Sony LinkBuds S Truly Wireless Noise Canceling Earbud Headphones with Alexa Built-in, Bluetooth Ear Buds Compatible with iPhone

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Brand Sony
Model Name LinkBuds S
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
  • SMART SOUND- Smart features and settings learn from your behavior and automatically adjust sound settings to provide the right sound for the moment.Specific uses for product : Audio.Communication system : Bluetooth Specification version 5.
  • NEVER OFF- Automatically switches between superlative noise canceling or optimized ambient sound for listening without distractions. Sony’s best transparent ambient sound in truly wireless headphones (As of May 9th 2022. Excluding Open style.)
  • ULTRA SMALL & LIGHT- These bluetooth earbuds fit comfortably in your ear.
  • IMMERSIVE SOUND QUALITY- With the Integrated Processor V1.
  • ULTRA-CLEAR CALL QUALITY- Advanced Voice Signal Processing lets sound come in clear. Sony’s best ever call quality in truly wireless headphones (As of May 19th 2022).
  • MULTIPOINT CONNECTION- Connect two devices at once (Available via firmware update)
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE & QUICK CHARGING: Up to 6 hours of battery life and up to 20 hours with charging case. Quick charging gives up to 60 minutes of playback with a 5 minute charge.
  • IPX4 RATING-Protects against sweat and splashes on these wireless ear buds.
  • TOUCH CONTROLS- Pause, play, skip tracks, control volume, activate your voice assistant, and answer phone calls on these bluetooth headphones.
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LinkBuds S noise canceling wireless headphones automate your audio experience with ultralight wireless ear buds that feature smart technology to connect your online and offline worlds like never before. Seamlessly shift from ambient sound to advanced noise canceling and enable automatic playback that learns from your behavior. LinkBuds S bluetooth earbuds deliver the right sound for whatever world you’re in.

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Weight 0.176 lbs
Dimensions 1.69 × 2.36 × 1.09 in
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1.69 x 2.36 x 1.09 inches



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‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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May 18, 2022

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‎0.176 ounces, 5 Grams


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7 reviews for Sony LinkBuds S Truly Wireless Noise Canceling Earbud Headphones with Alexa Built-in, Bluetooth Ear Buds Compatible with iPhone

