TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo

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Brand TOZO
Model Name TOZO T6
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • [Smart Touch Control] Specific touch control function makes it more convenient, tap once to play/pause music and answer calls, double tap to skip forward/backward, hold to adjust the volume. You can easily control it without operating the phone.
  • [Bluetooth 5.3] Adopt the advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology. TOZO T6 support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, which greatly improve the transmission speed and providing you with a low-latency listening experience.
  • [One Step Pairing] Pick up 2 headsets from charging case and they will connect each other automatically, then only one step easily enter mobile phone Bluetooth setting to pair the earbuds.
  • [IPX8 Waterproof] Earbuds and charging case inner Nano-coating makes it possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. It is suitable for sports to prevent water. Ideal for sweating it out at the gym . Earbuds and case even can be washed by water and soap.
  • [Charge on the Go] Playtime lasts for over 10 hours from single charge and total 45 hours with charging case. Enjoy fast charging, to fully charge the rechargerable case only 55 minutes via cable or less than 2 hours via wireless charger. Providing convenient charging way with no strings attached.
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1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

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May 9, 2019



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1.5 Hour

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7 reviews for TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.3 Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo

  1. jeonkookookookook

    Feb 20Right off the bat, the packaging is already everything, it’s simple and clean and easy to open. It’s comes with the smile easy to read instructions, a charger and the earbud soft gels in various sizes. Besides that I’ll rate it on these:Comfort: 10/10 it feels really soft and fits the ear great, no issues with it and I love how it feels in my ears :)Sound quality: 10/10 no difference from speakers, everything is very clear.Ease of use: 8/10 clear instructions, use it like every other smart touch earbud, small issues but not a dealbreaker.I bought this based on everyone else’s reviews, the battery life so far is great, no issues with it or notice much, it promises the hours. It’s been half a day so far and it’s not dead at all. When these came, the case was already charged up to 3 dots(YES, this came pre-charged😭, I thought I had to wait until it’s fully charged to use it so that’s one plus). One thing I HAVE to mention about these earbuds, these can activate on just ONE earbud. Meaning if you activate just ONE, only that ONE earbud will be on and the other will be off. This is perfect for if you want to wear only one earbud at a time. Also idk if these are noise canceling or not, but these block out a lot of noises when I wear these, I can obviously hear the sounds from outside but about 70% of everything that’s outside is blocked out, it’s great. You can wear these with whatever playing on low volume and not worry about the sounds from the outside and not worry about your hearing being damaged as long as it’s on low volume, these are IN your ears so you’ll hear the stuff no matter what unless your ear is already kinda deaf.All in all, I love these, they’re great, I bought it last minute to go to the gym. I’m really satisfied with it 😭 even when music isn’t playing because there’s no wifi, it’ll block out a lot of the noises outside which is so good.The only con is that my left earbud is a bit weird with the touch controls, my right one has absolutely no problems. That problem occurs even when I took the sticker thing off the touch thing of the left ear, my right one has no problem at all even when the clear sticker thing is on.I figured out the issue, you just need to apply just a little more pressure when you ‘hold’ to do something or ‘tap’ to do a certain control.Also when I called my sister, she sent me a recording and I heard me talking my voice was completely crystal clear??? I don’t know if ist the earbuds mic(if this has it) or my phone’s mic. IT JUST SOUNDS SO CLEAR, her voice on the other hand sounded a lot muffled and weird so it’s on her end based on the call recording and it was on discord so maybe that plays a role.Feb 22I went to the gym with it and out with these, a good amount of noise doesn’t disturb at all, these are all the way in your ears and you can hear your music at the lowest volume if your ears aren’t bad. You may have to take off an earbud or so if you want to hear others talk or ask them to speak up since it does block a lot out. The only problem I have is the touch control yet again, because it’s out in my ears a certain way, the thing that detects touch may not have detected my touch therefore struggle with getting the signals and controls and whatever I want it to do(pause, play, next song, volume up, volume down) etc. This time it’s my right earbud as well. I figured it’s cuz it’s in my ear there’s a little flash or dot at the bottom that may or may not detect it using that, im not sure so no say on that. But whenever I try doing certain controls, I make sure I have my finger on the little dot thing and make sure that I apply enough pressure the touch sensor thing senses it. Also it stays in your ear like a suction somethings depending on how you put it in, it doesn’t come off easily. That’s about all the stuff I gotta say. The battery life is definitely the best besides sound quality and comfort.I did most of my stuff on my phone instead of on my earbuds using the touch control, it didn’t render the headphones useless. Would 100% buy again if these die out.

