittedly, the Apple Watch is a bit more tricky. At least for me it is. Anker should be able to make this better with some work. But for about $30? The value is fantastic.Highly recommend if you’re on a budget and or think you happen to drop earbuds a fair amount.

  3. lil picky

    i’ll be honest, i don’t like the idea of spending well over $100 for earphones just because of the brand name. I went out on a limb with these earphones awhile back and i was shocked with how much i loved them. my ear usually doesn’t work with these types of earpieces, but they stay in when i’m walking, running, or even laying in bed. they’re not totally sound proof (those are more expensive), but i can barely hear anything when i have them in. i even bought a pair for my mom since she was jealous of how well they worked 😊

  4. Kindle Customer

    Because of the comfort and well fit I have two pairs now. One for the home and one for work. I like the fact that they fit well enough that they reduce back ground noise that I do not need to raise the volume of my music as high as other earbuds I have tried. Comfort wise they are on par with higher priced earbuds. I can eat and talk with out them falling out and 6hours of wearing i did get an ache from them.Another detail I appreciate is that the assembly of the ear piece has been thought about. My second pair that I purchase two years later from my first pair the quality has not changed for the worse. All seams are machined so that there are not sharp edges or burrs that can cut into the ear. The silicone quality is very good, after two years on my first pair, the silicone still holds its shape, softness and pliability.

  5. Becky Babers

    Bought these as a replacement after having apple airpods for the last 10 months.Battery life (read the fine print) has the playtime based on having them recharge in the case between uses. It’s not continuous play time.It re-connects the earbuds when I take them out to answer calls on my phone instead of using the earbuds (even after selecting phone instead of headset on the phone itself).Touch commands are not easy to use, tapping the end of the earbud isn’t the same as pushing a small button on the earbuds.Sound quality is good.They bother my ears more than the airpods, so I often have to take breaks from them.Small case is easy to lose and you can’t track them down. Best to get a keychain or something so you know where they are at all times (if you tend to lose things like me).I got what I paid for, I am glad I didn’t spend more than this.