  1. C

    (This is a lengthy review, so in case you are short on time I have included a quick Pros/Cons summary at the top. This gives an idea of my overall opinions, but for more details continue to read on below.)(Note- I will mostly be comparing these to other earbuds that I have used and/or reviewed recently: AirPods Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Sony WF-1000XM4, Echo Buds2, and Klipsch T5 II )THE GOOD:–Comfort/Fit: So far, these are very comfortable to wear. They are slightly smaller than some of the other earbuds I’ve tested, and are up there with Airpods Pro in terms of comfort. They also feel very secure in the ear, unlike some other brands. No complaints here with comfort/design.–Mic Quality: The mic quality of these is excellent. I tested out with calling friends, and these were either 1st or 2nd best sounding earbuds according to the people I called. My friend says that these mics are the best out the earbuds we tested in this range.–Multiple Ecosystem Support: These work well with all ecosystems, whether you are using Apple or Android; and with assistants including Alexa and Google.–Good ANC : The noise canceling on these is also fantastic. This technology has come a long way, and sometimes it can be hard to compare ANC, since each company produces earbuds that prioritize blocking out slightly different frequencies. To me these seem like they are close to the best , but maybe the XM4s and Airpods Pro are SLIGHTLY better, especially the XM4s at low frequency ranges. The Adaptive Sound Control is a neat feature that can change ambient sound settings based on your location, though I’m not sure how useful this will be in practice.THE BAD:–Overall Sound Comparison: With the default EQ settings, the overall sound quality actually seems slightly worse than the WF1000XM4s to me. I also prefer the sound of the Klipsch T5 IIs with most music, and even the Galaxy Pros with some songs; as these LinkBuds S can sometimes sound slightly muffled or dampened in comparison. Still good quality sound overall, just not as good as some of the other options in this range, and not my favorite with any type of music I tested.–No Wireless Charging: This seems like a big disappointment for this price range. I would expect that ALL earbuds that are over $200 should have wireless charging at this point.MORE DETAILS:Here are my thoughts on each category, again mostly comparing to: Airpods Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Sony WF-1000XM4, Echo Buds2, and Klipsch T5 II. (I also enlisted the help of a friend of mine that is an Audio Engineer, to give his opinions and to use some of his equipment.)Sound – These sounded great to me when I first put them in and listened to a variety of music. I was not disappointed in overall sound quality at all, and if you aren’t comparing these to anything else, you will also probably think that they sound great. It was only after rigorously measuring their output with my friend’s mics, and also repeatedly comparing them to all of the other earbuds, that I was able to notice the slightly muffled sound compared to the other earbuds. The Airpods Pro, Klipsch T5 II, XM4, and Galaxy Pro all seem slightly more “clear”, with a broader range. The midrange on the Airpods Pro might be the biggest difference here, and when I switched back and forth between them I felt like I was missing some of those midrange frequencies with the LinkBuds S. Overall sound range/EQ preferences are of course very subjective and personal, but my friend and I both agree that these are definitively not our favorite in this category.Design/Fit – I like the way that these fit in my ear, and they are right up there at the top with Airpods and Klipsch in terms of being lightweight and comfortable. For me, the Galaxy Pros were a little to clunky and felt like they might fall out sometimes, but the LinkBuds S fit great while also feeling secure. The texture of the buds themselves is almost a little scratchy, which took me a little while to get used to, but I think I prefer this texture for touch sensitivity. For me though, I have always preferred the press-able buttons on the Klipsch T5 IIs over all of these touch sensors, partly because I often wear a headband over the earbuds and a sweaty headband can mess with the touch sensors sometimes.Calls – This is probably the best overall feature of these earbuds. The microphone quality seemed to be the best out of all the earbuds when testing out on my friend’s equipment, and in real-world testing I experienced similar results. These were either the best sounding, or a close second best when compared to other earbuds when making calls. These sounded the best in almost every environment, maybe tied for best with Klipsch in noisy/windy environments.Water Resistance – These have the same IPX4 rating as most of the other earbuds, but note that the Galaxy Buds Pro have a superior IPX7 rating, if that matters to you. So far these have been working great for exercise, but again personally I prefer more headband-friendly designs sometimes.Charging/etc: These charge at about the same speed as the other earbuds, and have a similar battery life. The BIG difference is that these don’t support wireless charging, which seems odd at this price range. These come with a short 9 inch usb-A to usb-C cable in the box, no plug/brick. This is my least favorite in terms of charging options compared to the other earbuds in this price range.OVERALL: These are solid earbuds that feel great, produce good sound, have good ANC, and have excellent microphones for great call quality. They do just about everything well, but at this current price I can’t say that they are my favorite, or even the best value. Overall my favorites are probably still the Klipsch T5 IIs, which are currently less expensive than these LinkBuds S earbuds at the time I’m writing this. My second favorite would either be the Galaxy Pros or the Airpod Pros, both of which are slightly less expensive and produce slightly better sound in my opinion. The only thing these LinkBuds S are the best at seems to be the mic/call quality, but even then the difference there isn’t big enough for me to recommend choosing them overall. Personally I’m sticking with my Klipsch T5 IIs for regular use, but if you are a diehard Apple user, I would have recommend the Airpods Pro over these LinkBuds S at the current prices. If these drop in price in the future and are competitively priced with some of the other options, then they might be a good choice; especially if switching back and forth between ecosystems is important to you and you don’t mind the lack of wireless charging.