  2. Xmetal

    August 30, 2022 – things are still great and I just want to say despite getting other earbuds that do sound good such as the Soundpeats TrueAir 2’s (semi in-ear buds) and two different pair of Lavabean earbuds that while bulky (they both have GREAT battery life, hence why they are big … for the battery) that have a GREAT sound stage, but not as much “umph” to the overall sound as these T6’s (I love both … the Lavabeans and these T6’s .. dont get me wrong) with the same V-shaped EQ I always apply … overall these maybe my favorites … Sure I have a pair of higher end Earfun buds that sound great, but there is something about the overall package (sound quality, battery, price … esp on lightning deals that are far cheaper then those Earfuns) that I love about the T6’s … i go back and forth listening to different buds and when coming back to these T6’s I am blown away by the sound … there is even a good thump to the bass WHEN APPROPRIATE but it’s clean and not “over the top” to my ears.I’d love to try (I DO have two pairs of TOZO NC2s which i love too) other TOZO models but i’d be questioning “should i just get a backup pair of T6s?” when considering the others.Do I even have to say that I still totally recommend these at this point?May 2, 2022 Update: things are still great … no issues that, cleaning smunges and dirt/dust off the pin/where the pins connect, doesn’t fix.I have been using my new Jlab Go Air Pop nightly instead of these and OVERALL I think the default tips make those feel better then the T6’s … doing an “A-vs-B’ comparision wondering if the T6’s really do sound better than the Go Air Pops … YEAH… .The NC2’s sound better than the T6’s but the T6’s definitly have a more “rich” sound than the Jlab Go Air Pop’s (Jlab SIgnature EQ) I bought this past month. I already bought a pair of the T6’s when they hit a super low ($4 lower than normal) lightning sale for a gift for someoneApril 1 2022 Update: after seeing the T6’s $2.50 or so cheaper than the TYPICAL lightning deal, and in no time at all “80% claimed” i bought a second pair (still not sure if a gift for someone or a backup pair for myself) but despite liking the NC2’s i STILL like the T6’s as well … I’d be interested in trying some of TOZO’s other offerings.My only issue (and i admit i am waiting to hear back from TOZO support as i type this) is the warranty and how to register … i feel “Process a Warranty” on the site is trying to USE it not simply registering it. I am a techie guy and i have registered warranties for products such as Tribits … TOZO could just make it a little more clear on this front.Also something i found by accident … and it makes sense that it’s work in a way … I usually use these when sleeping (they are good for sleeping though noting whatever side of my head faces the pillow DOESN’T have an earbud in it) … I had’d been swapping them when i wake up and roll over … however just using the same one in the OTHER ear works fine too.One thing I also noticed (not sure if it’s the shape of my ears) is that the right earbud sometimes sound muffled if i use anything other than the shallow tips provided (they are more comfortable but you do lose a bit of base) … the solution is to “pinch” the right earbud to not trigger the touchpad and just pull out “a hair” .. just bairly and that clears that up .. .it doesn’t happen with default NC2 tips … just specifically the T6’s and only in my right ear with non-shallow tips when i first put them in———————————————Another update: The only issue i have is for a gift for someone i am trying to decide if these or say a pair of TOZO’s NC2’s would be better for them. (BOTH GREAT OPTIONS) … I have still used these mainly for my side-sleep, and only using which bud/ear is not facing the pillow to help me sleep and these have great passive NC and they are comfortable for this use too. Heck … I am not (I already picked up a second pair of the NC2’s i was so impressed, to have for myself) against picking up another pair of the T6’s (though i’d like to try some of the other models too) to have a “backup” pair of these too.I do admit sometimes just to get the perfect fit i swap eartips (nothing that causes me pain with one pair or the other, just trying to dial things in) from time to time … but I am HIGHLY impressed with these. I do admit on Amazon and elsewhere on the internet I think I have seen the NC2s and the T6’s getting the “highest reviews’ vs some of the other TOZO models.Update: using these regularly, including some times sleeping (where they are on for hours, just swapped in single use mode when i wake up and roll over) and to be honest …. I have only charged them twice and the last time I did, I couldn’t even remember how long it was since the first time i charge them was. it had to be almost 