Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black

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Brand Audio-Technica
Model Name ATH-M30x
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • Advanced build quality and engineering
  • 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Tuned for enhanced detail, with excellent mid-range definition
  • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments
  • Convenient single-side cable exit
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Weight 7.8 lbs
Dimensions 11.4 × 10 × 4.1 in
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11.4 x 10 x 4.1 inches

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Date First Available

January 23, 2014


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7.8 ounces


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10 reviews for Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black

  1. Amazon Customer

    After actively using these headphones almost daily for over a year, I feel that this is the best pair of headphones I have personally owned. I have never really gone out of my way to get amazing headphones, and one day I did a bit of research into types of headphones. Eventually, I landed at these ones since they didn’t break the bank and had a good reputation. I was definitely not let down: the sound quality is very nice, the headphones are quite comfortable (even for my large head,) and after a year, they have not broken, bent, deformed, or had any noticeable change/damage whatsoever. There were even a few times where I accidentally closed drawers on the cord, or it got caught in the mechanism of my recliner (yes, I know, I should be more careful) but that doesn’t even matter because the cord is the perfect thickness to be absolutely fine, without even a nick in the rubber, while still being light enough to not be encumbering, and it is quite a lengthy cord as well.Overall, I am extremely glad I made this purchase. These are perfect for someone like me who wants a quality and respectable pair of headphones without dishing out several hundred dollars.

  2. Sara

    Realized I’d never written a review for this.Got these headphones… last year? Year before? Pandemic years been weird.I’ll -try- to do this more proper than my other reviews…Pros:-long cord-great sound-Sturdy, far as I’m concerned. I told myself I’d be super careful and never drop, etc… and since then, its fallen so many times, but the cord part connecting to the actual headphones is still just fine.cons:-even after stretching it out over a good sized cardboard box for some days, fit was still tight af even for my tiny head. Hurt my ears/head a good deal but I loved everything else so endured(perhaps not the best idea)-the ear… covers? Also hurt my ears and after so much chafing and they even started falling apart, it ended up causing some wound just in front of my ear on one side(earcover burn, as opposed to rug burn), after which I was like, frick this, they have to be replaceable, right? Of course they were. So…. do yourself a favor and if you get these, BUY SOME NICE SOFT EAR COVERS and don’t bother with the og ear covers. I wish I could remember what brand I got, but I don’t. They might’ve been totally generic, but so much better.If anything ever happened, I’d buy these again, but instead, leave them over a box for like. A couple weeks. Just enough to stretch them out, you don’t wanna make the slider things too loose. And since I have a nice pair of soft ear covers now that are still going strong, I’d just use them and toss the originals for the next one, too.

  3. Vos

    I recently purchased the M30x headphones and couldn’t be happier with my decision. The comfort level is outstanding, with easy adjustability that allows for extended periods of use without any discomfort.What truly sets these headphones apart is the sound quality. The audio is crisp, clear, and incredibly immersive. I use these headphones primarily with the Monroe Institute Gateway tapes, and the M30x elevates the experience to a whole new level. Listening to the tapes with these headphones on, I find myself more relaxed and deeply engaged in the content.If you’re in the market for a pair of high-quality, comfortable headphones, I highly recommend the M30x, especially if you’re planning to use them for focused listening sessions like meditation or mindfulness tapes.

  4. digikeiki

    I am no audiophile. A key usage of this headphone is for travel. I have a big head and don’t like having the ear pads touching my ears.Since the pads that come with these headphones are around 60mm inside dimension and thin as cardboard they got immediately changed out to 70mm Brainwave pads. With new pads plus these fit my head comfortably, they get 4 stars for my application. Without the pad exchange they are 2 stars. I highly recommend that for long term wear/comfort that you upgrade the pads.