  6. Yogesh R.

    Cómodo, de aspecto minimalista y con una GRAN función de cancelación de ruido
    Señoras y señores, permítanme presentarles los auriculares Bluetooth Soundcore: ¡un absoluto revolucionario en el mundo del audio inalámbrico! No puedo decir que haya probado otras marcas del mercado, ya que soy un fan incondicional de los auriculares con cable. Fabricado en Hong KongEn primer lugar, la calidad del sonido es casi alucinante. Produce un sonido rico y envolvente con agudos nítidos, medios con garra y graves profundos. De hecho, puedes elegir entre el formato de graves o Podcast. Tanto si estás improvisando con tus ritmos favoritos como disfrutando de un podcast, cada nota y cada palabra se escucharán, especialmente si estás en un entorno ruidoso.Pero no se trata sólo del sonido, amigos. El diseño ergonómico garantiza un ajuste cómodo y seguro, lo que le permite llevarlos durante horas y horas sin ninguna molestia. Eso sí, asegúrate de elegir los tapones adecuados.Y hablemos de la duración de la batería. Estos auriculares son una potencia absoluta cuando se trata de resistencia. Con una impresionante autonomía de 5 horas, puedes disfrutar de tu maratón de música sin preocuparte por quedarte sin batería. Además, el estuche de carga ofrece más. Yo utilizo el mío con reuniones en línea que suelen empezar a las 8 de la mañana y terminar a la 1 de la tarde.Pero espere, ¡hay más! Estos auriculares están equipados con controles táctiles inteligentes, para que tenga todo el control al alcance de la mano. Ajustar el volumen, saltar pistas, responder llamadas… todo se puede hacer con un simple toque o deslizamiento. Lo que más me sorprendió fue la CANCELACIÓN DE RUIDO: si estás en la concurrida y ruidosa calle de Madrid o incluso pasando la aspiradora por tu casa, las personas con las que hablaba afirmaban que ni siquiera se habían dado cuenta de que estaba en un entorno ruidoso hasta que se lo dije…Ah, ¿y he mencionado el diseño elegante y estilizado? con una estética moderna y minimalista. Es discreto, negro y se adapta a la forma de tu cabeza, a diferencia de esos auriculares blanquecinos, grandes y feos que a veces parecen los clásicos auriculares Bluetooth del año 2000.Todo en un paquete impresionante. Así que, amigos míos, si estáis buscando llevar vuestra experiencia musical o CONVENIENCIA al siguiente nivel, no busquéis más. Es asequible, en comparación con otras marcas famosas (ya sabéis de cuál hablo; air pods) del mercado, ¡Preparaos para quedaros asombrados!—–Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Soundcore Bluetooth Earphones—an absolute game-changer in the world of wireless audio! I can’t really say that i’ve tried other brands in the market, as I happen to be a die-hard fan with wired earphones and headsets.First off, the sound quality is close to mind-blowing. It produces rich, immersive sound with clear highs, punchy mids, and deep bass. You can actually choose between bass or Podcast format. Whether you’re jamming to your favorite beats or enjoying a podcast, every note and every word will be delivered ,especially if you are in a noisy environment.But it’s not just about the sound, my friends. The ergonomic design ensures a snug and secure fit, allowing you to wear them for hours on end without any discomfort. Make sure you choose the right plugs though.And let’s talk about the battery life, shall we? These earphones are an absolute powerhouse when it comes to endurance. With an impressive battery life of 5 hours you can enjoy your music marathon without worrying about running out of juice. Plus, the charging case provides more. I use mine with online meeting which can usually start at 8am and finish at 1pm.But wait, there’s more! These earphones are equipped with intelligent touch controls, giving you full control at your fingertips. Adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer calls—everything can be done with a simple tap or swipe. What surprised me was the NOISE-CANCELLATION: if you are on the busy/nosy street of Madrid or even Hoovering your home, the people I was speaking to, claimed that they didn’t even realise I was in a noisy background until I told them so..Oh, and did I mention the sleek and stylish design? with a modern and minimalist aesthetic. It’s discreet, black and fits your head shape unlike those whitish, big and ugly sometimes looking like those classic Bluetooth headsets in year 2000’s.all packed into one impressive package. So, my friends, if you’re looking to take your music experience or CONVENIENCE to the next level, look no further. It’s affordable, in comparison to other famous brands (you know which one I’m talking about ; air pods) in the market, Prepare to be amazed!

  7. Alex

    Immersive Sound Experience
    I recently purchased a pair of wireless earbuds with 10mm drivers, promising big bass, custom EQ, and Bluetooth connectivity. These earbuds have provided me with an immersive sound experience, offering powerful bass, customizable audio settings, and the convenience of wireless connectivity.Pros:Enhanced Bass: The 10mm drivers deliver impressive bass response, adding depth and richness to the audio playback. The powerful low-end frequencies create a more immersive and enjoyable listening experience, particularly for bass-driven genres like electronic, hip-hop, and rock.Customizable EQ: The ability to customize the equalizer settings allows users to fine-tune the audio output to their personal preferences. Whether you prefer a more balanced sound signature or prefer emphasizing specific frequencies, the custom EQ feature provides flexibility.Bluetooth Connectivity: The wireless Bluetooth connection eliminates the hassle of tangled cables and allows for convenient, hands-free listening. Pairing the earbuds with your device is typically straightforward, and the wireless range provides freedom of movement.Comfortable Fit: Many wireless earbuds come with ergonomic designs and various ear tip sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. This ensures long-lasting comfort, even during extended listening sessions or physical activities.Portable and Travel-Friendly: Wireless earbuds are compact and portable, making them ideal for travel. The charging case provides additional battery life, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music on the go without worrying about running out of power.Cons:Battery Life: Depending on the specific model, wireless earbuds may have varying battery life. Some models may offer shorter playback time, requiring more frequent charging or reliance on the charging case for extended use. It’s important to consider your usage patterns and battery needs.Noise Isolation: While wireless earbuds provide a convenient and immersive listening experience, they may not offer the same level of noise isolation as over-ear headphones. This means external sounds may still be audible, especially in noisy environments.Overall, wireless earbuds with 10mm drivers, big bass, custom EQ, and Bluetooth connectivity offer a compelling audio experience. With their enhanced bass response, customizable equalizer settings, wireless convenience, comfortable fit, and portability, they provide an immersive and enjoyable way to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts. While considerations such as battery life and noise isolation should be taken into account, the benefits of wireless earbuds make them a popular choice for on-the-go audio enthusiasts.