2 weeks and possibly a few hours (and topped off as I swap them using them for sleep music)I still think the NC2’s sound better (maybe my favorite buds or tied with the Earfun Free Pro 2’s) .. but that is just how good the NC2’s sound …. these T6’s still sound GREAT to me and … I’d not be against picking up a backup pair of these in case the price goes up, just like I got a backup pair of NC2’s … I am IMPRESSED by TOZO … I JUST HOPE These buds last (not saying they are haviing issues …to be clear)I am totally happy with my purchase—————————These Tozo T6’s are ones I picked up after seeing how highly they were rated. I have to admit I am not sure what I expected … I mean some “OMG they are the best” reviews on any products sort of make me think they are over-exaggerating, but having said that, these really have impressed me.I am new to BT earbuds but so far I have a number of pairs of buds, includingBluetooth Earbuds I have are TOZO NC2’s, Earfun’s Free Pro 2’s and the Earfun Free Mini’s, Fiil’s T1XS with app support, and Edifier’s TWS1 Pros.It’s going to be too hard right now to compare the sound but I can roughly do it … the fact that I haven’t played with the TWS1 Pro’s a lot (I do love them, for the record) and say the Fiil’s I can judge the sound on, but they have an app with custom EQ settings. I also have to note I do not have any of these for calls … I just cant judge them on that front … listening to music, and watching videos (Youtube, TV shows and movies) on various devices is my main use case.——————————————-Thing to remember:Remember the sound and comfort part is based on a number of things and getting the right ear tip for you, is key … too small and they (ANY earbud) may feel like they fall out easy and in some cases the base of an earbud isn’t as strong “as it should be “ .. too big and not only will you have discomfort, but in my experience the base may seem to be “too much”. The sound insulation (aka passive noise canceling) is really dependent on you getting a good seal in your ear and that means the proper tips … some of this IS trial and error to see which ones are the best for you/——————————————————–Presentation/Unboxing – The presentation and unboxing is not something that blows me away in most cases … if it’s one of those “small brown box with not a lot of printing on it” type boxes .. that’s cool with me. Having said that … I am IMPRESSED. The unboxing of these (AND the NC2s for that matter) shows that “the company cares” … I expected a “meh” experience at worst … but there is something about the unboxing and how everything is together that makes me feel “oh … they went above and beyond here… nice”.——————————————–Sound – This may not be the TOP priority (I mean if they don’t feel good, it doesn’t matter how they sound) but it’s UP THERE for me, near #1. I expected a reasonably good sound but nothing “over the top”. My expectations were more of what I have heard from the Earfun Free Mini’s … good enough and great at times… but just missing a richness (the best way I can describe it). While I have heard better, these T6’s sound a lot better than that description.Before I go further about the sound I totally admit no matter the wired/wireless earbud/headphone I use , I usually have an EQ on … a mix between a U and a V type setting … Bass raised and Treble raised a bit but not a “sharp V” shaped EQ profile … just have to be clear on this.The sound on these may not please a true audiophile but I AM IMPRESSED. Everything lows, mids and highs, are “right where they need to be” and even the punchy base in some rap tracks is clean sounding … the base in my testing does NOT bleed into the mids, making the things sound “muddy” as some people may have seen it described. These have a punchy base at times but it’s not over the top by any means and that is how I like it.Another thing is that things do not sound as wide as some other headphones/earbuds I have heard but still things are not “crammed together” … things in my tests of Jazz, Classic, Rock (typically hard rock, but regular rock too) and Rap … there is room for everything to “breath” sound wise, if that makes sense. I HATE TO over-blow how great the sound is … I mean there are better more expensive options, but these T6 sound a lot better than I was expecting. I have only one other TOZO (though I’d love to try more) product in the NC2’s and I can see why so many LOVE the T6’s. I am not trying to say these are the most “wide” sounding when it comes to sound-stage but they are by no means the most “narrow” either. I like them the way they are.