  5. JJG

    The Audio Technica ATH-M30x are excellent sounding headphones in the sub $100 range. I’m using the M30x as a second pair of headphones to listen to music and when watching movies or TV shows on an iPhone, iPad, or through an AV receiver. I wanted headphones that would sound great, be well built, be portable, and yet be affordably priced. In those regards, the M30x delivers.The M30x is a nicely designed successor to the popular M30 headphones which they are replacing. I really like Audio Technica’s styling update for the M30x, giving it a look similar to the iconic M50 and newer M50x headphones. Like the M50 and M50x, the M30x now features a collapsible design for space saving portability. Both of those are welcome changes from the dated looking and clunkier M30. A few months back I purchased a pair of M30 headphones, used them for a couple of weeks before returning them, and then purchased the M50 headphones. The design and feel of the M30x is much improved from the M30.—–SPEC COMPARISON BETWEEN ATH-M30x & ATH-M50x:The M50 and M30 were the most popular headphones in Audio Technica’s Professional Studio Monitor Headphone lineup so my guess is that the M50x and M30x will be also so I’ve written a spec comparison between models.1. The M30x has a 40mm driver compared to a 45mm driver in the M50x.2. The M30x has a frequency response of 15-22,000Hz compared to 15-28,000Hz with the M50x.3. The M30x has a maximum input power of 1300mW at 1kHz compared to 1600mW at 1kHz with the M50x.4. The M30x has a sensitivity of 96dB compared to 99dB with the M50x.5. The M30x has an impedance of 47 ohms compared to 38 ohms with the M50x.6. The M30x weighs 7.8oz compared to 10oz with the M50x.7. The M30x has a built in cable compared to detachable cables with the M50x. The straight cables are both 9.8′.With a higher sensitivity, lower impedance, and higher maximum input power the M50x are a little easier to drive, are a little louder, and can handle more power before clipping than the M30x.—–COMPARING AUDIO TECHNICA’s PROFESSIONAL STUDIO MONITOR HEADPHONE LINEUP:If looking at other models in Audio Technica’s lineup, the M20x, M30x, and M40x all have 40mm drivers whereas the M50x has 45mm drivers. All have a frequency response on the low end of 15Hz but as the headphone models get better so do the higher end of the frequency response, 20,000Hz with the M20x up to 28,000Hz with the M50x. The M40x and M50x feature detachable cables whereas the cable in the M20x and M30x is built in to the headphones. The M20x isn’t collapsible while all the other models are. When examining sensitivity, impedance, and maximum input power, as the models get better the headphones tend to increase in dB’s, become easier to drive with a lower impedance, and are able to handle more power before clipping.—–SOUND QUALITY OF M30x & COMPARISON TO M50:The M30x offers excellent sound quality for its price. The headphones produce a rich, clean, and detailed sound with a good amount of bass. I’m really impressed with the sound they are able to produce.Having the M50, I was able to do a comparison between the two headphones. Since many reviewers who own both the M50 and M50x headphones state that the two models sound identical, my sound comparison between the M50 and M30x should provide a good comparison in sound between the M30x and newer M50x headphones.The M50 headphones are a little louder. They produce better bass as a result of the 45mm drivers compared the 40mm drivers in the M30x. The sound from the M50’s is also fuller and has better separation. You do get what you pay for but when considering sound to price the M30x offers great bang for your buck.—–PROS:1. Produce a rich, clean, and detailed sound with good bass.2. Affordably priced, great bang for your buck.3. Comfortable to wear.4. Attractive design and lightweight.5. Collapsible for space saving portability. When collapsed they are noticeably smaller than my M50’s collapsed.6. Comes with protective carrying pouch and 1/4″ adapter for headphone plug. The 3.5mm plug allows the M30x to plug into smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. The 1/4″ adapter allows the headphones to plug into receivers, mixers, and other audio equipment.CONS:1. The “L” & “R” indicators for the cans are inside the headband area and are hard to see in dim lit areas. I much prefer their placement on the can swivel mechanism with the M50/M50x. I know its minor especially if you just remember that the cable comes out of the left side but I thought I’d mention it.—–SUMMARY:The ATH-M30x headphones continue Audio Technica’s legacy of producing amazing headphones. At the price point of the M30x, they are very hard to beat. If you are looking for a pair of headphones that sound great, are well built, are portable, and yet are affordably priced as I was, I highly recommend the M30x. If considering other Audio Technica models I recommend spending a little extra money and purchasing the M30x over the M20x. The collapsible design is very nice and the M30x allows almost double the maximum input power than the M20x. If sound quality is your concern over price, the M50x is superior with better bass, separation, and a fuller sound. The build quality is also nicer with the M50x. My M50’s feel sturdier, the headband extender feels more durable, and I like the swivel feature of the M50 cans. That’s not to take away from the M30x because they are well built headphones for the price.

