Elgin Rumble Wired Earplug Headphones with mic, in-Ear Earbuds, 3.5mm Jack, 27 dB NRR, IP67 Waterproof, OSHA CompliantEarbuds,

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Brand Elgin
Model Name Rumble Wired AUX
Color Gray Green
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • OSHA COMPLIANT HEARING PROTECTION: ANSI-certified Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 27 decibels provide proven ear protection in loud noisy environments. Includes 2 pairs of noise isolating medical-grade silicone earplug ear tips ensuring a comfortable fit while significantly reducing harmful noise from power tools, lawn mowers, motorcycle engines, industrial equipment and more.
  • EXPERIENCE FULL DYNAMIC SOUND QUALITY: Features custom-tuned, dual 6 mm speaker drivers in each earbud. Whether it’s your favorite playlist, podcast, or audiobook, these earbuds deliver an engaging audio experience.
  • PROPRIETARY OVER-MOLDED 3.5 MM AUDIO JACK: Ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices including mobile phones and industrial communication radios. The in-line controller features easily accessible volume control along with one-touch Siri, Google Assistant compatibility for one-touch voice command. With the included noise-canceling mic, you can also make and receive phone calls.
  • IP67 DUST AND SWEATPROOF: Our waterproof earbuds conform to IP67 international standards for blocking out dust, sweat and water in the toughest work conditions. They are great corded hearing protection for factories, landscaping, welding, woodworking, DIY work, the gym, running, on the shooting range, yard work, farming and more.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE DESIGN: Backed by our 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, these safety headphones are built to work as hard as you do. They feature a durable double-molded enclosure, Kevlar-strand reinforced 48 inch cable and stress relief joints. The ergonomic design sits flush against the ear and the memory wire ear loop holds the earbuds securely in place even when used with a motorcycle helmet or other headgear.
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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.06 × 3.39 × 1.65 in
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4.06 x 3.39 x 1.65 inches



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July 7, 2023

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1 ounces

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8 reviews for Elgin Rumble Wired Earplug Headphones with mic, in-Ear Earbuds, 3.5mm Jack, 27 dB NRR, IP67 Waterproof, OSHA CompliantEarbuds,

  1. Jake Edvalson

    I’m pleased with these earbuds. They shine at blocking out loud noise and maintaining impressive audio quality. They’re an excellent match for jobs involving dirt, water, and constant movement. The earbud hooks provide a lot of support, and the included extra buds are nice addition.


    like having wired headset as harder to lose. Offers great noise cancelation without having to charge headset. Simple and very portable

  3. JPS

    what will protect me from the sound of these earbuds?Ok, that’s a bit harsh. The sound is quite boomy with a big hump in the low and low mids. The just sound kind of weird.The irony is that I bought these to protect my ears on gigs, but the sound coming from the earbuds is so boomy that it will definitely fatigue my ears.Its’a shame, because I was really hoping they would work out– especially because the isolation seems good. Alas. For this price, I’ll try to return them.

  4. Jon

    It does a great job of blocking ambient noice if you’re listening to anything via these ear buds. They also came with a separate set of smaller plugs. Good in my case because one side really started causing discomfort (pain). The smaller plug relieved that but because I tried using the original plugs, the subsiding pain was still there. Starting with the smaller ones right away when I noticed the discomfort would’ve probably prevented all of it.The mic… It picks up quite a bit of ambient noise from what the other parties were saying. So you might be able to hear clearly, using these in a loud area may cause your other party to not hear you clearly because of this mic.A case is included. Has a cheap carabineer clip and zipper closure. You have to wrap the cord pretty small to get it to fit but after the first attempt, it’s easy enough to get it in the case and zipper close.Overall, these work great for listening in a loud area. Doubles for receiving calls or 2-way communication as well. And other parties did not complain about the ambient noise. They were just able to hear things and my voice was clearly audible.If you’re going to use this for 2-way communication (phone calls), just be aware of noise in your surroundings.

  5. Hefferbub

    This is the first pair of noise-reducing ear plug headphones I have owned so I don’t have a lot of experience in this realm. That said, I was not very happy with the feel of these in my ears, even with the “smaller” of the 2 provided sets silicon ear tips–I found the cone design uncomfortable and too big in the canal to be pleasant. I do have small ear canals (according to my audiologist) so that might be part of the issue. It’s possible that folks with normal size ear canals would not have the comfort issue that I did.Everything about this set seems sturdy and well made. The hard zipper case is nice. The sound quality was pretty good, IMHO, but I will not be using these due to the comfort issue for me.

  6. Amanda L. Beachum

    These are very nice. The ear bud part has a nice, accordion fold silicone piece that will fit snugly in your ear. It comes with an addition piece in a different size. The earbuds also come with their own case which is a plus. The part that clips over your ears is slightly less comfortable and feels unnecessary. This may vary from person to person based on your ear size. Sound quality was good and there were no issues with performance. These would have been perfect for me without the ear clips but I’m sure they will help keep them from falling out for others.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Ear buds are very comfortable. My kid uses these for studying to block out her sisters pestering her and their are no complaints

  8. Amazonian Girl

    The smaller size ear pieces were a little too small, and the larger ones do an awesome job of clearing out the ambient noise, but they become uncomfortable after just a short while. I will say, the little yellow plastic (decorative) rings have come off of both ears, and the ear loops were bent awkwardly at first, but the noise cancelling is so good that I may try to replace the silicone ear pieces. Also, the case, with the clip, is super handy!

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