  8. Markus

    Gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis mit Abstrichen
    In Anbetracht des Preises, kann ich das Headset bedenkenlos fürs Telefonieren empfehlen. Wer gerne Musik hört, der könnte etwas enttäuscht sein. Aber das hängt davon ab was man erwartet und gewohnt ist.Gekauft habe ich das Headset für meine Frau, die etwas Old-Skool ist und beharrlich die einfachen, kabelgebundenen Headsets genutzt hat, die bei den Smartphones oft beiliegen. Mich hat es jedoch in den Wahnsinn getrieben, wenn die Kabel an der Kleidung gerieben haben und vom Mikrofon im Kabel übertragen wurden. Deshalb habe ich ihr dieses Headset gekauft. Nach kurzer Eingewöhnungsphase ist es nun soweit, dass sie nur noch dieses Headset verwendet und ihre kabelgebundenen Headsets nur noch als Backup mit sich führt.Ich fasse mal ihr Feedback zusammen.Ihr gefällt die lange Akkulaufzeit und, dass die Aufbewahrungsbox gleichzeitig ein Akku mit Ladefunktion für die Ohrstecker ist. Die Tonqualität beschreibt sie als gut und auch Musik hört sie damit gelegentlich. Sie kennt aber auch meine kabelgebundenen Kopfhörer mit deutlich höherem Preis und meint, dass das noch ein deutlicher Unterschied ist. Der Tragekomfort ist auch sehr gut und es liegen auch verschiedene Aufsätze bei.Die Sprachqualität von dem Mikrofon kann ich wiederum beurteilen, weil sie oft mit mir telefoniert. Grundsätzlich ist es etwas leiser als die anderen Headsets, die sie hat. Man kann sie aber gut verstehen. Wenn sie aber während der Autofahrt auf die anderen Autofahrer schimpft, ist das Mikro ein bisschen überfordert und es tut mir in den Ohren weh. Ich weiß nicht, ob das an der Lautstärke oder der Wortwahl liegt…vermutlich an der Lautstärke.Als Fazit kann ich nur sagen, dass es meine Frau überzeugen konnte und die Sprachqualität in dieser Preisklasse ganz gut ist. Sicher kein Vergleich zu den hochwertigen Vertretern dieser Gattung, aber gut verständlich. Wer also ein günstiges Bluetooth Headset zum Telefonieren sucht, der sollte sich das Anker P2 genauer anschauen.

  9. David

    Quick setup, solid connection and quality sound
    First impressions of these headphones are very good. The charging case is small and made from smooth plastic with no give – I have no concerns about it getting damaged rattling around in a bag.Connection is quick & easy – after the initial pairing you just have to open the case and they connect within seconds. No drop-outs so far, even when wandering across the room from the device they’re connected to.Very comfortable and secure when wearing them – I’m using these primarily as gym headphones and they’re light, discreet and comfortable to wear and I’d have no worries about them falling out as long as you have the correct tips on.Comes with 5 pairs of tips at different sizes to allow you to customise the fit.Sound quality is good – not too heavy on bass but definitely loud and full enough for my liking. I tend to enjoy an EQ with a medium level of bass and solid mids and I’ve been enjoying what these buds put out.

