MIPEACE Work Earbuds Headphones, Ear Plug Headphones for Work-Noise isolating Earbuds Earphones for Industrial Safety

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Color Blue (3.5mm)
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • 【Designed For Comfort】Pliable, tri-flange ergonomically shaped in-ear tips mould to the ear cavity to maximize comfort and helps provide a secure fit to block dangerous noises effectively, which is beneficial if you intend to wear them and enjoy the music for an extended period at work.
  • 【Great Noise Protection】They offer a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 29 decibels which will protect your ears from hazardous noise in most noisy environments, with the ability to listen to music. With the earplug tips blocking out ambient noise, the tuned speakers can deliver high quality sound that is clear, rich and satisfying.
  • 【Sweat-resistant & Lightweight】These earbuds tips are made of soft silicone, they are sweat-resistant, so workers never need to fret over their earphones in hot working conditions. Mipeace earphones are light, weighing in at just 10 grams (0.35 oz), preventing wearer fatigue even after a long day.
  • 【Durable & Long Lasting】 The earbuds are built to last, the cable is made in bulletproof tough wire and tested to the pull strength which is sturdy and tear-resistant, also the audio jack is double-reinforced, so these earphones can stand up to hours of use, day after day. The 125CM extra long wire won’t restrict your movement as well.
  • 【Wide Application】The 3.5mm jack plug works with Android products, allowing you to enjoy your favourite audiobook or musical artist while protecting the hearing. Ideal for activities like Landscaping, Public Transit, Gun Range, Construction, Gym, Yard Work, Air Travel and many more.
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Weight 0.35 lbs


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December 25, 2019


Unisex Adult

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0.35 ounces, 9.89 Grams


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37.5 Inches



10 reviews for MIPEACE Work Earbuds Headphones, Ear Plug Headphones for Work-Noise isolating Earbuds Earphones for Industrial Safety

  1. Ben S

    They are so discrete , no one even knows I’m wearing earbuds!! They look just like normal ear protection . The plugs are super soft and don’t hurt the inner ear at all. Super soft. They are very clear and very loud if you want them to be. This is a 10 out of 10!! Perfect

  2. C Davis

    I work in a very loud steel fabrication plant and these offer great sound and hearing protection in that environment.

  3. Jake S.

    This is the best solution I’ve found to the problem of wind noise while riding a motorcycle. During my last physical, I was told that I am loosing some of my hearing. I suspect that the wind noise on a motorcycle is part of the reason. Regular foam ear plugs work great, but I like to listen to music and podcasts through my Sena 20S intercom. I’ve tried other ear buds that were highly rated by “motorcycle” websites, but none of them work as well as these inexpensive ear plugs…that also play music. My number one priority is NOISE CANCELATION. I wear a Shoei Quest helmet, because this is supposed to be a quiet helmet and bought an aftermarket windshield for my Honda VFR….all to decrease the roar of the 70-80 mph (or higher speed) wind noise whipping by my head every time I ride.The sound quality through these earbuds is surprisingly good. As long as I can hear my audio, I don’t care because the noise cancelling is my number one priority. In this category, these buds are the best. I’ve tried homemade custom molded ear plugs, the Comply noise cancelling earbud tips, and various other solutions. This noise problem bothers me so much, I’ve considered spending big money on custom in-ear monitor type buds. For $17.99 nothing I’ve tried even comes close to these earbuds. The cord and jack are very sturdy and hold up well to the harsh environment of motorcycle riding. I am pleasantly surprised on their durability. If these buds failed tomorrow, I would order another pair without hesitation.As far as the downside, for my ears, they are slightly uncomfortable. My right ear has always given me problems. I think it is a different size than my left ear. They protrude a little bit from my ear canal and there is an slight “ouch” moment when I take my helmet off with these earbuds. From my experience, I consider my ears canals “large.” While wearing these buds under my helmet, there is slight pressure on my ears, but this is a small price to pay to protect my hearing. Also, I’m sure the sound quality could be better (if you spend WAY more money), but in my experience this is the best solution I’ve found. I can tell they are working, because I can still hear my music on a low volume setting while riding. I am extremely pleased with these earbuds. I’m sure they will work for any high noise environment . If you want to protect your hearing, while also listening to some tunes…BUY THESE. You will not be disappointed.

  4. Jess W Johnston

    I use these when riding on the motorcycle. Not the greatest bass response with music, but works well enough and I can clearly hear vocal GPS directions at highway speeds, something I haven’t found in the past 4 headsets.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Works great sounds quality and outside noise dampening. Fits in ear just right

  6. Calliope O

    These headphones are great as long as your careful with them! They are very loud and great for noise cancelling, they also really do resemble work ear plugs. That being said the cord is not very strong, if you are not careful it will break easily.

  7. miranda

    These are perfect for where I work. While I still need to hear certain things throughout the day, majority of the loud sounds are dampened, and the sounds I need to hear still come through. When I talk to coworkers, we have to talk very loudly and up close because of the machinery, I can still hear them even when playing my podcasts. I never need to keep the volume near half to hear my music or podcast while working. Even without playing anything, these are good for blocking the sound of the machinery.These are oval shaped so you do have to pay attention to how you put them in, if not it can get uncomfortable.I do not play my podcasts while driving heavy machinery, but I wear these even when on a fork lift.Many of my coworkers use these as well.I keep my phone in my pocket and string them up my back (under my shirt) to keep the cord contained and hidden. Whenever these decide to die I will try the Bluetooth option.Update 02/2022:I’m on my second pair of the wired earplugs. I like these, I usually wrap them up when I’m finished with my work day, because of this I believe the sound quality cuts out. Sometimes they get pulled when I’m go to sit down so that might be why as well.I’ll keep buying these though, I don’t want my battery to drain too quickly while I’m working so I most likely won’t try the Bluetooth option.I still use my dead pair of earplugs, I just cut the cord off. I use them because I like how easy it is to pull them out and put them back in without having to mess with my hairnet. I use this pair whenever I’m working with a partner since we have to communicate frequently throughout the work shift.Where I work there are small instances where I’m in contact with static electricity, if it’s near my cord the sound will have some static sound and cut out, but that is to be expected, I just keep my cord away from whatever I’m doing so the sound doesn’t cut out. Not a big deal at all, just fyi.

  8. D. Williams

    One of the earpieces is significantly quieter than the other one. There’s also not a really great way to clear the speaker canal which is just gross.

  9. Alfredo Ortega

    Audífonos que parecen proteccion auditiva
    Buen producto, se ven bien , buen material, y buena calidad de sonido, superaron mis expectativas, tengo que usarlos más para ver qué tan duraderos son, pero hasta ahora me parecen un buen producto.

  10. Noé de la torre

    Super discretos
    En mi trabajo nadie se ha dado cuenta que son audífonosAunque deberían tener en más combinaciones de colores

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