  6. Compra inteligente ☑️

    ¡Estos auriculares han superado mis expectativas!
    Estos auriculares han superado mis expectativas en términos de calidad de sonido, comodidad y versatilidad, brindándome una experiencia auditiva excepcional en diversos entornos.Desde el momento en que los coloqué, noté la combinación perfecta entre la ingeniería moderna y los materiales de alta calidad. La comodidad fue instantánea, y su diseño ergonómico me permitió usarlos durante largos periodos sin ninguna molestia. El aislamiento de sonido fue impresionante, lo que me sumergió por completo en mi música o en mis sesiones de seguimiento y mezcla.Lo que realmente me dejó asombrado fue la claridad de audio mejorada que ofrecen estos auriculares. Los detalles sonoros que pude percibir en mis pistas y canciones favoritas fueron notables. El rango medio se destacó con una definición sólida, lo que permitió que los instrumentos y las voces se reprodujeran con una autenticidad impresionante. Cada matiz y matices fueron revelados de manera sorprendente.La versatilidad de los auriculares es otro punto destacado. Los utilicé tanto en el estudio para seguimiento y mezcla como en entornos exteriores para grabaciones. La calidad del sonido se mantuvo constante en ambos casos, lo que los hace perfectos para profesionales y entusiastas de la música por igual. Además, su diseño plegable y características adicionales los hacen altamente portátiles, lo que me permite llevarlos conmigo a cualquier lugar.En resumen, los auriculares profesionales de monitorización son un testimonio de la combinación perfecta entre ingeniería y calidad. Ofrecen una experiencia auditiva cómoda y precisa, con un enfoque en los detalles sonoros que hacen que la música cobre vida de manera excepcional. Su versatilidad los convierte en una herramienta esencial tanto en el estudio como en el campo. Si estás buscando auriculares que te brinden un audio excepcional y una comodidad duradera, estos auriculares son una elección sobresaliente.

  7. E

    Buen sonido
    Buen sonido. Los compré en 2019 y sigo usándolos. No hay centros de servicio directo con el fabricante en México y puede ser un problema cuando cambia estéticamente con el tiempo o si necesita alguna reparación.Son cómodos por varias horas y el ruido que entra desde afuera es casi imperceptible al escuchar música o sonido.

  8. Kindle Customer

    Uma orquestra para os ouvidos.
    O fone de ouvido M30X é uma opção atraente para quem busca detalhes sonoros refinados e uma experiência auditiva agradável. Seus pontos positivos incluem um alcance excepcional de detalhes sonoros, um som agradável e neutro, perfeito para mixagem e produção musical. Além disso, o ajuste confortável na cabeça, sua leveza e a qualidade do isolamento sonoro são características que se destacam.A qualidade de áudio é inegável, com a capacidade de reproduzir nuances e detalhes que muitos outros fones não alcançam. O som neutro é um verdadeiro trunfo para aqueles que necessitam de precisão em suas mixagens, tornando-o uma excelente ferramenta para profissionais da área de áudio.A experiência de uso é enriquecida pela leveza do fone e o conforto proporcionado pelo seu encaixe. No entanto, é importante notar que após um uso prolongado de aproximadamente 3 horas, o desconforto pode se tornar perceptível devido à dureza das espumas e à sua menor espessura.No que diz respeito à potência, apesar de seus 45 Ohms, o volume do fone pode parecer moderado para alguns. A recomendação de utilizar uma DAC ou Interface de Áudio é uma sugestão válida para maximizar a qualidade sonora e a potência do dispositivo.No entanto, alguns aspectos negativos podem ser observados. A característica retrátil dos falantes, embora útil para portabilidade, pode se tornar um incômodo devido ao constante retraimento ao remover o fone. Além disso, há certas partes do design que parecem mais frágeis, especialmente os fios expostos na área de ajuste do tamanho e a construção que sustenta os falantes.Em resumo, o fone de ouvido M30X é uma escolha notável para quem valoriza a precisão sonora e a neutralidade. Seu conforto, isolamento e alcance de detalhes o tornam uma opção ideal para sessões de mixagem e produção musical. No entanto, é importante considerar os aspectos negativos, como o desconforto após uso prolongado e a possibilidade de falhas na construção. Com as devidas precauções, o M30X pode ser uma valiosa adição para entusiastas de áudio e profissionais da área.

  9. Carlos

    Excelente audio!!
    Me gusto mucho la calidad del audio y también sus materiales de construcción. Lo único que le cambiaria son lo cablecitos que tiene por fuera en los lados.

  10. Rafael Ramos Acosta

    Buen producto
    Llegó en óptimas condiciones y antes del día establecido.En cuanto al funcionamiento del producto lo recomiendo. Muy buena calidad de sonido, buenos graves y buen aislamiento al exterior en el momento de tenerlos puestos. 100% recomendable

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