Open Ear Headphones, Bluetooth 5.3 Earbuds with 60H Playtime IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds Immersive Premium Sound True

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Model Name CT11
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

  • 【Open-ear Design Headphones】Feature with a new generation of true open-ear wireless earbuds design, the headphones can rest gently and firmly fit your ears without entering your ear canal, which will reduce stress and hearing loss after extended wear. There is no pinching of the auricle, no blockage of the ear canal, and no pain or damage to hearing.
  • 【Powerful Stereo Sound】Equipped with 16.2 millimeters vibrating diaphragm speaker driver, bluetooth headphones providing pure balanced audio and clarity output for all music genres with soft audio and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of music.
  • 【Hear Your Surroundings】Open earbuds that rest on your ears without covering them, you can hear your music and your surroundings at the same time. Whether you are cycling, walking, running, working out or driving, you can always be aware of your surroundings, knowing you are safe and alert for changes in your environment.
  • 【Comfort and Secure Fit】 The open earbuds can avoid wearing discomfort caused by in-ear or over-ear headphones. Flexible, secure-fitting silicone ear hooks and an ergonomic design ensure the bluetooth earphones stay comfortable and secure during hiking, running and other outdoor activities.
  • 【Charge on the go & IPX7 Waterproof】Earbuds last 11 hours of playback time with one charge and can be extended up to 60 hours with a portable charging case in use. Plus, wireless headphones boast IPX7-rated protection that prevents ordinary splashing water and rain. (Please note: The charging case is not waterproof)
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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 3.19 × 2.91 × 1.32 in
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3.19 x 2.91 x 1.32 inches

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5 ounces



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March 21, 2023

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11 Hours


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4 reviews for Open Ear Headphones, Bluetooth 5.3 Earbuds with 60H Playtime IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds Immersive Premium Sound True

  1. A. Morrison

    On a personal note, I hate earbuds that have to be in the ear canal. I do not find them comfortable at all and avoid them when possible. Due to this, I have purchase multiple open ear products hoping to find something that works better for me.So far, these are my favorites and worked so well for me that I bought a 2nd pair of them. Here is what I have found after about a month of use.Sound Quality – I am not extremely picky about this and may not be your best source of information if you are wanting the best sound. However, I find them to be better than most similar devices and have no issues here.Voice Quality – I often also use these for phone calls. Obviously, I cannot hear myself on them but have been told they are good and better than others I have tried.Battery Life – I have used them for over 4 hours of calls and was still showing about 40% battery life. So, they appear to have no issues here. I have never needed the case to charge them much so I cannot speak to that directly.Comfort/Build Quality – I find them very comfortable and have even forgotten I had one of them on (as they can work separately). The build quality seems good though the case seems a bit cheaper made but still nothing too bad.Complaints/Stuff to Fix: It would be beneficial if the case had some way to tell its charge level. As far as I can tell, it does not. It has a blue light in the front. It blinks when charging. It would be nice if there was some indicator such as a percentage like some others use or even a series of lights where 1 light = 25%, 2 lights = 50%, etc. I also wish they connected when removed from the case and not just when it was opened. That is just preference though as I have had other pairs connect while in my bag. So far, I have not had this issue with these.For the price which was under $30, I highly recommend these if you seek something that does not go in your ear.

  2. Scattors

    I have had problems with ear buds and anything in my ear all my life due to my eustachian tubs being very small. Thus the suction from ear buds are painful.I can confidently say these are so much better. They fit over my ear beautifully and while it doesn’t block out all of the outside noise, it’s still got amazing sound quality. I shook my head several times and not once did they fall off. The battery life is amazing.Truthfully the only thing I had difficulty with was the touch controls. It’s very easy to accidentally turn up or down the volume, and sometimes the double tap to pause doesn’t like to respond. However while this did happen, it wasn’t a common enough occurrence for me to really be upset about it.I have already recommended these earbuds to a coworker who also has issues with in ear earbuds, and I am very VERY satisfied with them.

  3. Evan Bond

    After searching Amazon for bone conducting headphones and settling on a pair, I was quickly disappointed with the pair I got. Having spent $80 on slightly uncomfortable headphones that cut in and out every few seconds. So I returned those and started looking for open ear headphones instead. I was nervous about grabbing open ear headphones because I don’t need everyone hearing my music/podcasts/phone calls. But these headphones are everything I was looking for. First, the single bud over the ear is much more comfortable than the around the back of the head bands of the bone conduction headphones. They sit comfortably on your ear, just over the canal. And the position of the speaker means most of the sound is going straight into your ear rather than bleeding into the open. So you retain nearly all of the sound without losing the capability to also hear. It’s a great design. Even at full blast, they’re not super loud to where others around you will hear it. Unless you’re in a very quiet place. Sound quality is excellent, which is another plus over the bone conductions I tried. They sound like you’re listening to high quality in the ear buds but without the discomfort of jamming something into your ear canal. My one and only complaint so far is that the volume control seems to stop working if I switch from listening to music to answering a phone call and going back to music. But this could be an issue with the Bluetooth on my phone rather than the headphones themselves, so I won’t hold it against them. Even so, it’s a simple fix of turning off the Bluetooth and turning it back on and it’s better. Can’t beat these for that price!

  4. Amazonion

    Over ear headphones are uncomfortable to wear when laying down, on ear full size headphones hurt my earlobes and in ear buds always fall out or start to hurt my eardrums. Finally, something comfortable that doesn’t fall out! Hence, the 4 stars. But these headphones wouldn’t pair with my Google TV with Chromecast 4k (although Google tv is partly to blame) when better headphones did pair. It did pair with the Fire TV. Using it to play Call of Duty Mobile I had really bad latency until I turned off HD Audio in developer options. The sound quality when listening to audiobooks is terrible at higher volumes and music is pathetically bad. Which is a problem given that it is open ear so you may need to listen at higher volumes than an ordinary Bluetooth headset. But using this at work when I need to be aware of my surroundings is really nice. I actually like that it is not noise cancelling at all. Given the bad sound quality, you wouldn’t want to be too focused on whatever you are listening to anyway! For the price, I really can’t complain but I do intend to purchase a more expensive bone conduction ear bud soon now that I see how much I like this type for listening to audio books and watching TV. It also works for phone calls. I’m not sure about the sound quality on the other end, but people have not complained about not being able to hear me.

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