  10. colette

    On par with the Apple Airpods.
    Okay, so, I’ve used Airpod pros, Airpods, Soundpeats, and so and so. However, I will say, this is probably the BEST one out there. For this value? Stunning. I had expected a cheap feel, bad audio quality, faulty LEDs or connection issues, or the audio sync is way off. It might not be as good as the Airpods but this is considerably better than the Soundpeats.Packaging:Shipping took 2 days, but that might be because of where I live (Vic). The packaging was great, with the seal easy to remove so I didn’t need to use scissors or fight with my fingernails. The inside was even better. First we had the Quick Start Guide (includes how to start, what the lights mean, how to use one earbud, switching the EQ’s, and how to connect. It had different languages too.) The guide was mostly just pictures with different subtitles, so it was very easy to understand. Next, there was presumably the terms and legal stuff ig. And finally, the feed back card that was beautifully designed.The case + earbuds were wrapped using plastic film, and the earbuds even had these tabs to protect the connectivity wires that charged the earbuds.The different sizes were in a separate bag from the rest of the package.Connectivity and Controls:Very simple, very easy. Open the case, go to your settings and press the earbuds. Once connected, take any earbud out, or both. The controls were explained in the manual and were very easy to understand. What I like about the controls is that to pause and start, you have to tap twice, therefore no accidental pausing or playing when I’m adjust it or touching my hair etc. The controls are also explained to you if you are only using one earbud. The lights are explained to you and they are shown to represent 1. connection and 2. battery. Very easy to understand, as they’re all included in the manual. I suggest taking photos of the controls and the battery guides when you first start using them.Quality:I thought they’d feel cheap and plasticky. They WEREN’T. Sure, they didn’t have the same feel as airpods, but they definitely aren’t finicky or cheap. The magnets on both the case and the earbuds work very well, and the case doesn’t feel too lightweight but not too heavy either. I have no problems with the weight.Sound:The controls are a bit delayed but only by like a fraction of a second. Noise cancellation was amazing, and you can tell the difference immediately. Music and audio from what I’ve experienced so far have no delays. There are different EQs that you can switch to which I think is a nice touch although I can’t really tell the difference, but we’ll see!Comfort:SUPPPER COMFORTABLE. I have ears that are probably borderline small and average, and they fit perfectly with the standard Medium size. If it doesn’t fit, try the S or the L size. They do not fall out, and feel very comfortable. Not sure how well it’d stay for sport purposes, or the sweat resistance, but they fit right in and I’m super pleased with it.Only note I have is: I can only speak for people who live in Australia, as the store is in Australia. Not sure if the quality decreases if it travels large distances, and might lead to connecting issues.TLDR: Best earbuds you can get for the value, audio on par with apple, quality is amazing, and the packaging and instructions are informative and helpful.If you don’t want to spend too much money on earbuds but still want ones to last long and enjoyable to use? Or you were about to buy these but was concerned that the price reflects the quality? These are perfect, and if you were deciding, trust me, buy them.Edit: after 4 months of using them, I do have some things to say.Quality is still great, save for the case can get easily scratched (not scratched, just marked and you can’t get rid of it) but it isn’t a problem. battery still lasts so long the only thing i have is that there’s a TINY delay in audio. unless you play games or need the sound to match the visual, doesn’t affect that much if you’re just listening to music or videos.i will say however, that connecting was a bit tacky due to me needing to switch from phone to laptop as you had to “reconnect” everytime. sometimes you may need to turn off your Bluetooth for one device so it connects to the other (if it originally was connected to the former)audio quality still remains the same but I’ve noticed when you use apps on the phone like discord where there are voice chats, audios from music apps or videos sound a bit radio like. this sometimes applies just when you connect it immediately and itll sound off. although this happens quite rarely and be because of my phone (android), I’ll note it nonetheless.

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