  2. Katie Rausch

    I have been using my Skullcandy wired earbuds for as long as possible but it came time for me to find a true wireless earbud to wear to the gym/on the Peloton. I tried my husband’s AirPods and 1. They felt like they were going to fall right out of my head and 2. They hurt that little cartilage spot right before the ear canal entrance. Ppl with small ears… you know the spot I’m talking about! Instant pain and pressure spot. So we tried the other brand owned by Apple started by one Dr. Dre. Cool colors, but still hurt my sad little ears. The search continued…So I turned to Amazon, Reddit, Target, Best Buy, pouring over each review section in search of some clues for a review about each bud and their compatibility with small ears. Knowing that Sony is an old standby for most, I just went ahead and added them to the cart along with a Soundcore pair. The package arrived, the Souncore buds with stems hurt even more than the AirPods did. NEXT! The Sony packaging was fairly nice, recycled materials which I appreciated. Once I slipped them in **cue a chorus of Heavenly Host**. At last! A relatively secure earbud that didn’t hurt my ear cartilage! I downloaded the app and paired them to my phone and Peloton with just a tidbit of troubleshooting research. The sound coming through was almost as good as the Beats I tried. Certainly more than adequate bass for the size. The app has an equalizer option but right off the bat is was fairly well balanced for listening to Fred Again.. . Not too tinny at all. The touch commands are also intuitive! Touch the left bud and it changes from noise cancelling to ambient. Touch the right and it plays/pauses the music. I don’t have anything to say about talking on phone calls with them 🤷‍♀️ it’s just not what I need them for. I need them for exercise.Why I reduced a star: I really wish I could give it 4.5 stars honestly, and here’s why:1. The pairing wasn’t exactly intuitive. You have to have one bud in, have the other one in the case, have the case open and long press the case button to get it to pair to secondary devices (such as the Peloton).2. It makes a click when I’m running.3. The case just doesn’t have that satisfying heft that other bud cases have. And the plastic is rough feeling. Does that matter? Absolutely not. But if we’re rating overall experience it’s worth mentioning.So if you have small ears and have yet to find the right pair of true wireless earbuds, do yourself a favor and get these. Are they the best on the market? No. But they don’t hurt! And that’s the BEST selling point.

  3. El compras

    Equilibrados y Sonido Balanceado, Ergonomia Depende De Tu Oido
    Pros:Su Carga (la bateria promete lo que cumple)Buena App En iOS se comporta mejor y es mas estable, aunque en Android me funciono bien tambien pero aveces se desconectaban (use un iPhone 13 Pro Max y Un s22 Ultra)El sonido es bueno, tiene exceso de bajos, a mi me gusta mas planos, por que soy ingeniero de audio, pero con el ecualizador no tuve problema, ademas se sincroniza con mi cuenta, asi que si uso los auriculares en mi iphone o ipad recuerda la ecualizacion en la app.La Supresion De Ruido Es Magnifica (Mucho mejor que Airpods Pro) suprimen igual que los airpods pro pero no sacan ese ruido blanco molesto que aveces me sacaban los airpods pro, aunque no suprimen todo el ruido es decente.Para hacer ejercicio funcionaron bien, no se cayeron, quedaron fijos y no se movian.Cosas que no me gustaron:El material si bien es reciclado, tiene un tacto extraño, no es liso, parece mas un carton corrugado, se siente arenoso, y los audifonos tambien, es cuestion de gustos pero a mi me hubiera gustado que se sintiera listo y no arenoso y extraño.Los controles tactiles son buenos, pero solo te deja cambiar los predeterminados por la app para cada auricular, por ejemplo si elijes que con un auricular quieres cambiar el modo ambiente y el de supresion de ruido puedes hacerlo tocando un clic, pero si presionas dos clics no pasa nada, (la app no te permite pesonalizar), asi que al final tuve que optar por tener en el izquierdo la supresión y el modo ambiente, y del lado derecho el control de volumen, sacrificando cambiar de cancion o pausar (una lastima por que la podria poner del lado del control de ruido con dos clics)cuando se cierra la tapa se pierde la conexion, si quieres conocer el estado de bateria no basta con abrir la tapa, tienes que sacarlos para ver el estado en la app y se conecten los auriculares.No permite la conexion multidispositivo de forma rapida, es decir cuando tenia mis airpods podia pasar de mi iphone a mi mac, a mi ipad y los detectaba sin tocar nada, aqui no es asi tienes que irte al apartado de bluettooh y buscarlos (claramente primero tienes que emparejarlos, ya despues de eso se queda registrados pero tienes que buscarlos si cambias de dispositivo)El Modo Ambiente funciona bien, tiene una opcion para escuchar a las voces mas claras, pero no esta a la altura de otros del mercado, tu propia voz no se oye clara, se oye acartonada, tambien tiene mucho ruido blanco, aunque me gusto que se pueda controlar el nivel de ambiente o de sonido que quieres oir.vengo de unos airpods pro por que no me quedaban y me lastimaban la oreja, estos me quedan muy bien, se moldan perfecto a la estructura de la oreja, pero despues de una hora si me empezo a doler la oreja, si tienes la parte de la oreja donde va la forma circular del auricular muy pequeña puede que te moleste como ami, apesar de eso se sienten solidos y ergonomicos.Extras:los auriculares ofrecen extras en la aplicacion de sony, como el audio 360 que funciona bien pero solo funciona con ciertas aplicaciones, o el DSEE Extreme que optimiza los archivos digitales de música comprimida en tiempo real con Edge-AI (Se oia normal nada destacable), sin embargo ningun de estos extras le dan un plus a el auricular, haciendo que no destaquen mucho.los microfonos son pasables, no son geniales, pero te sacan del apuro no esperes lo mejor.Conclusion:Son buenos si tienes cualquier sistema operativo, recomiendo que se usen solo si los piensas escuchar en un solo dispositivo, ya que la interconectividad entre dispositivos es tediosa, por el precio creo que esta bien, la calidad del sonido me gusto y el modo de supresion de ruido es muy bueno, sin llegar a sentir tu oido taponado, cancelando un buen porcentaje de ruido.