—————————Comparison/Comments about two TOZO products – These T6’s vs The NC2’s -Before I go further since I just mentioned the TOZO NC2’s … THEY ARE an improvement to the T6s .. I love the T6’s do not get me wrong but the sound is just that much crisper and cleaner .. the base IS better on the NC2’s vs the T6’s and … I have “no issue” with the T6 sound. It’s what I love about the T6 … made better, sound wise.If you like this form factor better over the NC2’s stem style design … may be the NC9s or NC7s would be right for you.—————————————————————————–PASSIVE Noise Canceling – I have to say I am IMPRESSED with the passive NC these provide with the “right earbud tips”. I mean I do have to say the NC2’s ACTIVE NC is great and I love it but, these provide far more NC passively than I was expecting .. I ALSO know what ANC in this price range is… I do not expect ANC to “cancel everything out” … even when it say comes to higher end Sony Earbuds.The Tozo T6’s provide GREAT passive noise cancellation with no audio on, however once there is say music playing … things are just drowned out. I have a black Honeywell fan near me, that is on most of the time and when I have the T6’s in and the fan on …. when music is on, I BARELY hear the fan at all. The NC2’s ANC cancels out noise like that VERY WELL, do not get me wrong, but I am just shocked how well the T6’s work blocking noise out when they do not even have ANC.——————————————————————————-Comfort – OF COURSE this is all based on getting the right eartip as I have said before, but after some trials of different sized tips to at least see what the smaller or bigger ones are like …. I have what I like dialed on. I do admit it may be a bit of an issue for some to swap tips (my advise … flip the part of the tip that would be touching your ear around, so you can see the part that goes on the earbud and pull … same thing with putting the new ear tips on… so you can see what you are doing) but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and … it DOES matter overall …. if the tips are too big they may hurt your ears so it doesn’t matter if they sound good, you will not like your earbuds then.These are also earbuds that I have tried when going to sleep and I have NOT had any discomfort with them. I do “side-sleep” and they are no issue, though I admit in that case I use them one at a time with whatever side of my head faces down, NOT having an earbud in… I wake up and before I turn over I swap the buds… I just know my head on the pillow will trigger the touch controls and doing this method of swapping buds, I have done before with WIRED earbuds … no problem for me.—————————————————————————-Build Quality – I am not going to go overboard and say how TOZO uses premium quality products here, but at the same time note how the build quality is another place where TOZO REALLY impresses me .. with the T6’s they (the buds AND the case) do NOT feel cheap or like corners were cut. I am not saying the case feels “heavy” or anything but there is just a feeling that things are well made … this may be my favorite case among the group of earbuds I mention having. Not saying it’s the smallest but the hinge does not flop shut on it’s own like some others do.—————————————————————————-Controls – These seem decent and I have not had issues when I use them, though I have to be transparent .. I have these paired with an Android TV box, my Firestick 2nd Gen and my laptop. Even when I use them, I am not always using the touch controls.———————————————–Battery Life – I cant say I have had this long enough to really test this vs what is advertised but I am happy with the performance I have experience————————————Con – This is so picky and I don’t care to be honest but there is a voice that tells you they are connected for example .. the issue is when you put the second bud in, there will be say a “connected” over what you are listening to … I have HEARD that is annoying when on a phone call and say swapping buds.. that “connected” from the earbuds over what the other person is saying … I HESITATE to even mention this as a con. BARELY a slight annoyance to me though I admit I do not use these for phone calls… It’s just something I’d like to mentionAnother thing that is picky … the earbuds when taken out of the case have to be flipped around before putting them in your ear … this seems so silly of a thing to mention but the earbud part that has the eartip faces inside of the case and the part that sticks out of your ear is on the outside … that’s all well and good but it does takes muscle memory to always remember to flip them around when taking them out of the case.———————————SummaryI am sure I am forgetting comments I wanted to make but, I DO RECOMMEND the Tozo T6’s, without hesitation .. only having one other TOZO product the NC2’s … I do admit they have the sound I love about the T6’s I love and have improved it. I would not hesitate to recommend either T6s or NC2’s (what many consider the two best TOZO models) to people