  4. Cliente de Amazon

    Excelentes audífonos
    Mi reseña no es neutral. Soy un fan de los audífonos de la marca SONY. Y al ver el modelo LinkBuds S en descuento me decidí a comprarlos.Son pequeños, cómodos y suenan bien. La función de cancelación de ruido es excelente para ambientes como oficina ó el gimnasio (estoy seguro de que podrían funcionar muy bien en ambientes de mucho más ruido aunque no he tenido oportunidad de probarlos).Son de buen material, su superficie es rugosa lo que ayuda a los comandos por tacto. Tiene funciones vía la app “Headphones” de SONY que incluyen: ecualizador, control de sonido ambiente, decidir que mapear a los controles táctiles y una función que se llama “Hablar por chat” que silencian tu música y prenden los micrófonos para que puedas platicar con las personas en el momento que hablas, para que no tengas que quitarte los audifonos (seguro otros audifonos tambien tienen esta característica).El único aspecto negativo es la duración de la batería (que tiene que ver con su tamaño) con el ANC activo a las 3 – 4 horas los audífonos van a estar descargados. La carga rápida del estuche ayuda, pero una carga completa puede tomar unas 2 horas. Para que lo tengan en cuenta.

  5. Emiliano N

    100% Recomendado
    Excelente calidad de audio mi novia se quedó mis airpods pro y la verdad ni se siente el cambio en cuanto a calidad de audio. Tiene muy buen bass y en cuanto a la cancelación de ruido igualmente es excelente. En cuanto al tamaño si eres de oídos pequeños con las almohadillas SS que incluye te quedarán excelente.

  6. Erik Gz

    Haber yo uso IOS y Deezer, para escuchar música y uff una delicia de bajos, claro descarga la app de Sony y aparte escualice los bajos dentro de la app de Deezer, sin duda los mejores son muy cómodos, llevo ya 1 año con ellos y no he tenido problema alguno la verdadLos volviera a comprar

  7. Humberto Campa

    Buen ajuste al oido y calidad de sonido
    A diferencia de otros modelos de earbuds de Sony que he tenido, estos son los que mejor me han quedado, al igual que a otras personas cercanas que conozco que tenemos el mismo modelo. Adicionalmente, son muy ligeros, suenan bastante bien al hacer y recibir llamadas. Aunque no los compré para escuchar música, cuando sí la escucho, suenan bastante adecuados.La función de cancelación de ruido es buena.

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