  3. mafu

    Truly Excellent – long time user
    Ive had these for three years and they are excellent in every regard. I got them for 30€ and in my opinion they hold up ery well with 90-130€ big name brand earphones.Battery and case: The case is small enough that it fits anywhere comfortably. Battery life, both of the case and the earphones, are great. 45hrs total might be a little too much though. I can get around 8hrs from one charge and can charge them 3 times. So 4*8=32 if I bring them already charged.Design: its not super slick, but I like the minimalist design, no big flashing lights, doesn’t stick out of your ears weirdly. All in all I think it totally suits something that shouldn’t draw attention.Comfort: there are a total of 6 differently sized silicones in the packaging, but the normal/middle fits me fine. I can wear these easily for the entire 8hours of charge. Even slept with them a couple times, so probably up to 14hrs of wearing them without any pain. They also don’t fall out when seated correctly. Wore them while Mountainbiking and they didn’t fall out.Durability and waterproof: I’ve dropped them several dozens of times (with and without case), sometimes even on concrete or tarmac from about 1,7m. Although the reason I am now buying them again is, that apparently the latest drop broke my left earphone, but I think that’s forgiveable.I accidentally had them in the washing machine two times and three times in the shower (forgott they were in) and they handled it without any problem.Sound: appropriate bass, clear highs. Nothing tiny. Very balanced sound, have nothing to complain. As I said before, I think it easily matches 90-130€ big name brand earphones.The only regard where these are behind Vs expensive earphones, are the microphones. Especially when it’s windy or noisy it is difficult for people to understand you. But that is a very acceptable downside.

  4. Jason1342

    For its price, its superb
    Looking for an affordable pair of wireless earbuds? These are what you’re looking for. The touch control is quite easy to use but probably not at an S tier level standard. However, I’d definitely put them high up in the rankings for earbuds. There are times when the sensitivity of these earbuds may be slightly higher than you’d like and times where it might register 1 tap instead of 2. For the quality of sound. I’d say that it’s absolutely excellent for its price and maybe even worth more that what its priced at. The bass is quite heavy but it does sound a bit muddy. I’d say if you’re looking for an affordable pair of earbuds with excellent quality, these ones are for you.

  5. Carole

    Bon rapport qualité prix
    Je trouve ces écouteurs très bien pour leur prix, le son est super pour le prix.Par contre ils sont un peu gros et font mal aux oreilles après des heures d’utilisation (environ 5h).Le tactile fonctionne mais parfois trop sensible, parfois pas assez (surtout pour le double tap).Niveau batterie, ils tiennent toute la journée (environ 7-8h).Cependant, après 1 mois d’utilisation, j’ai remarqué que le boîtier se décharge plus vite déjà.. Avant, je le chargeais une fois par semaine, mais maintenant c’est tous les 2-3 jours …Si cela empire trop, je pense que je prendrais des écouteurs d’une bonne marque plus connue, ça m’évitera de devoir racheter des écouteurs peu cher tous les 3 mois.

  6. Henry H.

    Ich kann allen positiven Kommentaren nur zustimmen.
    Schnell geliefert, ausgepackt und gekoppelt: super Klang! Das beste was ich bisher hatte. Und da mein letzter Stöpsel vom Bahnsteig ins Gleisbbett sprang, musste was neues her. Nach so vielen Loben war ich doch etwas skeptisch. Und dann noch Angebotspreis! Aber nein: es ist für mich ein super Qualitätssprung: kläre Bässe, die Mitten auch gut präsent, und keine blechern Höhen. Bin gespannt auf den Alltagstest.Alltags-update: manchmal dauert es, bis ich die Stöpsel fest im Ohr habe, der Sitz ist bei mir nicht optimal.Generell vermisse ich eine bessere Kennzeichnung “links” und “rechts”- ich habe mir eine kleinen Streifen Tipp-Ex links (ich bin Linkshänder) in die Innenseite geklebt. Laufzeit habe ich bisher nicht ausgereizt. Mit dem Klang bin ich sehr zufrieden.

  7. Ricardo Azevedo

    Melhor impossível.
    Pelo que posso verificar, está a ter um bom desempenho. Depois de emparalhado foi feito uma atualização para os auriculares. Para o custo / características penso que não tem igual, com a regulação certa do equalizador pode ter uns bons graves e agudos. Pena não ter cancelamento de ruído. Tem uma panóplia de borrachas dos auriculares, dificil será não ter uma que não se adapte. Muito bom este pormenor, pois nunca tinha visto mesmo em auriculares mais caros, na caixa tem uma tampa de proteção da porta de carregamento. Carregamento por indução compatível para nothing (1).

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